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OPINION: Obama Waging a Coup Right Now, Here’s What We Found



The very president who once stated he wanted a citizen militia controlled by the president and not the governor of each state is today waging a coup against the United States and her duly elected President. All of the anti-Americanism and civil unrest that has been happening since back in 2015 in the US is being fanned by Obama’s Organizing For Action corporation’s many splinter groups like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Democratic Socialists of America, and to name a few.

The street violence we have been seeing since Fergusson, the harassment of Trump employees and supporters, the savage push for open borders, the David Hogg gun confiscation movement after the parkland shooting which was was easily avoidable and against all things pretty much all thing American in general is a massive movement to destroy the United States of America as a sovereign constitutional nation from within.

Here is more on this via Eagle Rising:

“Barack Obama is waging a coup against the USA via his loyal political activist groups.
All of the anti-Americanism taking place in the US today is by Obama’s Organizing For Action corporation’s many splinter groups like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Democratic Socialists of America, MoveOn.otg, etc. The street violence, harassment of Trump employees and supporters, the push for open borders, the David Hogg gun confiscation movement, and against all things American in general is a massive movement to destroy the United States of America as a sovereign constitutional nation from within.

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Their New World Order vision of a borderless US, void of any form of national identity, governed by the United Nations via a Dictatorship, is their main goal. We see the anti-Americanism on a daily basis today, not only in demonstrations, but in the burning of the American flag at virtually every protest.

Interestingly, these same anti-American factions destroying the flag, are the same Obama cabal that has been actively pushing for the removal of all things Confederate such as statues, names of schools, and names of some city streets, etc. Their excuse for pushing this is said to be out of disdain for the Confederate’s prejudice idealism of black slavery and white supremacy which should have no place in US society today, since the Union won the Civil War.

However, since Donald Trump began his presidential campaign in 2016, they began to use the very same narrative against Trump and his supporters as they used in their efforts to abolish the Confederacy from the history of the US. Now they are saying Socialism is the only solution to ending the prejudice against blacks, Hispanics, gays, and Muslims that is prevalent in the mindset of those who believe in nationalism, sovereignty, and are Patriotic to the US as an individual country. Thus, the cat’s out of the bag of the true nature of their intentions. It never was out of concern for any individual rights of any group of people from blacks to gays or out of concern for keeping illegal alien families together. It was always out of the desire to destroy the country, as we know it.

It should have been clear to anyone that Obama wanted to transform the US into a neo-Nazi dictatorship with such actions as considering US combat veterans and all Conservative Patriots domestic terrorists more so than radical Islamist’s. This, as well as his declaration that the war on terror was over.

Even with Obama’s rejection of the idea that international terrorism was a major threat to the US, he still signed one of the most Nazi like bills ever, aside from the Patriot Act, in NDAA. Which gave the government the right to arrest, detain, and even shoot those who resisted arrest that were even suspected of being involved in terrorism, domestic or international. By signing NDAA, Obama either believed terrorism was a major threat, or he was using NDAA for use in future US civil unrest he expected to arise when American Patriots finally realized he was destroying the very fabric of their country and would begin a revolution against it. Which would have been the case, had the dictatorship’s chosen successor Hillary Clinton won the election. What his signing NDAA did do was to legalize propaganda via the main media, which we witness as rampant today.

With 4th of July Independence Day celebrations fresh on the minds of Patriotic Americans, it is essential that everyone who has served in the military, has family members who have served, some dying in combat defending the freedom of the USA, and those who believe in America as a free constitutional nation as it was founded on, be aware of the threat from within.

We must recognize this threat by identifying those who perpetrate the destruction of our country. This being Barack Obama’s army of Nazis rioting in our streets, their erasure of US history, intimidation and harassment of Conservative Patriots who support president Trump, and those in office in Washington who also support this anti-American movement. All involved are guilty of sedition and treason.”

But what’s perhaps even more dangerous in all this is the fact that the same anti-American factions which are actively trying to destroy America are the same Obama supported groups that have been successfully pushing for the removal of anything Confederate from our nation. They explain the removal of Confederate statues because anything confederate promotes prejudice idealism of black slavery and white supremacy. They promote this as not having a place in US society today because the Union won the Civil War. But they never mention the fact that it’s a part of our history and should never be erased.

This is what happens when a nation elects someone who had a questionable record, or no record at all. No one knew who Barack Hussein Obama was, but the media told you to vote for him because he is African American and he knows how to read a good speech. Even though five years from the 2008 election he told all of us were “five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” the weak minded in our society fell for it and elected what can be considered the first anti-American president we have ever had.

Note From the Editor: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of this website or of the owners/administrators of where this article is shared online. Claims made in this piece are based on the author's own opinion and not stated as evidence or fact.


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VIDEO: Migrant Caravan That Threatened To ‘Drop-In’ On Trump Tears Down Border Fence, Storms Mexico




* By

Someone is putting these people up to this, I swear. It’s to close to our midterm election for it to be a coincidence.

Just a few days ago, one of the migrants told Yahoo News that they were going to “drop in” on Trump and that he would have to take them in.

Trump needs to send in the military immediately.

Breitbart is reporting:

“More than 4,000 migrants forced their way into Mexico after storming a border fence with Guatemala.

Video captured by Noticias Telemundo shows the moment when hundreds of migrants force the gate open and rush into Mexico despite officials efforts to keep the migrants out.

Mexican authorities previously vowed to turn back any migrants who did not follow immigration law.


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The rush is the latest development for the caravan originating in Honduras, when approximately 1,300 migrants began an organized march to Mexico with some making their way to the U.S. Border.

The caravan caused the Mexican government to announce it would enforce immigration laws and turn back those who did not obtain a visa to travel through country. Despite the threat, the caravan grew in size to more than 4,000, pushing President Donald Trump to state he would remove all financial aid to Central American countries if the migration was not halted.

It remains unclear how many migrants were able to successfully enter Mexico by force.”

The Independent UK reported:

“Migrants in a caravan making its way north through Central America towards the US border have torn down gates and are making their way over a bridge into Mexico – with officials warning the trip will bring swift retribution from the Trump administration.

Young men in the caravan reportedly began on Friday violently tugging at a tall yellow fence in the way of the group before eventually tearing the barrier down. Men, women, and children then began rushing towards the bridge to Mexico that stands about 150 years (137 meters) away.

The fence toppling came just after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray to discuss the caravan, which started in Honduras last weekend.

“It’s a challenge that Mexico is facing, and that’s how I expressed it to Secretary Pompeo,” Mr Videgaray said in a news conference with the US secretary of state.

The Mexican government has asked for assistance from the United Nations refugee agency to help it process migrants arriving on the country’s southern border and seeking refugee status.

Processing those refugee claims could allow the Mexican government to disperse the caravan, and placate President Donald Trump, who is adamantly opposed to allowing any of the individuals into the US.

The caravan that is now at the Mexico border is composed of several thousand Honduran migrants who are seeking to escape violence and poverty in their home country. Mr Videgaray said earlier on Friday that the caravan was composed of some 4,000 people and each could present their claims to enter the country with refugee status.

“We haven’t had a caravan or group of this size seeking refuge at the same time, that’s why we’ve sought the support of the United Nations,” he said on Mexican television.

The Mexican government is taking a different tact with this caravan than a similar one that made its way north earlier this year, similarly drawing anger from Mr Trump.

Unlike that caravan, which made its way into the heartland of Mexico before officials attempted to process claims, the Mexican government this time is focusing on processing the individuals as they arrive on the border.

In response to the advancing caravan, Mr Trump has threatened to instruct the US military to “CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BORDER”, and said that he would cut aid to Central American countries where the migrants are arriving from.

It is not clear if Mr Trump is seriously considering closing the US-Mexico border, and it is not clear that he could conceivably do so, either. But, if he did, experts say that such a closure would have a major impact on the economy and ability of people to travel in and out of the US.”


Migrantes logran romper cerca en la frontera y entran corriendo a México

Migrantes rompen cerca en la frontera y entran corriendo a México

Posted by Noticias Telemundo on Friday, October 19, 2018

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Watch How Left-Wing Protester Who Harassed 9/11 Widow Reacts When Confronted By Her Large ‘Son’




* By

Oh man, this is the best ever.

Don’t you just love it when angry, hostile left-winger, antifa types turn tail & run when the other side stands up to them.

We need more of this in America!

The Daily Caller is reporting:

Video of a left-wing protester telling an alleged 9/11 widow that her late husband should “rot in the grave” has gone viral.

The harassment of the woman took place in Portland, Oregon, during clashes between Antifa and pro-Trump factions.


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The protester screamed at the woman in the video and looked to be ready for a physical confrontation. After the woman said “My husband died in 9/11,” the protester yelled “Good for him! Good. Good. NYPD were a bunch of sodomized — fucking sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks. Your husband should probably fucking rot in the grave.”

The woman walked on.

However, the leftist protester was not so empowered when a large man approached him and asked, “Did you call my mom out?” (RELATED: Antifa Protesters Block Portland Traffic, Nearly Start Riot During Kimmons Vigil)

The protester said “What?” and then took off running.

“Why are you running?” the man yelled.

There was a standoff between the leftist and far-right protesters, but when a large group of Trump-supporting activists looked to confront him, the man who insulted the widow suddenly lost his nerve.


Extra footage posted on Twitter shows the same man who was harassing the woman earlier running for his life down the street as fast as he could.

A professional skateboarder was mistaken for the man in the video and received death threats.

Oregon Live reported:

Portland professional skateboarder Charlie Wilkins faced violent threats on social media Thursday after video of an Oct. 13 protest went viral that showed an Antifa protester yelling at a woman.

“Your husband, should probably … rot in the grave,” the man rants at the woman, who claimed to be a 9/11 widow.

The man in the video resembles Wilkins, but the skateboarder insists it’s not him.

He and his wife Victoria say they avoid protests and were at a pumpkin patch that day.

“I just think he’s horrible to say that to anybody,” Wilkins told KGW, referring to the protester in the video. “I would never say that to anybody.”

Brandon Farley, who shot the video of the protest, weighed in on Wilkins’ behalf, tweeting:

“I don’t want to ruin an innocent man’s life! Stop this thoughtless tirade, immediately! Get the facts! He’s not the guy in my videos. Keep searching or move on, please.”

Wilkins is a longtime professional skater, and so his image is widely available online, which is likely the reason people made the connection between him and the Antifa protester.”

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