African American Senator Calls Bank Teller a “House N***r” For Not Cashing Her Check

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A Democrat State Senator named Lena Taylor was caught up in quite a controversial scandal. She was in a bank in Milwaukee and had allegedly used racially charged language when in a verbal confrontation with a bank teller. The confrontation was in regards to a check for the amount of $831 in which the bank would not cash for Taylor. The bank was not cashing the check because there were insufficient funds to cover the amount that the check was for.

Taylor perhaps became upset that she was unable to get her check cashed and resorted to verbally abusing an African American bank teller with racist language. It was reported that Taylor had called the bank teller a “house n—er” for not being able to cash the check. There were police officers inside the Wells Fargo bank location and they noticed a problem being started, so they responded and eventually issued a citation for disorderly conduct to Taylor.

WISN originally broke the story as reported here: “Democratic State Senator Lena Taylor was cited for disorderly conduct following an incident in a Milwaukee bank Friday afternoon in which she used racist language against an African-American teller, multiple sources told News/Talk 1130 WISN.

Taylor, who is also African-American, called the teller a “house n****r” after that teller would not cash for Taylor an $831 check for which there were insufficient funds.

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Milwaukee Police officers, who were coincidentally in the Wells Fargo Bank at 735 W. Wisconsin Ave. on an unrelated call, overheard Taylor berating the teller and intervened.  A shift lieutenant arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and, after viewing the bank’s security camera footage, issued Taylor a municipal citation for disorderly conduct.

When asked for comment on the incident, the Milwaukee Police Department referred News/Talk 1130 WISN to Taylor’s office.

The citation is not a criminal violation but does carry a maximum fine of $500.  Taylor has not responded to a request for comment, but her office confirmed the citation and indicated that she would make a statement on the incident Monday.

She never did, but her attorney, Vince Bobot (a former municipal judge), is trying to get the citation quashed and has requested a meeting with the Milwaukee City Attorney.

“I mean she did intimate to me that they’re trying to accuse her of a racial slur. But I don’t want to get into that right now. You know, it’s highly unusual for it to go to the press like this,” Bobot told CBS 58 News.

Notably, Bobot did not deny that Taylor used the phrase “house n****r.”  Neither did Taylor nor her staff after News/Talk 1130 WISN broke the story on Monday.  Given that the use of that phrase by a state senator is very troubling, this silence is unusual if Taylor will now argue to the city attorney that she did not utter it.”

When someone uses the term “house n—er” towards an African American Wells Fargo bank teller simply because they were doing their job and following the rules, then that cannot be considered acceptable. It was a racist and horrible thing to say, especially from one black person to another. The only thing that Taylor can do now is either deny that she said it or simply own up to her mistake and say it was a bad choice of words. There’s not much else she can do and she’s already received a citation for disorderly conduct. Taylor might be responsible for a fine of up to $500 and there’s most likely some video evidence that people can watch. The police had already watched the initial footage and determined a citation was necessary, so anyone else watching might feel the same way.

There’s no place for racism and her behavior was especially irresponsible. Hopefully, the bank teller is not affected and carries on about her day. They probably know the alleged actions towards them were not acceptable and people support the teller.

More about State Sen. Lena Taylor from Wikipedia: “Taylor was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in a special election in April 2003 and was subsequently elected to the Wisconsin State Senate in 2004. When Democrats were elected to the majority in the Wisconsin State Senate in November 2006, Taylor was chosen to Chair the Committee on Judiciary and Corrections, on which she had served for the preceding two years. In January 2007, Taylor was selected by the Majority Leader to serve on the Joint Committee on Finance for the second time. Following the recall of Van Wanggaard in June 2012, and the return of Democrats to majority party control, Taylor was named co-chair of the Joint Committee on Finance. She is the first African-American woman ever to serve as the co-chair of the committee.”


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