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Protester Interrupts Trump’s Speech – He Smirks, Turns To Crowd, Then Drops Bomb On Media



Don’t you just love it when Trump is Trump?

The Daily Caller is reporting that at a rally in Florida, Trump smiled and stopped speaking while law enforcement officers escorted four people out of his event for Ron Desantis for causing a disturbance during the president’s speech.

As the people were being escorted out of the building the crowd grew loud. They shouted and booed, while law enforcement escorted four women towards the exit, as Trump did the famous “outta here” hand motion.

But what’s perhaps even better is what the president said after the crowd settled down, “Aw, that’s too bad. That’s too bad, That’s too bad! One person, one person and tomorrow the headlines will be ‘massive protest.’”

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The president was speaking at a rally in Tampa Bay, Florida on behalf of Republican Ron DeSantis, who is running to be the next governor of Florida. His primary opponent is Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. And it’s turned out to be quite the race.

Watch Trump’s classic reaction to the removal of the protesters.

Here is more on the Republican primary race for governor in Florida via The Tampa Bay Times:

“In any normal election year, Adam Putnam would be a shoo-in to be the next Florida governor.

The pride of Bartow has been courting and charming conservative activists across the state for years. He can fire up crowds big and small with red-meat partisan speeches; he’s sharp and deeply informed about Florida issues; and, most importantly, he is blowing away fundraising records.

His Republican rival, Ron DeSantis? Prospective supporters and congressional colleagues are at least as likely to describe him as smug as they are to describe him as charming. He can struggle to hold a big crowd’s attention when speaking. He is new to Florida issues, and his money raising has underwhelmed a lot of Republicans who expected more.

As of last week, DeSantis, 39, has raised $9.07 million, spent $874,000 and has $8.2 million in his campaign account and separate political committee. Putnam, 43, has raised $29.4 million since he started preparing to run for governor in 2015, spent $13.3 million and has $16.2 million on hand.

In state where it can cost more than $1.5 million a week to run TV ads and neither candidate is well known, having considerably more money can be crucial.

But this is the Donald Trump era, when career politicians are especially suspect. Putnam has never run a campaign at this level, and his central campaign theme — “Florida First” — is hollow. What candidate for Florida governor is not going to put Florida first?

Putnam was barely old enough to buy a beer when he had his last remotely tough campaign, becoming at 22 the youngest member ever elected to the Florida House. He escaped serious challengers in election after election as he moved from the state House, through 10 years in Congress, and eight years as agriculture commissioner.

All the while, Putnam relied mainly on the same stable of political advisers to guide his campaigns. Until recently, those advisers were largely steering his gubernatorial campaign, though he finally brought in a campaign manager two months ago (Brett Prater), and has replaced his longtime TV ad maker.

That hasn’t stopped self-inflicted wounds.

Dubbing himself a “proud NRA sellout” probably won’t hurt Putnam in the primary, but could in the general election, if he makes it that far. His campaign scheduling a fundraiser last month at the home of an Orlando supporter who had been all over the news years ago for shooting two pet huskies — and then dismissing it as nothing compared to DeSantis receiving financial support from a prominent Democratic donor — was downright moronic.

Still, Putnam is clearly outworking DeSantis on the campaign trail, holding meet and greets, and well-attended rallies. Drawing hundreds of people to events even in the most rural counties counts for something.

“Adam is the only candidate who has shared specific ideas and policies. He is running a Florida-based, grassroots-driven campaign. Our opponent is dialing-it-in from Washington and is running for his third job in three years,” said Ward Baker, a senior adviser on the Putnam campaign.

Thanks to DeSantis’ almost nightly appearances on Fox News — TV exposure to Republican voters worth millions of dollars — recent public and private polls have consistently shown the two-term congressman and agriculture commissioner tied or DeSantis slightly ahead.”

Although Putnam has a lot more money we can rest assured that whoever ends up winning the primaries will be better than anything the Democrats will have to offer.

But Donald Trump is an ace in the party now. Whoever he endorses ends up winning. Because he’s the first GOP president in my lifetime to actually keep his promises he has an approval rating of over 90% amongst Republicans and we can be pretty sure his approval amongst Democrats is also high but the media doesn’t want to tell us. After all, who doesn’t want an awesome economy as we are having now and the fact that America is once again “First” and foremost in the world? No more leading from behind!


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HUGE Message To Kavanaugh Accuser Flying High In The Sky Over Her House



As of today, it is being reported that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. The details and arrangements are still vague but Judge Kavanaugh is eager to clear his name. I’m eager to see this whole circus end so we can get on with the confirmation process.

Pilot David Siever flew a plane on September 20th over the psychology professor’s house with a giant banner attached that read, “Thank you, Christine, We have your back.” That was a huge message of support for Ford. It would seem there are a lot of women who are supporting her in all of this even though, in my opinion, her credibility is comparable to swiss cheese.

UltraViolet, a women’s rights group paid for the flight and the banner. The plane flew over gathered protesters who were marching to Ford’s home as a show of support for her after she accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. There were approximately three dozen women in the protest group and a few men as well.

This same group had already written a “Dear Christine” letter that many of them signed this week in support of the Palo Alto professor. The group linked arms as they marched in front of her home and chanted, “Protect Christine! Protect Christine.” The rally was cobbled together at the last moment and protesters were mostly comprised of Palo Alto mothers and neighbors showing solidarity for Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford has also been celebrated and supported in the #MeToo movement. She is also allegedly the victim of harassment and death threats. However, her local supporters are all in for her. “We believe Christine,” they chanted. “Her story is our story!”

This particular rally was yet another effort to support Ford after she came forward in an article in the Washington Post to share her identity and her allegations against Kavanaugh.

But what these people don’t address is the fact that she can’t recall the year it happened, where it happened, when it happened, who hosted the party, who was there, who brought her or who took her home. Frankly, I’m not buying it.

Ford is claiming that sometime in the early 1980s, Kavanaugh was “stumbling drunk” when he and a friend forced her into a bedroom at a high school party, then groped her, tried to strip off her clothes and put his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. One of his friends, Mark Judge, interrupted the assault, she alleges, giving her the chance to flee.

Kavanaugh is denying all of this and says it never happened. So is Mark Judge. Originally, Ford was insisting that before she would testify an FBI investigation had to be done. She changed that and then insisted that Kavanaugh testify first, not be in the room when she testifies, that no attorneys be present and that Mark Judge be subpoenaed to testify.

The Senate Judiciary Committee balked and said that they do not subpoena witnesses. They also pointed out that Kavanaugh should testify after Ford so he can answer charges against him and face his accuser. He also has a right to counsel in all this. Ford has still not said exactly what terms she agrees to for testifying next week.

A candlelight vigil on a Palo Alto street corner is planned for Sunday night. Letters of support are being stuffed into her mailboxes at home and at her office, and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay Ford’s legal bills.

Ford’s actual testimony next week is still very much in doubt:

“Fox News was told that Debra Katz, one of the lawyers representing Ford, requested that a hearing be set for Thursday — a request the Republicans on the committee had initially rejected, offering Wednesday instead.

“Grassley did not immediately respond to the letter, but a senior White House official told Fox News that it represented a request to continue negotiations about the terms on which she testifies without any firm commitment.

“It’s a clever way to push off the vote Monday without committing to appear Wednesday,” the official said.

“Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who sits on the committee, tweeted that “we are no closer to hearing from Dr. Ford than we were when her lawyers said Dr. Ford was willing to testify during their media tour 6 days ago.'”

I am highly suspicious of this eleventh-hour victim coming forward with an unsubstantiated claim from 36 years ago against Kavanaugh. It seems she has a number of supporters but I would say there are far more out there that have a problem with her story. I guess we will know more when and if she testifies.

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AWFUL: Michelle Caught Ripping Off Taxpayers To Get Filthy Rich – She’s REALLY Raking It In!




* By

Michelle Obama’s book tour is ramping up to get started, she will be visiting 12 cities in her rockstar tour.

During this tour, she also plans to plug and endorse Democrats running for office, and encourage minority voters to get out to the voting sites. However, while this looks like female empowerment, overcoming and finding yourself from the outset, it’s apparently not all that it seems. There’s a much bigger motive and goal with this tour.

But first, lets take a quick look at what she says she’ll be promoting in her book, which thousands of people are paying top dollar to come and hear her speak about. This is far beyond rockstar cash for even the best seats at a legendary concert.

Michelle just set the title for her memoir as Becoming. Becoming what? A woman? Maybe this secret is too much for her to bear, Downtrend reported, clearly concerned for what Michelle Obama is actually trying to accomplish with this book tour.

“I am proud of what I have created. I’m proud because it is candid, it’s honest, it’s totally and utterly me. I’m also a little frightened because it is so candid and honest and open,” Michelle said in the promotion of her tour in a rather strange video.

After serving as the first lady for eight years, you’d think Americans would already know everything about her. What’s there to be scared of? It remains unclear what exactly she created. I’m partially inclined to want to know what she could possibly come up with the fill her arrogant soul and attribute an actual creation to herself of such magnitude that it’s life-altering to all.

My curiosity just isn’t enough to spend a single cent on her book at the probable risk of being let down by some self-indulgent claim she’s contrived. It will likely be something to the tune of empowering women to be brave and bold like her and referring to herself as a world changer.

Now, if she were to really be “candid, honest, totally and utterly me,” as she claims, then she would answer some of our most burning questions about her personally. I think we all have a couple or at least one …about her appearance…in mind. It’s doubtful that’ll ever happen. This book is all about the bucks she can make on it, even if it means tricking people into reading and leaving them feeling let down.

But none of that matters, because no one can afford to go to her book tour speaking events, but somehow, enough people have saved up to pay these ridiculous prices and are buying the up…but for what? Apparently, she is setting prices as though she is her BFF Beyoncé. We all know Michelle’s fame girl crush on Beyoncé, as she used her position as First Lady to mingle with the Queen Bey and other Hollywood superstars, instead of politicians and influencers.

Would you pay anywhere in the price range of $500-$2,000 for decent to good seats in a big arena setting? Those who do deserve to be disappointed at getting a lot less than what Michelle is promising.

According to The Grio, Michelle now has seemingly assumed the role she may have always wanted of rockstar and top celeb, with demanding ticket prices to hear her talk about herself that are as pricy, if not much more than the biggest names in the entertainment industry ever.

The Grio reports:

Michelle Obama’s pre-sale tickets for her Becoming book tour, which went on sale Thursday, have people clutching their pearls and their purse strings at the rockstar level prices, the Washington Post reports.

The former first lady is gearing up to hit the road for a 12-city tour, but her ticket prices shocked fans because of what many call Beyonce-level costs. Still, Obama is selling out, so much so that what started as a 10-city tour talk evolved into two more cities being added, being the total to 12. The tour will end in Jay-Z’s hometown of Brooklyn. Maybe a Bey and Jay appearance is on the way after all!

In any event, while $29.50 seems fitting, that price is for a nosebleed seat. To get a closer glimpse of Obama, you’ll have to shell out up to $3,000 for front-row seats which reportedly includes a “pre-show photo opportunity,” meet-and-greet reception with Obama, a signed book and other perks, including an “exclusive VIP gift item.”

Twitter fans, however, are still not feeling coughing over so many coins.

“I love Michelle Obama, I do,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “She is everything. But I am sorely disappointed in how expensive these book tour tickets are.”

“Michelle Obama is out here selling Beyoncé priced tickets and I was not prepared,” another wrote.

But others support the ticket prices, saying Obama has earned her keep for this country.

“You don’t see it every day, but she’s not a typical author,” said Deborah Speer, an editor for concert-industry trade magazine Pollstar. “Michelle Obama is kind of a rock star herself.”

“I don’t want to hear a single word about Michelle Obama’s ticket prices,” one fan wrote. “She worked for this country for FREE for eight years. Get that money, Mrs. Obama.”

“Truly humbled by the response to my upcoming book tour,” she wrote on Twitter. “I can’t wait to share BECOMING with all of you & hope to see you somewhere along the way!”

If the Obama’s are “for the people” then why price gouge them, why make it so regular people can’t attend? If Michelle wants her message to get to the people she’s missing the mark.

Hopefully, she makes the book price a little more favorable to the people she says she represents. It’ll likely be discounted to a super sale price soon anyway, just like Hillary’s latest book.

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