Liberal Judge Make Sickening Decision To Side With 2 Sex Offenders

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Families across America are outraged after two men accused of gang-raping an innocent 13-year-old girl were sentenced to PROBATION. To make the crime even worse, the two accused rapists had r***d the girl, but so did their brothers and cousins. It was a massive gang r**e in which the six members of the family all r***d the same girl in what was possibly the worst day of the girl’s life that she will ever have.

20-year-old Tommy Williams and his 19-year-old brother Clarence Williams were both granted 10 years of s*x offender intensive and supervised probation at a minimum. They also were given a maximum of life on probation. This is not much worse then what the Stanford swimmer, Brock Turner, received when he was accused of raping a girl behind a dumpster.

American families are pouring in the outrage over a rapist family having two men not go to prison for raping the underage girl. Many people believe that a mandatory jail sentence should be given.

Here are the six suspects accused of raping the 13-year-old girl.

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“From left to right in top row, Tyron Williams, Clarence Williams and Jacolby Williams, and left to right in bottom row, James Williams and Tommy Williams were all accused of gang-raping a 13-year-old girl in December 2016. (Colorado Springs Police Department via KOAA)”

Here are more details reported by Fox News: “The men are two of six suspects accused of s******y assaulting the young teen in December 2016 inside of the Stonebrook Terrace apartment complex in Colorado Springs.

The victim’s grandfather was shocked at the sentencing, telling the news station: “There was six of them and they gang-r***d my granddaughter.”

The group of suspects — some of whom are reportedly related as cousins or brothers and identified as Jacolby Williams, Tyron Williams, James Williams, and a juvenile, in addition to Tommy and Clarence — were with the girl on Dec. 19, according to The Gazette.

The victim told police she knew one of the men, and he invited her into the apartment to play video games. The 13-year-old said she went to the home with some female friends, but they left when she went to the bathroom.

Arrest records, KKTV reported, state that two of the men then pulled the teen from the bathroom and forced her into a bedroom where the other four suspects were waiting.

In January 2017, Tyron Williams was also sentenced to 10 years to life of s*x offender intense supervised probation. Before his sentencing, he apologized to the victim and her family, and reportedly said that “If I knew she was underage, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

James Williams was sentenced in August 2016 to five years of probation, and the unidentified juvenile reportedly has an impending court date. Jacolby Williams’ trial was scheduled for March 5; it’s unclear what transpired.”

The outrage is growing, pushing for the men to be imprisoned for what they allegedly did to the little girl. One man said he wouldn’t have r***d the girl if he knew she was underage. Does that mean he would have r***d her if she was of age? What would they have done to the girl if she was 18-years-old and of the criminal’s preferred age of which he would rather r**e someone? Should that be considered an apology, and should an apology ever be accepted in a case like this?

When people are accused of r**e and found guilty, then they should face a mandatory minimum of jail time.

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