Hogg Has Nasty New Book Coming Out With A Title That Just Infuriated All Of America

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Two anti-g*n Parkland teens labeled as “survivors” from the mass s******g that happened at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have nabbed a book deal to tell their story and push their anti-g*n liberal agenda. The teens, David Hogg and his sister Lauren Hogg, claim the book will tell the story about the foundation of their movement and about the people they lost. Most people believe that the book will somehow push an anti-second amendment agenda by using the lost lives of their fellow students as the wheels to roll out their narrative.

The book deal is being criticized as a way for the teens to fund their future. The teens claim the money from the proceeds will be used for good, but there’s no guarantee once the money hits their hands what they will actually do with it. There is often a lack of transparency with money once it’s accumulated. Sometimes people who come into large sums of money aren’t sure how to handle it and they lose track of the good promises they made.

Many critics of the Hogg teens don’t feel confident that they will use the money for truly good causes, or they might think the teens will waste the money on endeavors that are for themselves.

The proposed title of the book faces the further backlash. The title thus far is #NeverAgain and critics have decided this title is simply no good because it’s a string of words that can’t ever be achieved. This title smacks people in the face with a reality that won’t ever exist. #NeverAgain might be a good and hopeful thought in regards to violence in general, but it’s simply unrealistic to expect. Without having access to the book, because it does not appear to have been written yet, there is no way to tell what their true story will be as presented in the book. There is no way to know if the book will be factual or based on propaganda and calls for boycotts, which would, in turn, become an embarrassing way to dance on the graves of the real victims of the Parkland s******g.

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The ‘March for our Lives’ didn’t accomplish anything nor stop any violence, so it’s highly unlikely that any book they produce will have different results.

The responses on Twitter have been extremely mixed. There has been a lot of support from Hogg fans, but also a lot more criticism from people who don’t fully trust the widely outlandish David Hogg. His sister, Lauren Hogg, is equally distasteful on occasion. Of course, that’s subjective in nature and up to the reader to decide.





The same Hoggs who plan to ‘write’ a book have been very vocal on Twitter. They’ve done everything from lash out at people to call for boycotts over a difference of opinions. It has been a very un-American ride on their social media accounts as they constantly seem roll out new attacks in the form of calls for boycotts based on simply disagreeing with something that someone else might say.

They were criticized for their lack of grammar, but they’re just high school students so we can’t truly hold it against them if they are incapable of spelling or writing properly. Everyone makes mistakes and there’s apps to fix grammar.

The problem here is that many people are chastizing the teens for capitalizing on the incident. Some want to know how this actually helps solve anything or if it leads to more problems down the road.

How do you feel about the Hoggs releasing a book? Do you think they should change the title?

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