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Sarah’s Asked If Trump Incites Violence Against Reporters, Her Response Is Legendary



Isn’t it just great watching mainstream media’s so-called “reporters” whining about how people aren’t falling for their lies anymore?

Today at their daily press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders had to once again swiftly shut down a reporter who insanely alleged that President Donald Trump’s supporters were actually “menacing” journalists at Tuesday night’s “Make America Great Again” rally.

The Daily Caller Reported:

“Does the president encourage the support of people who showed up last night in these ‘QAnon’ and ‘Blacks for Trump’ fringe groups, and secondly is the White House willing to say right now in view of what happened with one of our TV colleagues last night, that it is wrong for his most vocal supporters to be menacing toward journalist doing their jobs?” David Martosko asked during Wednesday’s press briefing.

Martosko, a former executive editor for The Daily Caller, was referring to Trump supporters chanting “CNN sucks!” at CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta at the rally.

Sanders replied that Trump denounces violence against reporters and supports a free press, however he also views the press as having a responsibility to report things accurately.

Martosko admitted that no one was violent toward Acosta, but that supporters were “trying to prevent a broadcaster from getting his broadcast out and yelling that his network sucks — is that right or wrong?”

“We support freedom of the press but we also support freedom of speech and we think those things go hand-in-hand,” Sanders shot back.”

The media was allowed to get away with anything they lied about during the Bush and Obama administrations. They spent the 8 years of the W administration attacking him left and right and he would never defend himself. Then these same journalist hacks spent the next 8 years under Obama not telling the entire truth in order to no make him look bad.

As an example, not many reported that in 2014 the Obama Administration was putting Illegal Alien children in cages, while at the same time they picked up pictures from those days and reported that they were from 2018. And not to mention the Time magazine cover which they had to apologize for after they decided it would be a good idea to take a crying little girl and photoshop her to make her look like she was being detained by the President himself.

What the media is really upset at is that they just can’t seem to understand how a person, an outsider, like Donald Trump was actually able to wake so many of us up. The truth is Trump didn’t wake all of us, some of us where already wide awake as we saw the hatchet job they did on the George W. Bush presidency and how they took what could have been the cleanest presidential candidate ever in Mitt Romney and turned him into a monster who bullied a kid when he was in High School.

Yup, Mainstream media, the gig is up!

Here are a few examples of blatant media bias via The Washington Post:

1. CNN asks the Democratic National Committee about what questions to ask Mr. Trump in an interview.

The DNC colluded with CNN in devising questions in April to be asked of Mr. Trump in an upcoming Wolf Blitzer interview. A DNC official with the email username [email protected] asked for ideas for an interview by Mr. Blitzer.

“Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Trump on Tues ahead of his foreign policy address on Wed. … Please send me thoughts by 10:30 AM tomorrow,” the email, released by WikiLeaks read. A separate email from the DNC requested that “CNN was looking for questions” for then GOP primary candidates Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and “maybe a couple on” former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

Upon the news, The Washington Post ran a blog reading: “And now from WikiLeaks: A CNN non-scandal,” saying the entire thing was a nothing burger because CNN has similar communications with Republicans, without producing any evidence.

2. John Podesta says “dump all those emails.” Washington Post immediately looks to interpret comments positively.

A hacked email on March 2, 2015 — sent at the same time The New York Times broke a story titled: “Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules,” — said Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman Mr. Podesta recommended “dumping” her emails.

“On another matter…and not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails.”

The right-leaning press took this to mean deleting the emails (which her team later erased 33,000), but the mainstream media was there to get Mrs. Clinton’s back, interpreting “dump” to mean “make public.”

The Post ran the headline: “Why ‘dump all those emails’ doesn’t mean what Drudge thinks it does.”

“But from context, it’s clear that Podesta was talking about whether to make the emails public — not to delete them,” The Post wrote. “His usage of ‘dump’ resembled the typical D.C. usage of ‘Friday news dump,’ a release of troves of documents that dares reporters to spend precious weekend hedonism time hunting through them.”

And that was their evidence to the contrary — not as though “dump” could possibly have two meanings.

3. CNBC’s John Harwood.

One of the early WikiLeaks emails shows Mr. Harwood advising Mr. Podesta, and then gloating over the question he asked Mr. Trump, running “a comic book version of a presidential campaign,” during the Republican primary debate he moderated.

Mr. Harwood titled the email “I imagine…” and continued the sentence in the body of the email, writing, “…that Obama feels some (sad) vindication at this demonstration of his years-long point about the opposition party veering off the rails.”

He added: “I certainly am feeling that way with respect to how I questioned Trump at our debate.”

Then, in a separate email, Mr. Harwood asks Mr. Podesta which questions he should ask then GOP primary candidate Jeb Bush.

The email from Sept. 21, 2015 had the subject line, “what should I ask Jeb…”

In the body of the email, Mr. Harwood wrote, “…in Speakeasy interview tomorrow?”

On Sept. 25, Mr. Harwood had a 10-question interview with Mr. Bush.

4. Donna Brazile leaks CNN debate questions to Mrs. Clinton.

DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile lost her job as a CNN contributor after the controversy broke. While she was working at the network, Mrs. Brazile passed along a question about the death penalty before CNN’s March democratic primary debate. Another leaked email shows, she did it again — this time ahead of a townhall in Flint, Michigan, with the subject line: “One of the questions directed to HRC tomorrow is from a woman with a rash.”

CNN said they did a “complete investigation” into the leaking and that “This behavior was completely unacceptable and we are clear, exactly where they came from.”

Yet, CNN didn’t disclose exactly how the leak happened, or what it will do to prevent such a leak in the future. Meanwhile, Mrs. Brazile remains unapologetic.

“My conscience — as an activist, a strategist — is very clear,” she said Monday during a satellite radio interview with liberal activist and SiriusXM host Joe Madison. She added that “if I had to do it all over again, I would know a hell of a lot more about cybersecurity.”

So, basically, she’s sorry she’s not sorry.


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Of course, Dems want this. Those are their future voters right there.

It’s past time to send in more National Guard units.

Fox News is reporting the latest:

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It said the smugglers never crossed the border while they helped migrants over the wall in four places. The group was comprised of 100 Guatemalans and eight Hondurans. They included 52 children, nine of them 5 years and younger.

The mass crossing occurred while another drama was being played out much farther south as a caravan of several thousand Central American migrants traveled northbound, prompting President Donald Trump to warn Mexico to stop them from reaching the U.S. border.

Arizona Border Patrol agents for weeks have been overwhelmed by the arrival of large numbers of Central American migrants traveling in families.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Arizona earlier this month began releasing hundreds of people to await court dates, saying it didn’t have the capacity to hold an “incredibly high volume” of migrant families showing up at the border.

“Coordinated smuggling of large numbers of Central Americans is taking place daily here,” Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Porvaznik said in a written statement.

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Unlike Texas, where people turn themselves in on the banks of the Rio Grande, the smugglers near Arizona have been dumping groups of migrant families near Yuma, or farther to the east on a remote dirt road running along the southern limit of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument near the Lukeville Port of Entry.

While Mexican men traveling without relatives once made up the bulk of the migrants, Guatemalans and other Central Americans traveling in families or as unaccompanied minors are now the norm.”


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Benghazi Survivor Has Choice Words For Those Who Criticize Trump Over Khashoggi




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Liberals, MSM, & some Republicans have been criticizing Trump over how he’s handled the killing of a Saudi reporter who worked for the Washington Post.

Libs & MSM most likely have an ulterior motive as they want Trump to punish Saudi Arabia which could harm our relationship with the country, not to mention, their spending on U.S. defense items which equals a lot of jobs here.

Now a Benghazi survivor is stepping up to the plate for Trump & he has an epic message for his detractors.

Kris Paronto “was part of the CIA annex security team that responded to the terrorist attack on the US Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya, September 11th, 2012, helping to save over 20 lives while fighting off terrorists from the CIA Annex for over 13 hours. Mr. Paronto’s story is told in the book “13 Hours” written by Mitchell Zuckoff and his five surviving annex security team members.”

The Daily Caller reported:

“Benghazi survivor Kris “Tanto” Paronto had a few choice words for those who have been critical of President Donald Trump’s response to the death of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi at Turkey’s Saudi Arabian Embassy.

Addressing his tweet to the “leftist journalists & liberalists” who are angry about the Trump administration’s handling of the situation, Paronto asked, “Where in the hell were you when @BarackObama left 30+ AMERICANS to die in Benghazi Libya including an Ambassador?”

Saudi state media reported on Friday that Khashoggi had, in fact, been killed inside the embassy. So far, eighteen arrests have been made — and some of those arrested have close ties to the Saudi crown prince.

Turkish officials claim to have a recording of Khashoggi’s death, which they have said was essentially a hit, ordered by the crown prince himself and carried out by professionals.

Despite an early report that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had been granted access to the recording, the top diplomat has refuted that claim in a statement.

The investigation, currently being carried out by Saudi and Turkish officials, is still ongoing.”

USA Today reported about Paranto’s attitude toward Obama & Benghazi earlier:

“Former Army Ranger Kris Paronto said he wanted to reach through the screen and “choke” former President Barack Obama after the one-time commander in chief referred to “wild conspiracy theories” surrounding the 2012 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead.

Paronto, a then-CIA contractor who was part of the response to the attack, made the comment during a Fox News interview Sunday.

“It’s disgusting,” Paronto told Fox News host Pete Hegseth, adding that he thought it showed Obama to be a “narcissist” and “elitist.”

“It just raises the bile inside of me. I had a hard time just watching the speech itself,” he said.

“I just wanted to see what he had to say. And when that came across, I just wanted to reach through the screen and just grab him — grab him and choke him and say, ‘Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me that you’d have the gall to disgrace the memory of my teammates and what we did there that night by calling it conspiracy?’””

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