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Ocasio-Cortez Supporters Asked How We’ll Pay For ‘All That Free Stuff’ – Watch How They Respond



One of the things I specialize in is profiling/researching communists and socialists. It was a hobby that became a passion after I teamed up with Trevor Loudon years ago. New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a study in the new, fresh socialist millennial face of the Democratic Party. Partnering with Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez is campaigning to have the party lurch all the way to the left at long last. Her upset victory against incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley last month portends a seismic shift of epic proportions within the Democratic Party. She is now being hailed as “the future” of the Democratic Party. Her full embrace of Democratic Socialists of America has become trendy for leftists coming out of the socialist closet into the red glare of politics.

Naturally, you wonder just how much does Ocasio-Cortez, 28, and her young, enthusiastic followers know about socialism. Not a whole heck of a lot and what they do know is mostly wrong. Ocasio-Cortez herself has stumbled repeatedly when asked what is the difference between socialism and Democratic Socialism. In the end, she got frustrated and just said she’s a socialist and proud of it. The correct answer is there really is no difference. Whether you call it socialism, Marxism or communism lite, it’s all the same. Lack of ownership and freedom are the calling cards of socialism.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips decided to take this question to the streets of New York’s 14th Congressional District to see if the young voters who support Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic Socialist vision for America have any ideas about how to actually pay for “all that free stuff.” That includes Medicare for all, free college tuition/trade school, healthcare, housing as a human right and jobs for all, including a basic universal income. Spoiler alert… it’s called massive taxation. She also wants to throw our borders wide open, abolish ICE and empty the prisons. That does not sound like any kind of utopia I want to live in, thank you very much.

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All those interviewed started out with an enthusiastic endorsement of Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Socialism. Then they were asked how she plans to pay for all those freebies. “Oh god. I mean…,” said one woman. “Us,” said her male friend. “Us, I guess,” she agreed. So much for the Mensa crowd. “All of the free things? Well, some of it should come from taxes, but the government should pay for it,” another young woman stated. When Phillips noted that “the government is funded by taxes,” she responded, “Yes.” What these people don’t get is that nothing is free. If you get free college, for instance, you are going to pay for it for you and everyone else in the form of taxation and a form of indentured servitude to the federal government.

“I don’t know where the money would come from, but they can figure it out,” said one guy who chuckled. Deep. When Phillips suggested “more taxes on the rich people,” the guy replied, “For sure, man. I’m like, they can afford it.” ‘Until there are no rich no more’ as the song goes. Except of course for those at the very top like Bernie Sanders. “Tax corporations, tax the One Percent and find a way to support a living wage,” said another young man. The rich and corporations already pay the vast majority of taxes. And exactly what is a living wage? “The people, with a good idea and a good reason to spend their tax money, people wouldn’t actually mind paying more taxes,” said another Ocasio-Cortez supporter. Yes, they would. They earned that money and giving it to those who didn’t is the ultimate form of unfairness.

“There are so many more countries out there that are employing more socialism in their government and their politics, and they’re doing very well,” said another guy who said we should tax the rich. Really, name one. One that practices actual socialism. “Is Venezuela doing that?” asked Phillips. “Ooh, I don’t know too much about Venezuela,” he replied. Well, let me enlighten you. That is the true face of socialism and they will hit the one million percent inflation mark this year. People are starving down there and killing each other, while the despot in charge is fat and happy.

There’s a reason that socialism never works and always fails. In the end, other than a very few elitists in power, everyone is forced into mundane equality that is defined by poverty, want, slave wages and the chains of forced enslavement where no one excels at what they do because competition no longer exists. It’s a downward spiral of misery and for some reason, people keep gravitating to it instead of innovating and working to become successful. It also ends in violence and death… millions have perished over the so-called ‘good intentions’ of Marxism. A favorite phrase of Marxists over the decades is, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” And here we are a century later with more than a hundred million broken eggs and still no omelet.

It’s painful, depressing and enlightening to watch these young people clamor after socialism when they have no idea what it really entails. If they did, they would run from it. This is not some fashion statement or a hot new trend to blindly follow after. It’s the end of freedom as this nation has known it. What those such as Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders have to offer is the equality of servitude, misery and deprivation. Welcome to the new platform of the Democratic Party… it’s the same as the old one, only with added youth and stupidity.


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I’m sure this will make many people happy. This is a good company. I can see their popularity will get higher after this announcement.

Good for them!

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