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Terrorists Are Now Weaponizing Water – Urgent Safety Strategy For America



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Water terrorism is a growing threat that won’t be defeated on the battlefield. Access to safe and secure water across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America is important in its own right, of course, but water security across the globe is also key to U.S. national security interests.

Consider that in the next decade, some 2.9 billion people in 48 countries will face water shortages. No one can grow enough food, prevent disease, contain pandemics or safeguard peace without access to water. Water scarcity accelerates conflicts, such as those in Syria and Yemen, leading to catastrophic consequences.

Terrorist groups also know this and are increasingly weaponizing water to exert control over populations and governments. The non-partisan Wilson Center issued a compelling May report that found water-related terrorism is on the rise, increasing 263 percent between 1970 and 2016. Two-thirds of the incidents occurred post 9/11. Infrastructure is the most common target for water-related terrorism. Pipes, dams, weirs, levees, and treatment plants come under attack “to inconvenience government authorities, influence populations, and cripple corporations.”

Security thinkers at CNA’s Military Advisory Board, retired three- and four-star officers from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, study pressing issues to assess their impact on America’s national security.They have detailed security threats posed by global water scarcity, concluding: “Water stress should be considered an intensifying factor in instability, conflict, and crises that will impact U.S. national interests abroad and likely lead to future U.S. military responses.”

Destabilization due to water — too little, too much, too dirty — wreaks havoc beyond terrorism. It helps turn droughts into preventable famines; is the source of dozens of preventable infectious diseases that impede economic growth; and forces hospitals and healthcare facilities, our frontline against pandemics, to function without access to water, soap, and sanitation, making infection prevention and containment a daily and costly battle.

There is good news: our ability to project when and where water threats will arise has never been stronger, thanks in part to the U.S. intelligence community. Because solutions to global water problems far exceed the work of any single government agency, the Water for the World Act — passed with unanimous bipartisan support from Congress in 2014 — mandated passage of a U.S. Global Water Strategy. President Trump launched the long-anticipated plan one year ago today, bringing together the coordinated strength of 17 U.S. government agencies that all deal with global water.

The strategy’s overall objective is to improve our nation’s security by protecting water resources, promoting water cooperation, strengthening governance and financing, and prioritizing poverty-focused and cost-effective safe drinking water and sanitation solutions. Its overall approach is to provide better-coordinated, more cost-effective, whole-of-government approaches to global water issues. The Global Water Strategy offers the U.S. government and its many partners ways to be more catalytic, leverage and bring other donors to the global water sector, and give U.S. taxpayers a bigger foreign policy bang for their limited buck.

The 2014 Ebola outbreak that left the world in fear is just one of many examples that illustrate why increasing U.S. interagency cooperation is valuable. Ebola’s rapid spread was due in large part to the inability of family and healthcare workers to adequately wash their hands with soap and safe water. The U.S. Department of Defense was brought in to support of the work of USAID and others to help contain the growing pandemic. Through Operation United Assistance, DoD deployed some 4000 personnel who offered humanitarian assistance and disaster response using unique skills to assist with training frontline responders, constructing secure treatment centers and mobile labs, and procuring protective equipment, at a cost of $400 million. Containment doesn’t come cheap.

Encouragingly, Congressional authorizers and appropriators increasingly understand the need for greater agency cooperation around the many water security issues. The FY19 Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations report, for example, specifically included the Global Water Strategy, calling for “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to work with other federal partners to initiate an effort to assess and support water sanitation and hygiene [WASH] improvements in healthcare facilities, aligned with the 2017 U.S. Global Water Strategy. Further, the committee urges CDC to increase its WASH efforts to contribute to the elimination of cholera as a public health threat.”

Water security should be included in the National Military Strategy and National Defense Strategy, Combatant Command planning and operations, theater campaign plans, and conflict assessments. DoD should integrate water security into strategic policy planning and budgeting, incorporate local and regional water stressors into strategy and tactics to counter violent extremism, and “designate an office within the Office of the Secretary of Defense to be responsible for global water stress and to coordinate across the interagency on water-stress issues,” per CNA’s Military Advisory Board.

The U.S. Global Water Strategy’s deliberate and coordinated approach will be meaningful if relevant government agencies prioritize its full implementation and if it is properly funded and guided by Congress, with overarching support from the White House. That includes numerous House and Senate committees and subcommittees that oversee water security, global health, and national security.

If given the attention and support it deserves, the U.S. Global Water Strategy presents a road map for strategic, cost-effective foreign policy well into the future — a safer future.

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White House Guests KNEEL During National Anthem, Trump Makes Them Immediately Regret It




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The Marine Corp band in their bright red uniforms were on the south balcony of the White House on a bright, sunny Tuesday in Washington, DC. The Army Chorus sang, beginning the event with ‘America the Beautiful’ and concluded with ‘God Bless America’. At least two people who were guests at President Trump’s Celebration of America event yesterday knelt, showing exactly why so many Americans are ticked over the National Anthem controversy.

The event replaced a celebration at the White House in honor of the Super Bowl win for the Philadelphia Eagles. These two disrespectful idiots took a knee as the “Star Spangled Banner” rang out across the South Lawn of the White House. Simply disgraceful. These aren’t social justice warriors… these are unpatriotic jerks.

A video was posted to Twitter by a reporter for SVT, the Swedish national public TV broadcaster. It shows a man, wearing a light blue button down, kneeling as the National Anthem played, before clapping and ultimately coming to his feet after the song finished. I guess he thought that was his five minutes of fame or something.

What it really amounted to was making a fool out of himself internationally. President Trump showcases all of these liberal dimwits for what they are… America-hating, radical leftists who are far more interested in hating our brave police officers and our country than they are in respecting America and taking national pride in their country and President.

When President Trump took the podium, he blew his audience away with his love for our country, military, police, flag and the National Anthem. He made every single person who disrespects them like this look like the small, craven liberals that they really are. The man, who did not identify himself, left the event immediately after the United States Marine Band performed the anthem, according to a news anchor for TV2 Denmark. Gee, crawling away with his tail between his legs like the lowly cur he his. Guess he couldn’t stand patriotism after he showed how much he hates his own country.

There was a second man who was pictured kneeling as well. That was posted to Twitter by a CNN White House producer. He was wearing a light blue checkered shirt and had a little American flag. This guy was right up front. He was also apparently the same person who reportedly heckled Trump. That guy was roundly booed by everyone around him. CNN’s analyst April Ryan posted false news on Twitter yesterday claiming people were booing Trump when it was the heckler they went after. She eventually retracted what she said after her own colleagues called her out on the lie. “Stop hiding behind the armed services and the National Anthem,” the guy yelled to a chorus of boos, according to the Daily Mail. “Let’s hear it for the Eagles.” “Go home,” one person shouted at the heckler.

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The President didn’t engage the heckler, but looked in his direction and pursed his lips. He looked like he wanted to smack him. Right there with ya.

President Trump disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House after they at first said they had more than 70 players coming to the People’s House to celebrate. By this week, that number had dropped to less than ten and then to only one player. They kept trying to change the date to one where President Trump would be out of the country. I don’t blame the President in the least for canceling the visit. That was totally appropriate. If you insist on being ungrateful and insulting a sitting President of the United States, then you don’t deserve the honor of going to the White House period.

Trump claimed on Monday that the team disagreed “with their President because he insists that they proudly stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country.” Eagles players denied that accusation, pointing out that no one on the team knelt for the anthem during last season. But that has nothing to do with how each individual on the team states his beliefs and shows his disrespect for President Trump.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused the team of a “political stunt” just minutes before Tuesday’s alternative event began, claiming the players had chosen to “abandon their fans.” That’s exactly what they did. “If this wasn’t a political stunt by the Eagles franchise then they wouldn’t have committed to attend the event and then backed out,” she said in her Tuesday press briefing. “And if it wasn’t a political stunt, they wouldn’t have attempted to reschedule the visit while the President was overseas.”

Trump was brief in his remarks and only spoke for about four minutes. He began by explaining why it’s an issue of patriotism for Americans to stand for the National Anthem. “We love our flag and stand for our National Anthem,” Trump said to great applause from the crowd on the South Lawn of the White House. “We stand to honor our military and to honor country and to honor the fallen heroes who never made it back home.” Yes, we do… and those that don’t can take a hike.

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Melania Unveils This Year’s White House Christmas Decorations That Libs Are SURE To Hate




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Melania Trump’s first year in office was marked by immense criticism of our incredible first lady, who in the eyes of the Trump family’s numerous detractors, Melania could do nothing right, or at least as well as her predecessor, Michelle Obama. This included her full Christmas decor plan, which was stunning in silver and white, and a beautiful modern take on the same tired style that Michelle un-creatively came up with.

This year’s decorations will likely be no different, if not worse.

Last year, liberals claimed she decked the halls in depression and gloom, likening it to looking more like a haunted house than a holiday home. So, what will they say about this year’s new look?

Chicks On The Right reports:

FLOTUS doesn’t just slay on the fashion front. Her decorating skills are off the charts. (Yes, yes– I know she didn’t do this by herself, but if you really believe she didn’t have a say, you’re nuuuuuuuuuuuuts.)

ANYWHO. She finally unveiled this year’s White House Christmas decorations, and they’re GORGEOUS.

You have no idea how much I want to stroll through those halls of beautifully decorated trees. Oh well. I’ll have to settle for the aisles of Hobby Lobby.

It all looks great. I’m obsessed. TY, that is all.

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