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Opinion | Black Conservative Woman Forced Out Of Restaurant For Sick Reason – Social Justice Warriors Silent



A black Conservative woman and her friend were basically forced out of a restaurant in Philadelphia when they were confronted by a bunch of goonish looking plebs, beta males, and women who were generally unattractive. The woman is Candace Owens, an outspoken voice on Twitter who is well known for dismantling people with sassy words and facts. Her friend, Charlie Kirk, is a tall white male in his 20’s and he’s part of Turning Point USA. The video shows them being accosted by the unattractive people, probably members of ANTIFA, and the grotesquely behaved crowd was chanting the most ridiculous things.

The crowd was chanting things like “f-ck white supremacy” but they were saying it to a black girl. Does that make any sense? Nah, not really. If anything, the black girl would start chanting it too, but Candace Owens is a little too classy to drop herself down to the peasant level of the losers who screamed at her with absolutely no point whatsoever.

That’s what it’s like to be a Conservative in America. I guess if you have real true values, then you can’t even go in public without some Trump Derangement Syndrome patients harassing you.

Where were the social warriors at when a black girl was getting forced out of a restaurant? They were silent. When two black guys were kicked out of a Starbucks it was a big deal, but a black girl getting forced to leave is not a big deal because of her political values? That’s messed up, right? That’s because social justice warriors are just a bunch of whiny people who have no true values in life except for their own. They’re not social justice warriors, they’re social cancers.

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Watch the video and then try to explain this stupidity to just about anyone you know. Why are white people chanting “f-ck white supremacy” to a black girl? Like she doesn’t already know that? In fact, most people agree with that statement anyway, even white people. It’s not something these excrements need to be chanting about because most Americans would agree that white supremacy is pretty stupid in the first place.

The best part is how calm Candace and Charlie are as people scream in their faces. Candace reminds that fauxhawk chubby person to get that damn megaphone out of her face and not to let it touch her. She’s a BOSS!!

Candace Owens attacked!

Candace Owens a BLACK WOMAN was harrassed and forced to leave a restaurant because she is a Conservative. The irony of White Liberals chanting "Fuck White Supremacy" to a BLACK WOMAN is all the evidence you need to realize how completely unhinged the modern Left has become.

Posted by Bryan Dey on Monday, 6 August 2018

Caption from the video “Candace Owens a BLACK WOMAN was harrassed and forced to leave a restaurant because she is a Conservative. The irony of White Liberals chanting “F-ck White Supremacy” to a BLACK WOMAN is all the evidence you need to realize how completely unhinged the modern Left has become.”

Where are all the social justice warriors now? A black person getting harassed in public by a bunch of dingy white people is a social justice warrior’s wet dream. There is nothing a white social justice warrior likes better than to see a black person face struggle so that the white social justice warrior can act like they’re fighting racism.

I bet the white social justice warriors live in white neighborhoods and sit on the latest iPhone in Starbucks chatting about things people in poverty don’t get to experience.

In fact, there is nothing worse than a white social justice warrior who tries to act like they’re fighting racism for colored folks. There is nothing faker than that.

Social justice warriors are complete frauds and they know it.

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Trump Canceled Backstabbing Congress’ Fancy Picnic – Has Priceless Plan For All The Food



There was supposed to be an annual congressional picknick but since President Trump rightly so felt like Congress didn’t deserve to have one he canceled it on the spot. “We are going to cancel and postpone tomorrow’s congressional picnic,” Trump said. “It doesn’t feel right to have a picnic for Congress when we are doing something very important.” He added, “It didn’t feel exactly right to me.”

This is what some have all been waiting to see for decades now.  Since the backstabbers in Congress have been avoiding doing their job for decades, it’s now being reported that President Trump hypothetically took them out behind the woodshed today. No, he didn’t beat them although the Liberal mainstream media may paint it as he did even worse to them.

But there was only one problem with the cancellation. The preparations had already begun.

The menu is awesome. It included ribeye Steaks, coleslaw, quinoa, spinach, black beans and a huge assortment of pies.

Since all this food was already being prepared President Trump decided to do what’s right. Instead of throwing it out he decided to feed all of the food to Walter Reed hospital patients, caregivers and employees at the Warrior and Family Center in Bethesda.

This was later confirmed by a USO spokeswoman.

What a beautiful gesture, to give all that top notch food to American heroes instead of the jokers in Congress.

Update America covered more on the canceled party and presentation of a good meal to those who seemed to deserve it a lot more! “President Donald Trump surprised members of Congress earlier this week when he abruptly canceled the annual Congressional Picnic.

Basically, the president felt like they didn’t deserve it.

The menu included “ribeye steaks, spinach, coleslaw, quinoa, black beans and pies.”

Rather than let Congress throw a fancy picnic, President Trump’s administration decided to feed all of the food to “Walter Reed hospital patients, caregivers and employees at the Warrior and Family Center in Bethesda,” Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reported.

That means America’s military heroes are going to be eating very good.

President Trump has called on Democrats to stop “obstructing” and work with Republicans to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Earlier this week, the president signed an executive order to keep immigrant families together. Now it’s lawmakers’ turn to do their job.

“We must maintain a Strong Southern Border. We cannot allow our Country to be overrun by illegal immigrants as the Democrats tell their phony stories of sadness and grief, hoping it will help them in the elections,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “Obama and others had the same pictures, and did nothing about it!”

Trump isn’t the only one who doesn’t seem happy with Congress. Their approval ratings aren’t doing so well among voters either.

“It’s no secret that Congress isn’t exactly the most popular institution in American government. But now it’s reaching new lows.

Congress sank to a 10% approval rating in a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday, with roughly five in six Americans saying they disapprove of the country’s legislative body. This compares to an 18% approval rating in March. And if you’re searching for the main reason behind the drop, look no further than Republican voters.

Back in January and March, more than one in three Republicans said they had positive views of Congress, which is controlled by the GOP in both chambers.

But now, that’s plummeted to just 14% of Republican voters who give Congress a thumbs up. The new numbers come after a high-profile effort to repeal and replace Obamacare barely squeaked through the House and failed in a dramatic late-night vote in the Senate. Congress’s overall 10% approval is the lowest for Congress in Quinnipiac’s history of data back to 2003. Using Gallup data beyond that, it’s the lowest for Congress in data back to 1974. (Congress did reach a 9% approval rating in Gallup polling in November 2013 in the wake of a two-week government shutdown.) And to make matters worse, Republicans were Congress’s most supportive group. The low numbers stretch across every demographic division — only 12% of nonwhites, 12% of people under 35 years old, 11% of men, 10% of people over 65 years old, 9% of women and 9% of whites approve.

Support for Congress among independents has also bottomed out, falling from 18% in January to just 8% now. Democrats have remained essentially stable in the single digits.”

With all the issues we are facing today it’s no time for our so-called Representatives to be taking time to enjoy a BBQ. Especially when we have a party like the Democrats who seem intent on ruining our nation by forcing us into open borders along with the help of their mainstream media and celebrities who spread lies and misinformation.

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Drunk Baggage Handler Falls Asleep – Realizes BIG Mistake Too Late



Now here is some light-hearted news to enjoy!

Chicago Police is now saying that a baggage handler for Piedmont Airlines was drunk when he fell asleep in the cargo hold of an airplane and actually flew from Kansas City to Chicago.

The employee was working American Flight 363 on Saturday when the Boeing 737 left Kansas City International Airport with the handler. Luckily for him, the cargo hold was both heated and pressurized.

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Here is more via Anchorage Daily News:

“Police say a baggage handler told them he was drunk when he fell asleep in a cargo hold and flew from Kansas City to Chicago.

American Airlines says the Piedmont Airlines employee was working American Flight 363 on Saturday when the Boeing 737 left Kansas City International Airport with the handler in a heated and pressurized cargo hold.

Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says he was found when the flight landed about an hour later at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The spokesman says the handler told police he was intoxicated and had fallen asleep.

No charges were filed, and he was sent back to Kansas City.

American says it is grateful the handler wasn’t injured and it’s reviewing what happened.

The handler’s name wasn’t released.”

More via The Mercury News:

“What a ride.

A baggage handler has been suspended after he got drunk, fell asleep inside an American Airlines plane’s cargo hold and was unknowingly taken along for a flight from Kansas City to Chicago on Saturday.

The baggage handler has not been identified. He works for Piedmont Airlines, which is a subsidiary of American Airlines.

He told authorities in Chicago upon landing that he had consumed multiple alcoholic beverages, an official with the Chicago Police Dept. confirmed to the Daily News.

Officials did not file charges.

The employee had been working on an American Airlines flight out of the Kansas City International Airport when he fell asleep, the airline confirmed in a statement.

“Our top priority is ensuring the well-being of the Piedmont employee,” the statement reads. “He did not request any medical attention upon arrival in Chicago, and we are grateful that he did not sustain any injuries. The American team is very concerned about this serious situation, and we are reviewing what transpired with our Piedmont and Kansas City colleagues.”

The flight departed at 5:52 a.m. and arrived at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport at 7:09 a.m.

The baggage handler was not discovered until the plane reached the gate after landing.”

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