The NRA Just Doubled Down And Stuck The Dagger In YETI – Releases Statement That Will Crush Them

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As you all must surely be aware of by now it seems like yet another American Brand has decided that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has become obsolete.

On April 21 reports started circulating that Yeti Coolers had abruptly cut ties with the NRA Foundation without as much as an explanation or any prior notice, and by April 22 a #BoycottYeti campaign was already sweeping the internet and social media.

The NRA past president and USF executive director Marion Hammer confirmed last week that without warning or prior notice Yeti had declined to do business with the NRA Foundation. All they said was they no longer wished to be an NRA vendor but refused to say why, only that they will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation.

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But yesterday Yeti added this:

To which Hammer replied today to Breitbart New’s report with the following:

“YETI severed ties with the NRA and is now engaging in damage control after a backlash from many of its customers. In early March, YETI refused to place a previously negotiated order from NRA-ILA, citing “recent events” as the reason – a clear reference to the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. YETI then delivered notice to the NRA Foundation that it was terminating a 7-year agreement and demanded that the NRA remove the YETI name and logo from all NRA digital assets, as well as refrain from using any YETI trademarks in future print material. While YETI is trying to spin the story otherwise, those are the facts. While Yeti can choose to run from the NRA, they can’t run from the facts.”

What a mess these companies cause. Just like Dick’s Sporting Goods. These people are so out of touch with what America feels that they aren’t even on this planet. They believe that by siding with a few anti-g*n people who curry favor with the leftist mainstream media that they will be able to continue to sell their products.

Most of America knows why we have the Second Amendment and why owning g**s is important. But what really is intriguing about the left is they have been calling President Trump a tyrant and a dictator since day one, but they still want Americans to turn in their g**s? Doesn’t this fact just prove how illogical this whole anti-g*n movement really is? The Second Amendment was made so us American citizens will never fall prey to a tyrannical government not so we can go hunting during duck season. But the “agenda” must continue for the left, and their biggest target is an unarmed populace.

Here is more on this story by CBS 13 Sacramento:

(CBS Local) – G*n owners around the country are blowing up expensive coolers after the NRA accused outdoor lifestyle company Yeti of joining a nationwide boycott of the g*n-rights organization.

According to a letter from Marion P. Hammer of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, Yeti has cut ties with the NRA and is refusing to do business with the NRA Foundation or offer discounts to members. “YETI should be ashamed. They have declined to continue helping America’s young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities,” Hammer claims in the April 20 statement.

In response to the news, NRA members and supporters have begun taking their frustrations out on the company’s hottest item: outdoor coolers. In a number of online videos boycotting Yeti, g*n owners are seen destroying the expensive containers by loading them with explosives and s******g them. “This Yeti ain’t ready,” South Carolina resident Bryan Atkinson declared before obliterating his cooler.

The pricey coolers reportedly cost anywhere between $250 and $1,300; making a discount on Yeti camping and hunting gear very helpful to consumers. “If Yeti can’t stand behind the NRA, I ain’t standing behind Yeti no more,” Atkinson added in a Facebook post.

Yeti is disputing the NRA’s claims that they’ve joined a boycott against pro-g*n Americans. “Yeti notified the NRA Foundation, as well as a number of other organizations, that we were eliminating a group of outdated discounting programs,” the company wrote in a statement posted to Facebook. The outdoor lifestyle supplier added that they’re offering business partners like the NRA alternative programs and called claims that Yeti was turning their backs on young g*n owners untrue.

Several organizations including airlines and rental car companies have cut ties with the National Rifle Association in the wake of the deadly Parkland, Florida school s******g which k****d 17 people in February. Since the s******g, many Americans have lashed out at the NRA for their stance on assault rifles and lobbying efforts against tighter g*n laws.

Although Yeti says that their policy change on discounts is not related to the boycott, the decision was made less than two months after groups began to cut ties with the pro-g*n group. Bank of America joined the movement in mid-April when the company announced that it would no longer lend money to companies which produce assault-style weapons for civilians.”


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