Raging Woman Tasered, Arrested After Karma Pounds Down Her Door And She Starts Biting!

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It was a bizarre day for a Democrat in the northeast section of Northern Kansas. The deputies showed up at her door with an outstanding warrant and that’s when things escalated quickly. It was Carol Fowler, 48, who absolutely refused to be arrested for her crimes and the situation turned into a battle. It’s amazing she didn’t get shot, but that was probably the next step as she went from peaceful to acting like a deranged demon who would not go down without a fight. If the cops came knocking and looking for a fight, then they surely got one. However, the cops probably just thought this would be a peaceful arrest that would end up getting resolved in court and people would go about their business later. Little did they know they would have to break out the tasers and handle this 48-year-old Democrat as she picked a fight with the police.

This fight apparently lasted almost three days. As she was fighting with the cops at the location, they tasered her to get her under control. Fair enough, because anyone who has outstanding warrants who refuses to go with police and fights them should be tasered anyway. Then two days later while they were at the county jail, this lady was still fighting and she bit a police officer so hard that he probably thought his thumb would fall off. I guess Duran Duran wasn’t kidding when they said “she’s a man eater.”

At what point does a 48-year-old woman with outstanding warrants decide to act like an adult? Apparently not on these days!

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Fowler, 48, helps govern the town of Huron in northeast Kansas. She is one of five city council members, according to the Atchison County website.

She scored a seat on the council after winning two votes in a November 2017 election, according to the Atchison Globe. Huron has an estimated population of 73, according to the U.S. Census.

Atchison County Sheriff Jack Laurie told the Globe that deputies took Fowler into custody at her home in Huron around 11:30 a.m. on Friday.

They arrested her on a warrant for failure to show up in Atchison County District Court on December charges of being a pedestrian under the influence and interfering with law enforcement, according to the Globe.

At her home, Fowler began kicking, hitting and scratching deputies, so they tased her to subdue her, Laurie told the newspaper and MSC News.

He said both deputies suffered superficial injuries – Fowler allegedly caused one deputy to bleed – but their wounds didn’t need medical attention.

That was Friday.

Then came Monday.

As staff at the Atchison county jail tried to finish booking her, Fowler fought again, Laurie told MSC News.

As jail officers tried to get her to remove her jewelry and other personal items, she bit a corrections officer on the thumb, the sheriff told MSC.

“They had five officers in there and it was a struggle for all of them to get her to comply,” Laurie told MSC. “She was able to (get) a hold of one of the correction officer’s thumbs with her teeth and actually broke the bone in his thumb.”

The deputy was treated at the hospital, Laurie told the website, but will need ongoing treatment.

Fowler faces a slew of charges stemming from what’s transpired over the last few days.

She was supposed to be in court on Monday to face charges stemming from her alleged assault at her home against the two deputies, but that appearance was rescheduled because of her emotional and physical condition, county attorney Jerry Kuckelman told the Globe.

Kuckelman’s office told MSC News that Fowler has been charged with two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer – one a felony count because it involved the bloody injury – and interfering with law enforcement stemming from the Friday incident at her home. And, she’ll likely be charged with battery on an officer because of the alleged jailhouse attack.

The Globe reported on Thursday that Fowler is held on a current bond of $25,343 for all the new charges and the initial warrant. She’s tentatively scheduled back in court on Monday.

As of Friday, she was still listed as a member of the Huron city council on the county’s website.”

If her picture is any indication of what it means to be a middle-aged Democrat in Kansas, then I hope more people crossover to the Republican side of politics. It doesn’t seem like she’s capable of acting maturely or being a responsible adult who can serve as a role model to her community. That’s just my opinion of her, but you’re free to come to your own conclusions.

Would you want her representing your town in any way, shape, or form?

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