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Sarah Gets Last Laugh On Hateful Immigrant Actor After Receiving His Sick ‘Gift’ – Enjoy Where You’re Headed!



White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has always had a hard time with the mainstream media. She has constant detractors she must handle not just for President Trump but for those who attack her personally as well. Nothing has changed in that department. Sarah Sanders recently was the victim of vicious cyber-bullying by one Hollywood entertainer in particular and it was not pretty. Several months ago he even went as far as to make a piece of art in order to shame her for her politics.

Fox News reported,

“Jim Carrey faced swift backlash Sunday after the actor tweeted a painting that apparently showed White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in a terrifyingly garish light. “This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!” Carrey wrote in his tweet accompanying the portrait Saturday. Though Carrey didn’t mention Sanders by name, many Twitter users knew right away who it was, The Wrap reported. But not all on Twitter were amused. “James Woods, do you have a comment about Jim Carrey and the insulting portrait he has presented of Sarah Sanders?” tonguepiercer wrote. Michael Gatza tweeted: “What a disgraceful thing to do. Jim Carrey Paints Sarah Huckabee Sanders – It’s Not a Pretty Picture.”

Twitter user Delaine Gordon B added: “This is just one more example of how Hollyweird empowers women! #JimCarrey is just doing his portion, right Jim? He’s a has been!!” Last month, Carrey tweeted the image of an original painting depicting a seemingly dead schoolgirl sprawled out on the American flag soaked in blood, following the school shooting in Parkland, Fla. The “Ace Ventura” star has been taking a break from films to devote more time to painting. He told a magazine last year that creating political art isn’t a new concept for him.”

PS Republic reported,

“Aging immigrant actor Jim Carrey who once was funny in his big screen hits in the 90’s has now proved just how depraved he’s become since inserting strong politics and his hateful opinion of President Donald Trump into his career. Carrey didn’t learn from his female counterpart Kathy Griffin’s devastating career demise when in the immediate aftermath of the Parkland school shooting he created a horrific “masterpiece” mocking the survivors. Now, he’s back again, but not for long, after his nasty assault on Trump’s White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Canadian Carrey majorly underestimated her ability for revenge and because of that, we hope he enjoys his new home. He’s not going to like where he’s headed. Evidently, the ignorant liberal actor didn’t think that his blood-drenched flag art with a child’s body draped over it was grotesque and disrespectful enough. He also seemed to want to one-up Griffin’s decapitated Trump head replica by going after the president’s right-hand woman. Sanders is doing an incredible job in his administration despite being the constant target of attack by deranged liberal comedians.

Almost every member of the Trump Administration has taken their fair share of heat for the unpopular political beliefs that they support. It’s normal for those who oppose a President in Washington to stand up against his entire cabinet and administration. It’s not normal, however, or even okay for those attacks to bridge from the political to the personal. Sanders has had more than her fair share of this abuse from those who identify themselves with the party that is allegedly “pro-woman.”

Carrey proudly shared his finished work of art with his 17 million followers on Twitter who didn’t seem to appreciate his disturbing piece depicting Sarah Huckabee Sanders and conveyed an even worse message. In fact, he outraged much of the country with his horrific anti-American painting that proves he doesn’t belong in this country and needs to head back to Canada, where he’s from if he hates so much about our country, our president, and the people who work for him.

USA Today reports: If something is “smokin’,” perhaps it’s from the heat Jim Carrey received after sharing a portrait online that bears resemblance to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The Kidding actor shared his artwork on Twitter Saturday with a scathing caption. “This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!” he wrote. Twitter users knocked Carrey for his use of the word “Christian.” “We all sin,” one user tweeted in response. Another shared a meme of someone lifting the lid of a trash can. “Hey look celebrity opinions,” the photo’s text read. One Twitter user shared a photo of Carrey, writing “And this is the picture if (sic) a has-been, who hasn’t put out a decent movie in 15 years.”

It’s bad enough that so many celebrities have become liberal activists since Trump was elected, using their public platforms to perpetuate hate with divisive messages they constantly share. However, Carrey has just outdone them all and apparently doesn’t seem to care if he has an acting career left after this. Afterall, he can always pursue his dream of being a repulsive political artist after debuting his latest in a series of hateful pieces he’s recently created.

You know you’re in the wrong when the fans who stood by you through a litany of past depraved political art pieces he shared are now saying that he’s crossed the line. It’s fine to be controversial in art pieces, but Carrey is being vile.

Personal attacks are not okay and the Canadian will now likely have to head back home to Canada where he’s far more accepted than here in America. Not that anyone would ever assume he’s an intelligent person, but Carrey must have missed the memo that citizens in this nation are fed up with celebrities attacks on Trump and his administration. Since his repulsive portrait came out at the same time he’s needing to promote his new Showtime series “Kidding,” he just sealed his fate on the ratings for that now failed acting endeavor.

While Carrey seems to be enjoying and even profiting from the First Amendment right he’s given here in America as an immigrant, why does he stay in the country he seems to detest and disagree with so much? He can’t have it both ways, showing complete disrespect for our flag by depicting it drenched in blood underneath a child victim of a school shooting. Adding to that sickening sentiment, he intentionally altered the words of our National Anthem to introduce his blood-soiled flag image, doubling down on his hate for America.”

Carrey is a screenwriter, musician, producer, actor, and comedian. He rose to fame in the early 1990s in major movie productions such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, Batman Forever, Liar Liar, and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. One of his best performance was in Man on the Moon which earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. In the early 2000s, he again rose in popularity after starring in Bruce Almighty, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Yes Man, A Christmas Carol, Fun with Dick and Jane, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Horton Hears a Who!. However, since then his prominence has decreased and he has been less present on the Hollywood scene.

Not only has his popularity decreased but he has backed controversial theories. Carrey has allegedly supported allegations that the MMR vaccine causes autism, despite scientific consensus that vaccines do not cause autism. Along with girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, he led the Green Our Vaccines march in Washington DC that advocated for taking toxins out of vaccines because of their belief it causes children to get autism. Now he is on to political cartoon drawings, and Sarah Sanders is his primary target.

However, Sarah Sanders gets the last laugh because Jim Carrey is an actor whose 15 minutes of fame have finished and she can sleep well at night knowing that he is just trying to get attack on himself in order to make money off of his hateful political paintings. His actions simply backfired on himself when people came out and spoke against him for his actions. Every time he partakes in antics and behavior such as this he continues to drop in popularity and become more and more irrelevant. Obviously he’s headed towards obscurity.

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VIDEO: Migrant Caravan That Threatened To ‘Drop-In’ On Trump Tears Down Border Fence, Storms Mexico




* By

Someone is putting these people up to this, I swear. It’s to close to our midterm election for it to be a coincidence.

Just a few days ago, one of the migrants told Yahoo News that they were going to “drop in” on Trump and that he would have to take them in.

Trump needs to send in the military immediately.

Breitbart is reporting:

“More than 4,000 migrants forced their way into Mexico after storming a border fence with Guatemala.

Video captured by Noticias Telemundo shows the moment when hundreds of migrants force the gate open and rush into Mexico despite officials efforts to keep the migrants out.

Mexican authorities previously vowed to turn back any migrants who did not follow immigration law.


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The rush is the latest development for the caravan originating in Honduras, when approximately 1,300 migrants began an organized march to Mexico with some making their way to the U.S. Border.

The caravan caused the Mexican government to announce it would enforce immigration laws and turn back those who did not obtain a visa to travel through country. Despite the threat, the caravan grew in size to more than 4,000, pushing President Donald Trump to state he would remove all financial aid to Central American countries if the migration was not halted.

It remains unclear how many migrants were able to successfully enter Mexico by force.”

The Independent UK reported:

“Migrants in a caravan making its way north through Central America towards the US border have torn down gates and are making their way over a bridge into Mexico – with officials warning the trip will bring swift retribution from the Trump administration.

Young men in the caravan reportedly began on Friday violently tugging at a tall yellow fence in the way of the group before eventually tearing the barrier down. Men, women, and children then began rushing towards the bridge to Mexico that stands about 150 years (137 meters) away.

The fence toppling came just after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray to discuss the caravan, which started in Honduras last weekend.

“It’s a challenge that Mexico is facing, and that’s how I expressed it to Secretary Pompeo,” Mr Videgaray said in a news conference with the US secretary of state.

The Mexican government has asked for assistance from the United Nations refugee agency to help it process migrants arriving on the country’s southern border and seeking refugee status.

Processing those refugee claims could allow the Mexican government to disperse the caravan, and placate President Donald Trump, who is adamantly opposed to allowing any of the individuals into the US.

The caravan that is now at the Mexico border is composed of several thousand Honduran migrants who are seeking to escape violence and poverty in their home country. Mr Videgaray said earlier on Friday that the caravan was composed of some 4,000 people and each could present their claims to enter the country with refugee status.

“We haven’t had a caravan or group of this size seeking refuge at the same time, that’s why we’ve sought the support of the United Nations,” he said on Mexican television.

The Mexican government is taking a different tact with this caravan than a similar one that made its way north earlier this year, similarly drawing anger from Mr Trump.

Unlike that caravan, which made its way into the heartland of Mexico before officials attempted to process claims, the Mexican government this time is focusing on processing the individuals as they arrive on the border.

In response to the advancing caravan, Mr Trump has threatened to instruct the US military to “CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BORDER”, and said that he would cut aid to Central American countries where the migrants are arriving from.

It is not clear if Mr Trump is seriously considering closing the US-Mexico border, and it is not clear that he could conceivably do so, either. But, if he did, experts say that such a closure would have a major impact on the economy and ability of people to travel in and out of the US.”


Migrantes logran romper cerca en la frontera y entran corriendo a México

Migrantes rompen cerca en la frontera y entran corriendo a México

Posted by Noticias Telemundo on Friday, October 19, 2018

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Watch How Left-Wing Protester Who Harassed 9/11 Widow Reacts When Confronted By Her Large ‘Son’




* By

Oh man, this is the best ever.

Don’t you just love it when angry, hostile left-winger, antifa types turn tail & run when the other side stands up to them.

We need more of this in America!

The Daily Caller is reporting:

Video of a left-wing protester telling an alleged 9/11 widow that her late husband should “rot in the grave” has gone viral.

The harassment of the woman took place in Portland, Oregon, during clashes between Antifa and pro-Trump factions.


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The protester screamed at the woman in the video and looked to be ready for a physical confrontation. After the woman said “My husband died in 9/11,” the protester yelled “Good for him! Good. Good. NYPD were a bunch of sodomized — fucking sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks. Your husband should probably fucking rot in the grave.”

The woman walked on.

However, the leftist protester was not so empowered when a large man approached him and asked, “Did you call my mom out?” (RELATED: Antifa Protesters Block Portland Traffic, Nearly Start Riot During Kimmons Vigil)

The protester said “What?” and then took off running.

“Why are you running?” the man yelled.

There was a standoff between the leftist and far-right protesters, but when a large group of Trump-supporting activists looked to confront him, the man who insulted the widow suddenly lost his nerve.


Extra footage posted on Twitter shows the same man who was harassing the woman earlier running for his life down the street as fast as he could.

A professional skateboarder was mistaken for the man in the video and received death threats.

Oregon Live reported:

Portland professional skateboarder Charlie Wilkins faced violent threats on social media Thursday after video of an Oct. 13 protest went viral that showed an Antifa protester yelling at a woman.

“Your husband, should probably … rot in the grave,” the man rants at the woman, who claimed to be a 9/11 widow.

The man in the video resembles Wilkins, but the skateboarder insists it’s not him.

He and his wife Victoria say they avoid protests and were at a pumpkin patch that day.

“I just think he’s horrible to say that to anybody,” Wilkins told KGW, referring to the protester in the video. “I would never say that to anybody.”

Brandon Farley, who shot the video of the protest, weighed in on Wilkins’ behalf, tweeting:

“I don’t want to ruin an innocent man’s life! Stop this thoughtless tirade, immediately! Get the facts! He’s not the guy in my videos. Keep searching or move on, please.”

Wilkins is a longtime professional skater, and so his image is widely available online, which is likely the reason people made the connection between him and the Antifa protester.”

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