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Rosie Promotes Trump Supporters As Brainwashed Rednecks, Patriots Make Her Regret It



Rosie O’Donnell is in need of serious help in my opinion. She is the very definition of what is termed as Trump Derangement Syndrome. She had a meltdown when Trump ran for president and an even bigger one once he was elected. In fact, she’s still having one and it just keeps getting worse. Recently, Rosie was in the news again for leading a group of Broadway actors in a protest outside of the White House. I guess that just got her engine running because now she’s really stepped in it.

She tweeted out a referral to an article entitled: “We’re heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump” which can be found at The Correspondent. Although I don’t know why you would bother. It strikes me as paranoid and delusional and totally off the deep end of things. The article insinuates that Trump supporters are white nationalists and brainwashed rednecks who have some kind of evil plan to take down America.

It was written in 2016. It’s now 2018 and America is bouncing back thanks to President Trump and his policies. Referring to an article that has been demonstrably proven wrong is just silly. Patriots are making Rosie regret the referral and I don’t blame them. The facts speak for themselves… America is back economically, militarily and nationally thanks to a true leader. One that Rosie can’t stand. Too bad.

Rosie O’Donnell tweets non-stop about President Trump. She seems to think he is a Russian spy or something and frankly, her level of hatred towards Trump is downright scary. She is joined in her rantings by others who suffer from the same hatred for Trump. These are fringe, radical leftists who appear to hate America and all she proudly stands for. O’Donnell seems to fancy herself as a leader of the radical left. She puts out anything she can find that is anti-Trump for her followers to read.

I’m not sure how that article ‘helps’ anyone. But Rosie’s gaggle of fans jumped on the piece and devoured it. The article is full of overblown rhetoric that promotes conspiracy theories centering around Trump. It was written just ten days after Trump was elected. The author has a dystopian vision of what Trump would do to America. It’s apocalyptic and frankly unhinged. The author, Sarah Kendzior, writes: “[H]e went on Fox News to defend Russia. Why a reality TV host was on Fox News defending Russia is its own story, but here is what [Trump] said about his desired outcome for the United States: ‘You know what solves it? When the economy crashes, when the country goes to total hell and everything is a disaster. Then you’ll have a [chuckles], you know, you’ll have riots to go back to where we used to be when we were great.’”

Funny, I don’t remember ever hearing that quote, do you? The author goes on to say, “This is what ‘Make America Great Again’ means to Donald Trump.” As if she could possibly know what goes on in the mind of Trump. She had a special carve-out for Trump voters as well, “I am writing this not for those who oppose him, but for those who support him, because Trump and his backers are going to hurt you too. I live in Missouri, now a bright red state, alongside you.” Except that never happened… unless you live in an alternate reality with Rosie O’Donnell.

Cassandra, this woman isn’t. She proceeds to tell Trump supporters that the economy will crash, free speech will end, and we will end up living in an authoritarian state. None of that has happened. In fact, just the opposite has occurred. She says that Americans will have to communicate using “code words,” because the masses will be so oppressed. Sounds like a communist regime… something far more likely to occur under a Democratic/progressive leader than someone like Donald Trump. She added that she bravely went to Trump rallies in those “bright red states” and claimed to have witnessed ‘brainwashing’. No, what she saw was ‘patriotism’. I know it’s been a long time since we’ve seen that, but there it is.

Rosie O’Donnell has been wrong on every single claim she has made about President Trump and his merry band of deplorables. The economy is roaring at a level unseen before. Unemployment is at record lows and there are more jobs than people looking for work. Free speech is being reinstated by the Supreme Court thanks to Trump’s picks there and by conservatives who have found the will and backbone to fight back for their constitutional rights. The only free speech that is seriously compromised these days is that of conservatives on social media platforms that are overwhelmingly controlled by leftists.

It looks to me as though the only ones who seem to suffer from brainwashing are those like Rosie O’Donnell on the left who seem to come more and more unglued because they are frustrated that Trump is succeeding in making America great again. Seek help for all our sakes. Please.

For eight long years, we suffered under Barack Obama’s crushing taxation, regulation and suppression. The last eighteen months with President Trump have been a blessing for most Americans. They can work again, own a home and happily live their lives without being constantly told what to do.

A number of patriots responded to O’Donnell’s tweet to express to her what a fool she really is. She won’t listen and she won’t change because extreme hatred is what Rosie lives on these days. One person on Twitter named Helen Snyder slammed Rosie, “They say liberalism in mental disease. An avowed socialist, an indoctrinated tool or spout dem party lock-step mantra to keep working? OR are you not working enough & want attention? You profited from being in Republic w/Constitution. Want to tear it down.” You get the drift even though it could have been worded better. Most of the responses to O’Donnell that I saw really laid into her. And again, Rosie cannot back up her claims with facts and instead just tweets more of the same.

I hate to break it to Rosie, but reality is far different than she wants it to be when it comes to President Trump. Mueller is not coming for him and he won’t be arrested. She’s going to really have to learn to live with disappointment when it comes to the President of the United States Donald J. Trump. Especially if he wins reelection and I believe he will.


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Emmys Get Demolished For Disturbing Message They Sent Many People Missed!




* By

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by The Daily Wire:

The 2018 Emmys went about how everyone expected: Lots of left-wing messaging, lots of self-congratulation, less entertainment, and fewer viewers. But what is a little unexpected is just how strong the blowback from even those who lean left has been.

Among the strong critics of the show is the Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon, who wrote a blistering response to the “cringe-worthy, tone-deaf embarrassment” of an awards ceremony, which was particularly egregious in its “diversity” pandering.

In his brutal take on the Emmys “disaster,” Fallon mocked the Chairman of the Television Academy Hayma Washington coming on stage near the end of the show to declare, “Let’s give ourselves a hand!” for the theme of the night: “This, the 70th Annual Academy Awards, features the most diverse and inclusive group of nominees ever,” as Fallon puts it.

Fallon notes that Washington having “to literally cajole the crowd to applaud itself, a rarity for this industry—underscored everything woefully misguided about this Colin Jost and Michael Che-hosted outing, perhaps the worst-produced award show since James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosted the Oscars.”

The worst part, he explains, was that the show “treated its progress in nomination diversity as a finish line, expecting the telecast to function as a victory lap, cheering for a job well done when it should have fired a starting gun for the work just getting started.”

The disaster of a show started off with an attempt at a joke about naively believing that the diversity problem in Hollywood had been “solved.” Here’s how Deadline describes the start of the Emmys 70th production, which it said “really showed its age”:

Starting off with SNL‘s Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson and a dead-letter routine that diversity was thriving and discrimination was “solved” in Hollywood, the back on Monday Emmys was simply too much all Lorne all the time. Despite some dance moves from nominee Ricky Martin, the first of several inevitable references to the imploded Roseanne, more SNLers and a very brief appearance by EGOT winner John Legend, the kickoff indicated that tonight’s ceremony was clearly not ready for primetime – and that was before “Weekend Update” anchors Che and Jost hit the stage.

Turns out the true joke ended up being the idea that the entertainment elites actually care about the things they spend so much time, energy, and money virtue-signaling.

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After Emmy Hosts Trashed Trump & Christians, Betty White Came Out With Awesome Surprise




* By

Celebrities have entrenched themselves in the liberal left. They use their platform to trash President Trump, Christians and any other conservative movement that gets in their way.

But it wasn’t the hosts conservative bashing that was the highlight of the night. In fact, the most amazing part of the show didn’t happen until almost the end.

The night turned in a whole new direction when a 96-year old woman took the stage.

E-News wrote:

Betty White received a standing ovation Monday night at the 2018 Emmys before her speech that collectively melted hearts around the world.

Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin—both of whom are nominees for their roles on the show—introduced White as “the greatest of all time.”

McKinnon said, “There are very few people who were around then that are still working in television today, and we are lucky to be joined by one of them tonight.”

White has won eight Emmy awards and nominated 24 times, and, according to McKinnon, “at 96-years-old she still thinks about those Emmys she didn’t win. And she’s still bitter.”

In her speech, the Golden Girls star started it off with a joke. “I’m just going to quit while I’m ahead,” she laughed.

White told an anecdote about being called the “First Lady of Television” by a passerby, but that observer later told her daughter, “She’s that old, she was the first one, way, way back.”

She said, “Little did I dream then that I would be here. It’s incredible that I’m still in this business and you are still putting up with me.”

White continued with even more jokes in her speech. She said, “It’s incredible that you can stay in a career this long and still have people put up with you. I wish they did that at home.”

She concluded, “It’s such a blessed business to be in.”

Unsurprisingly, the Twitterverse came out in full support of the actress and her accomplishments.

“I will donate organs for Betty White,” one tweet said.

Another message called White “absolutely a national treasure.”

Congratulations on all your achievements, Betty!

Outside of Betty night and a few others, the show was trash. Viewership was the lowest it had ever been in the history of the program.

FoxNews reported:

Hollywood may have laughed when Emmys host Michael Che said the only white people who thank Jesus are “Republicans and ex-crackheads,” but Tinseltown’s latest middle finger to Middle America fell flat in flyover country, and may have contributed to the telecast’s all-time low viewership.

Co-host Michael Che left many viewers of the 70th Annual Emmy Awards upset during the opening monologue with his fellow “Saturday Night Live” star Colin Jost, explaining that his mother would not be watching the show on Monday night.

“She says she doesn’t like watching white award shows because you guys don’t thank Jesus enough,” Che said. “That’s true. The only white people that thank Jesus are Republicans and ex-crackheads.”

The joke didn’t sit well with some viewers, who took to Twitter to complain. Not only that, the show’s ratings dropped 10 percent from last year’s already-dismal numbers, setting an all-time low, according to TheWrap.

While many viewers may have changed the channel after the opening monologue, jabs at average Americans were far from over and the Jesus gag became a running theme throughout the evening.

Conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News that “large swaths of the American public just want to be entertained” but instead were turned into “unwilling participants” in a political rally disguised as an awards show.

“Whether it’s the NFL or the Emmys, people desperately want a break from politics. It’s amazing to me at just how tone deaf Hollywood is,” Barron said.

In the end, the Emmy’s should be thankful Betty White was part of there program otherwise it would have been a total waste.

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