Police Take Action Against Muslim Street Prayers After Angry Residents Finally Had Enough

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It has now been confirmed that police in the French city of Orleans is set to start enforcing a new ordinance which will make praying on public streets illegal after many residents wrote to the city council to complain because of the sea of Muslims praying in the streets at certain times of the day as the Islamic religion mandates.

The main complaint against the Muslim prayers came from angry residents who live on the Rue de Limare on which the Ibn-Badis Mosque is located, Magcentre. And apparently, since the Mosque isn’t big enough to house all the members they spill onto the streets to pray and block all traffic until they are done.

This uproar all started when a resident sent a picture of worshippers praying outside of the Mosque asking if this was allowed by the law. And if not asking to have the law enforced. To which the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety Olivier Geffroy is said to have immediately been in contact with the heads of the mosque to deal with the street prayers which are unlawful due to French public secularity laws which are known as Laïcité.

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Although Muslims praying in the streets has become a staple of the typical French life after they opened their borders wide to globalism the vice-president of the Ibn Badiss association, Mr. Benhammou, also confirmed that he himself would be present with two other people to make sure the laws were enforced to their full capacities.

This is only the most recent issue France has had with Muslims praying in the streets as explained in this article on Breitbart:

“Muslims in the French city of Clichy protested a local government decision to remove them from a building which they were occupying and had turned into a mosque.

On Wednesday, police removed the Muslim group known as the Union of Muslim Associations of Clichy (UAMC) who were squatting in the building after a long and heated battle between the city and the UAMC. The city wants to turn the property into a media library, and the Muslim group want it to remain a mosque. On Thursday, a large group of Muslims appeared on the street outside the city hall at 5:00 am to pray and protest the evacuation of the property, La Parisien reports.

According to reports, the local government gave the Muslim association a lease on the property but it expired in June last year, and the Muslims refused to leave. On Wednesday at 8:30 am, bailiffs arrived at the building and welded the gate shut so that no one could enter. However, around 50 individuals managed to gain access to the building and had to be forcibly removed by police.

The removal was not entirely peaceful as police report that three of their officers were injured during the operation. One Muslim demonstrator was arrested for committing a violent act against a police officer.

The city decided to repurpose the building last year and gave the UAMC another building to pray in. The Muslim group rejected the offer and said the new area was too small and did not have the “dignity” befitting its worshippers.

Footage has emerged claiming to be of the protest, showing protestors blocking a street and being flanked by police in full riot gear whilst cars beep their horns.

The street prayer protests come as part of a rising movement in France. The recurrence of mass public prayer became so disruptive in the country that in 2011 the government was forced to pass a law banning Muslims from praying on the streets of Paris.

Illegal mosques are not just a problem in France but also in Italy where authorities shut down at least six mosques last year. Muslims in Italy also protested the shutdowns, which officials closed for safety reasons and building standards, and threatened to invade the Vatican and pray there if they weren’t allowed to continue using their mosques.

In Germany, some small mosques, which are often located within private homes, have been linked to radical Islamic schools of thought like Salafism. Earlier this year, Socialist Party politician Sigmar Gabriel called for Salafist mosques to be shut down after it was revealed the Berlin Christmas Market terror attacker Anis Amri had been involved with several Salafist mosques in Berlin.”

Which effectively led to counter protests by those on the right:

“Around 60 French conservatives in the Paris suburb of Clichy gathered to protest Muslims praying in the street which has been going on every Friday for the last nine months.

The conservatives, led by local mayor Remi Muzeau sang the French national anthem, the Marseillaise, in defiance of the Muslims who have taken over the market square every Friday for nearly a year.

Muzeau was joined by other members of Les Républicains, the party of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, wearing tricolore sashes, including the president of the greater Paris region of Île-de-France, Valerie Pecresse, Le Parisien reports.

Journalist Théo Maneval witnessed the events posting video footage on Twitter and commenting: “Amazing scene: no dialogue, but elected representatives who sing the Marseillaise at the same time as the prayer begins. Both groups face to face, but do not speak.”

After the protest had ended, Mayor Muzeau took to Twitter posting pictures of the protest and writing: “Huge success for the gathering of the elected to support the rule of law and republican secularism. Stop the illegal street prayers! Thank you all for your fantastic support!”

The illegal street prayers have been occurring every week in the streets of the Paris suburb after their former mosque was declared to be illegal as they were only occupying the building. In March, French police forcibly evicted the group known as the Union of Muslim Associations of Clichy (UAMC), from the site which is scheduled to be turned into a media library.

Since the 2004 Paris riots, French suburbs have produced radical Islamists who have gone on to commit terror attacks including terrorist Karim Cheurfi who k****d a police officer in Paris during the first round of the presidential election earlier this year.”

Well folks, if anyone still has any doubt whatsoever as to why we in the U.S. elected President Donald Trump, there is no need to look any further.

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