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OPINION: Did DOJ Land 757 In Clinton’s Hometown And Load It Up With Odd Boxes?

Strange events are going on in Little Rock, Arkansas these days!



You see all kinds of odd reports floating around out there these days. This one caught my attention. I don’t follow the comings and goings of the Clintons all that much currently, but every once in a while something pops up that makes me wonder what is going on there. This is one of those times. Most items are just chaff and conspiracy theories, or they are related to the traveling and politicking of the Clintons. This one doesn’t fit comfortably into any theory that I know of.

According to claims based on a flight path for a 757 jumbo jet registered to the DOJ, an aircraft landed in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. This appears to be unusual, or at least I would think it is. Adding to speculation as to why the jet was there was that some are reporting that boxes and documents were being loaded onto the aircraft. That’s very curious if true. There is nothing specifically tying this to the Clintons either, so it may be completely unrelated. It could just be a coincidence that it happened in their hometown. But the location is very interesting and so is the cargo. The aircraft returned to Virginia after loading up.

I wonder exactly what was in those boxes and what it reveals? One tweet noted the incident: “Yesterday 8/8/18 The @TheJusticeDept had a Boeing 757-223 tail number N119NA in Little Rock, AR. A local radio station reported #DOJ employees were loading boxes of documents into the plane. Important to note @ClintonFdn located there… Thoughts?” — Basham. I have a whole bunch of thoughts on it but none of them are provable without seeing what is in those boxes. As I said, there is nothing directly tying this to the Clintons other than the DOJ flight landing in their hometown. It’s funny that a radio station caught this happening and they didn’t mention which radio station. At least someone was watching. There is an FBI field office there, so that may be connected to all of this.

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There is also no evidence that this has anything to do with the Clinton Foundation probe that is underway. There are a ton of documents and evidence connected to that case, but again, there is little to go on here in the way of verifiable facts. The last I heard the FBI was not actively pursuing leads in the case and that it was pretty much closed. I wonder if it is being reopened.? “There was some momentum but that is gone,” one FBI agent allegedly said. “We made some huge inroads. This thing (Clinton Foundation probe) is on its deathbed.”

The original investigation at one point was focusing on money laundering and other financial-based crimes, FBI officials allegedly reported. I haven’t heard much of the case since James Comey and Andrew McCabe were fired by the FBI. Little Rock FBI’s special agent in charge Diane Upchurch was a lieutenant of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe in Washington, D.C. She served as a section chief (SES) in the Counterterrorism Division for nearly three years. I would imagine the investigation was originally hers to deal with and there are rumors she stifled it. It’s hard to tell exactly what happened.

The last thing I heard on this was that the Trump administration and the Commerce Department were opening an investigation into whether imports of uranium pose a risk to national security. That investigation was allegedly connected to Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation. Back in January of this year, the Justice Department launched a new inquiry into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged in any pay-to-play politics or other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. As far as I know, none of that has gone anywhere or produced anything substantive to date.

I have a ton of questions over all of this. I would certainly love to see something more substantial on that landing and what went in and out of the plane. This is the kind of thing that definitely fuels conspiracy theories and not factual reporting. But if it did happen, we should be able to find out what it was all about unless of course, it has to do with national security.

As I understand it the Clinton Foundation is alive and well and taking contributions once again. In fact, Governor Kenneth Mapp of the Virgin Islands will be joined by President Bill Clinton, Bloomberg LP Co-Founder Tom Secunda, and representatives from Expedia to make several announcements related to recovery and sustainability in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Government House has announced. The Clinton Foundation has long been in that area and seems to be continuing their work there.

Whatever is going on in Little Rock will for now remain a secret. But there are a lot of patriots out there that would sure like to know why a jumbo jet was loaded with boxes and documents there and who took possession of them. Curiouser and curiouser!


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Melania Honored Military Moms With Special Dress, Outclasses Michelle By A Mile [OPINION]

American people love First Lady Melania Trump. Especially in comparison to former First Lady Michelle Obama

Right Wing News



American people love First Lady Melania Trump. Especially in comparison to former First Lady Michelle Obama. While quiet, she is classy and dignified and they love that her initiatives focus on something she is passionate about… children. Recently she attended a ceremony to give honors to military wives and moms. What she did while there blew everyone out of the water.

The Patriot Journal reported,

“Her outfits often make international headlines for the messages they convey. She and her incredible stylist team make every effort to craft the perfect look for any occasion. In Saudi Arabia for example, the newspapers celebrated Melania’s fashion choices during her trip. Even though she refused to wear a head covering, as women in Saudi Arabia are required to do, the newspapers there called her look, “classy and conservative.”

Our First Lady honors those she comes in contact with, by being sensitive in the manner in which she dresses. Her clothes are often a sign of respect as well, which is even more important. For instance, her look at a recent event to celebrate military mothers and spouses showed how much she honors and respects America and those who help protect her (and others).

Melania Trump went for a classic look Wednesday when she showed up in a blue coat dress at an event celebrating military mothers and spouses. The first lady paired the double-breasted navy blue dress with a matching navy patent leather belt.  ‘Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday, is celebrated just one time per year. I don’t know about all of you, but I think mothers should be celebrated each and every day,’ Trump shared with the group, thanking them for the sacrifice they make every day for our country.”Her dress wasn’t merely stunning, it was a respectful nod to the Dress Blues that service members of the Navy wear. The contrast between this event and events the Obama’s held is striking. The former First Couple only hosted opulent parties with nothing but A-listers and shunned the common man. The Trumps on the other hand host military moms and spouses and shun the A-listers. And yet the left still can’t figure out why they lost. Their condescending treatment of middle America is no different than their condescending treatment towards the First Family.

In fact, high profile liberal designers like Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford joined a list of fashion gurus who said they’d refuse to dress Melania Trump when her husband was elected. Ford reached new levels of pettiness when he stated that he didn’t want to style Melania because, “I’m a Democrat, and voted for Hillary, and [am] very sad and disappointed that she’s not in office.” Considering some of the hideous gowns Tom Ford designed for Michelle Obama, Americans should be thankful he’s staying away from Melania. In fact, the First Lady is becoming a style icon just fine without any help from the left. And her dedication to honor those who are important to this country comes through loud and clear!”

President Trump, his family, his wife the First Lady Melania Trump, and the administration have made it their mission to make military families front and center of the work that they do. While military families were often ignored in the past they certainly are not anymore. Their is a never ending amount of events that the current administration hosts to honor military families and the sacrifice they make.

During the event the President discussed the hardships that military spouses deal with as a result of long deployments. Emphasizing that they often take on more than they bargained for when their families are uprooted and shipped half way around the world. President Trump made sure they were aware of his commitment to all families that serve in the armed forces. Which is why he made sure to mention that Congress with his help implemented the biggest pay raise the military has seen in a very long time.

The U.S. Army said in a press release,

“”[My] administration is totally committed to every family that serves in the United States armed forces,” Trump said. “Earlier this year, I was proud to sign that big pay raise … and I am proud of it.”  Noting that the White House is taking action to expand employment opportunities for military spouses, the president said service members’ spouses would be given “treatment like never before,” noting that the unemployment rate among military spouses is more than 90 percent.

But that is going to change, he added. “[For] a long time, military spouses have already shown the utmost devotion to our nation, and we want to show you our devotion in return,” the president said. “America owes a debt of gratitude to our military spouses — we can never repay you for all that you do.” Following his remarks, Trump signed an executive order addressing military spouse unemployment by providing greater opportunities for military spouses to be considered for federal competitive service positions.

The order holds agencies accountable for increasing their use of the noncompetitive hiring authority for military spouses, and American businesses across the country are also encouraged to expand job opportunities for military spouses, the president said.”

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New Mexico Judge Who Let 5 Extremists Go Just Became A Victim Of Terrorism [Opinion]

This judge just found out how it feels to become a victim herself!



One of the biggest stories out there this week, or at least it should be, is the compound in New Mexico where 11 children were taken into custody and their parents arrested on numerous charges. The family is Muslim and it is being alleged that the children were radicalized and were being trained to shoot up a school. All of this is passing in the wind of news out there. It definitely does not look like they were up to anything good and the children were malnourished and in need of care.

I have also heard that it is alleged that a child died on the premises and was buried there. 3-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, who had been missing since December, allegedly died amid a ritualistic religious ceremony held on the grounds in an effort to “cast out demonic spirits,” Reuters reported. Public defenders argued the boy’s father was trying to heal the child by reading passages from the Koran but prosecutors claimed he was denying the boy medication. One of the children taken into custody claimed that the boy had died in February. The children said they were told the boy would be resurrected as Jesus and guide them on which “corrupt institutions” to attack, NBC reported citing investigators.

Yesterday, a Democratic state judge named Sarah Backus in New Mexico caved to political correctness pressure from the defense attorney of the adults in the compound. She granted bail/bond to the five Islamic radicals that had been taken into custody and said they were not a threat to the community. Backus granted each suspect an unsecured bond, clearing the way for them to be released pending trial. Prosecutors argued the family had trained children in the use of firearms in the rural compound and should remain in custody. But an attorney for one suspect said they were following religious rituals that might be viewed differently if they were white Christians instead of black Muslims.

But there have been further developments in regards to letting these individuals out on bail. Jany Leveille, one of the five suspects arrested at the “extremist Muslim” compound in northern New Mexico, has been transferred to the custody of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said Tuesday. The remaining detainees are currently still in custody, the sheriff has said.

Siraj Wahhaj, 40, another suspect from the compound, is being held on an outstanding warrant from Georgia, while the three others allegedly involved, Lucas Morten, Hujrah Wahhaj, and Subhannah Wahhaj are still incarcerated pending the fulfillment of their release conditions. They were arrested on Aug. 4th at their compound near the Colorado state line. The judge set a $20,000 bond for each defendant and ordered that they wear ankle monitors and have weekly contact with their attorneys.

Notwithstanding all of that, it would seem that Judge Sarah Backus has a history of treating dangerous individuals with kid gloves. “Just last month, she set a $10,000 bond for Rafael Orozco, a 24-year-old Taos man accused of battering his girlfriend, his newborn child and a healthcare worker at Holy Cross Hospital in September 2016.”

This time, she really went off the deep end. She flat out denied prosecutors a request to keep the five suspected Islamic radicals locked up indefinitely, even though their actions seem to warrant that action. If they were indeed using the compound to train these children to carry out terroristic attacks at a school, why would you let them out this way? “State prosecutors said there was evidence that some of the suspects could have been planning an attack, adding that lead suspect Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, who faces child abduction charges in Georgia, took weapons classes and books found at the compound described how to build firearms,” Australian station NTD reported. So, we get that news from the Australians first. That’s shameful.

Backus is now saying that she has received tons of death threats over this:

“Backus has received more than 200 threats, according to Barry Massey, a spokesman for New Mexico Courts. Callers have threatened physical violence against Backus, including some people who threatened to slit Backus’ throat and smash her head, Massey said. People also lashed out on social media and also threatened court staff, Massey said.

“Most callers have criticized the judge and the decision and called her names, such as “an Islamic terrorist sympathizer” or “disgusting garbage human,” Massey said.”

They even had to evacuate the courthouse due to supposed threats. That’s insane.

I find it ironic that a leftist judge lets five terrorists out on bail and is shocked that she is getting death threats over it. Don’t get me wrong… no one should ever threaten another like this, but it is hardly surprising. It figures that this judge would make herself out to be the victim here. She lets terrorists go free and becomes a victim of terrorism herself. Now, that’s what I call definitely ironic. It probably never crossed her mind the danger she was putting others in or the fear generated that releasing those plotting against their children in school surely caused in the community. Crime is never real to some people until they experience it firsthand.

Anyone who threatens someone’s life should be held accountable. But a judge that would let those who are obviously plotting harm to others go free should be removed from the bench in my opinion. Those who threatened this judge should face justice, but so should the supposed terrorists she so casually released. They are not only a severe flight risk but a security risk as well.

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