Ohio Cop Just Enraged Every Liberal With Blunt Warning On Massive Billboard He Paid To Put Up

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If you’re a dope dealing, free-wheeling, dumpster diving rotten scoundrel in Ohio, then you better take a look up in the sky at the billboard the police just put up for you. The cops in Ohio aren’t playing around and now they’re sending a stern warning to anyone who wants to peddle the dope or buy the sticky icky from their cheapskate dealers who probably rip them off anyway. These cops aren’t talking about smoking a little bit of the green stuff, they’re talking about those hard drug pushers on the street who get people laced up and reliant on the hard stuff. They’re not talking about the doctors who overprescribe either (that’s a problem too), but they’re talking about those people who you might see scratching their faces all the time and end up as a meme for a “faces of meth” joke.

The cops aren’t playing around anymore and they wanted the dealers to know it. They rented a billboard sending the pushers a precious warning. Besides using g**s, tasers, batons, handcuffs, and flashlights, the cops are now using the K-9 dog. Those dogs can sniff out the dope like it was a toot in a blueberry farm. If you’re in Ohio and slinging rocks to the addicts, then you better get out or the dogs will chase you out. If those raging mutts get a grip on a dealers arm, then they’re going to bite into it like a juicy steak on Valentine’s day. There’s no telling how much pain these dogs can inflict on someone who deals hard drugs and ruins lives for families and friends.

If you’re dealing drugs in Ohio, then be prepared to get eaten alive (or slightly bitten) by the K-9 dogs when they approach. They only stop sinking those gnarly teeth into your skin when the officer commands. Be a good boy and girl in Ohio and don’t deal drugs.

Here’s the billboard that they displayed, as seen on the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page. They mean ‘blue’ as in support of the police, not voting Democrat. Don’t be confused.

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Look at that precious pup! Now imagine his teeth are biting into the arm of a drug dealer who was about to sell something to an addict and further push that addict into a life they can’t escape from. Drug dealers and drug users are equally guilty in their crimes, so this billboard should be a warning to both of them equally.

If a dealer thought this guy showing up to arrest them was bad, then think again. If he brings a K9 dog, then the dealer or user is going to be in even more pain.

Stay off the dope if you don’t want a police officer who looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin and his wicked K9 dog to come after you.

If you know someone who sells or uses hard drugs, then please get them as much help as possible. It’s not embarrassing to get help or to get them help if they won’t do it for themselves. Being addicted to hard drugs is a very tough problem to overcome, but everyone can do it if they put their mind to it and they have supportive people around them. It’s OK to admit when help is needed and always be thankful for friends and family who stick around to help.

If you or a loved one needs help, then get help as fast as possible so that you can live a life of happiness and joy the right way.

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