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Sports Store Takes INCREDIBLE Stand Against Nike And Kaepernick They Didn’t See Coming!



It turns out there are still business owners out there that value principles over profits these days. Nike’s new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick as the new face of their branded slogan: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” has received tremendous blowback. Now, schools and business owners are beginning to speak out and take a stand.

Take for instance a sporting goods store in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Prime Time Sports has decided to slash the prices on all of its Nike merchandise in response to the brand’s new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. Good for them.

The store has placed a large sign in their storefront that says, “Still choosing to stand,” “All Nike 1/2 price,” and “Just doing it.’” I like it. The store is located in Chapel Hills Mall and I’m sure this is getting a lot of attention there.

This is what making a principled stand looks like folks. The store owner put his sense of rightness ahead of profit and is doing this regardless of the cost. You have to admire that.

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This is an incredible stand to proactively take against Nike and Kaepernick. I’m sure this caught Nike off guard, especially since the action went viral. And they aren’t the only ones taking a stand either.

The store’s owner, Stephen Martin, has owned and operated this store for two decades. He’s well aware that this could kill his business. Dumping all of his Nike inventory at half price could take him under. But he doesn’t care and is standing strong in his convictions. He has called Nike “the mother of all harlots.”

“I’m a Nike dealer, but I’m not supporting this,” Martin told KRDO-TV. “I gotta get rid of it.” That’s a guy with a spine and solid bedrock principles.

From TheBlaze:

“In addition to slashing the prices on his Nike gear — with intent to stop carrying Nike-branded products altogether — Martin wrote a letter to the company to protest its use of Kaepernick as the face for its 30th-anniversary campaign.

“According to me, he has sacrificed a salary,” Martin wrote in a note, which was posted on the storefront’s window. “Nothing compared to what every soul on our ‘Honor the Flag’ memorial wall that was built a few years ago has suffered and died for.”

“The note is surrounded by a memorial of photos of fallen U.S. service members and also reads, “This space reserved: for these people who have sacrificed for our flag and what it represents. We honor them.”

“The anthem, the flag, and this country means a lot to me, and I continue to state that I agree with Colin Kaepernick’s cause, but I just do not agree with his method of delivery,” Martin explained.

“I won’t sacrifice principle for profit,” he added.”

KOAA-TV is reporting that Martin spent about $60,000 on Nike-branded merchandise just three weeks ago. That was prior to the company launching its Kaepernick ad campaign.

Martin said that he refuses to sell Nike gear until the company severs ties with Kaepernick. “I wish I was wealthy enough to burn all that stuff, but I’m not,” he added.

I think what he is doing is the right and brave thing here. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on Nike severing ties with Kaepernick. After an initial dip in stocks for Nike when they first announced their ad campaign, they are claiming their profits are up 31 percent in the last week.

I highly doubt that will trend and in the end, it’s my opinion that this will permanently hurt their brand. And they earned every bit of it.

If more sports outlets and fans would take a principled stand against Nike like Martin is and hurt them in their checkbook, they’d probably knock this crap off. But then again, they seem to be dedicated liberals who have found their social justice warrior in Black Lives Matter supporter Colin Kaepernick.

It’s nice to see someone take a stand for real heroes out there like our police officers, military veterans and first responders. I also have to admit it feels really good to see someone tell Nike to stuff it like this. These heroes put their lives on the line every day for all of us… no pair of tennis shoes or a logo is worse disrespecting them… ever.


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3-Yr-Old Son Of 2 Cops Sick Of NFL Kneeling And Disrespecting Officers Runs Out Onto The Field




* By

As most of us former NFL fans take note as to who participates in the national anthem before the start of each football game, there comes a story that’s so heartwarming that it leaves us with tears of pride.

IJR is reporting that a video making its rounds on Twitter shows a 3-year-old proudly singing the national anthem before a New England Patriot’s game.

Garrett, who is the son of two members of the Boston Police Department, knew every word of our national anthem and sang them all out loud with his hand over his heart. Sang them with pride. As you can see everyone around this boy was in awe of his patriotism, and why not? Just look at him compared to the spoiled brats in the NFL who make over $2.5 Million a year and grandstand during our national anthem.

What a great change after spending two years seeing millionaire ball tossers taking a knee in protest of the America which has given them so much. It’s truly sad to see this 3-year-old gets it but grown men who have been blessed beyond belief don’t get why this nation is exceptional.

These parents are doing a great job raising this boy. Maybe if more parents were like this our jails wouldn’t be full of criminals like so many in the NFL who can’t seem to be able to stay away from trouble.

Here is more on the national anthem NFL controversy via PJ Media:

New ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro says that the network has no plans to televise the national anthem during broadcasts of Monday Night Football.

Pitano says that the network has never broadcast the national anthem and had no plans to do so now. However, he did not say whether announcers and commentators would offer on-air opinions if there were protests by players during the anthem.

USA Today:

“Pitaro, who was hired March 5 following the abrupt departure of John Skipper, told reporters at a media event on ESPN’s campus in Bristol, Conn., that the network has not previously shown the national anthem during its Monday Night Football broadcasts and does not have plans to change — at least, not in the immediate future.

According to Axios, Pitaro also said that ESPN has informed the league of its plans “as (a) courtesy” given their partnership. Earlier, he had told reporters that he has spent much of his young tenure at ESPN working to strengthen the company’s relationship with the NFL.

ESPN pays about $2 billion per year for the right to broadcast Monday Night Football , according to the Associated Press.

Pitano reportedly “bristled” at the notion that ESPN was a political organization:

The league and the NFL Players’ Association are currently working toward a mutually agreeable policy for conduct during the national anthem, and it is unclear whether a new policy will be unveiled prior to the beginning of the regular season Sept. 6.

Later in his Friday remarks, Pitaro bristled at the notion that ESPN is a political organization, but told reporters the network will continue to cover the intersections of sports and politics and sports and culture.

There is no “intersection” between sports and politics beyond that which is created by ignorant sports reporters looking for content. Sports is sports and politics is politics. The political opinions of players are as irrelevant as those of Hollywood actors or hip-hop artists.

Worse than irrelevant, the opinions of athletes are uninformed. When Colin Kaepernick first took a knee during the playing of the anthem, his reasons were spectacularly ignorant:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

His words were amplified a thousand times over by reporters eager for content and controversy. But the relevance of his opinions is on par with the guy sitting next to you on a bar stool. Fans no more want to hear Kaepernick’s notion of “oppression” than they do the drunken bar patron.

ESPN is not only a political organization, it is a blatantly biased political organization. If Pitaro doesn’t know that, I suggest he watch a few hours of his own network.”

We stand for the national anthem for all those who can’t. We stand for the memory of all those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom to watch or play, a game.

Some people say that freedom also includes not having to stand. That may be true, but when you are at your place of work, your freedom of speech is left at the door. What’s most interesting about all these kneeling NFL players is the fact that they weren’t seen at any protests for social justice in the offseason, which makes them total frauds.

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Colin Kaepernick Blindsided By Huge News 2 Weeks After His Nasty Nike Debut




* By

Colin Kaepernick is best known for being the guy who started kneeling during the Nation Anthem. He has been a polarizing figure for both the people who support what he did and the people who hate him for disrespecting the flag.

Most recently Nike signed him for an ad that they have been running during NFL football games. At first, it seemed that Nike regretted their decision as their stock began to drop. But the people who support the kneeling movement showed up in mass to buy Nike products and profits went through the roof.

Now it seems that there could be some new opportunities coming Kaepernick’s way. We’ll wait and see what the truth is.

bro bible wrote:

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t stepped foot on the gridiron since the 2016 season, a year after he rustled a fair amount of jimmies by sparking a movement when he decided to start kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality.

This decision kicked off quite the saga, as Kaepernick was unable to find a new home after opting out of his contract with the 49ers, which was kind of suspicious when you consider Blaine Gabbert is still somehow signed to an NFL roster.

Rumors began to fly that the quarterback had been blackballed from the league in a vast conspiracy that some people theorized stretched all the way to the President of the United States.

It took a while, but Kaepernick recently burst back onto the scene in a big way after Nike revealed he’d be the face of their 30th-anniversary ad campaign.

People responded appropriately to the news and by that I mean they decided to burn Nike gear they’d already dropped money on in protest.

That’ll show ’em.

Shortly after the announcement, Nike dropped an ad that was seemingly designed to piss off his detractors even more.

Kaepernick has also been busy fighting a court battle concerning the alleged collusion that’s kept him out of the league for so long, but if his lawyer is to be believed, it could only be a matter of time before he returns to the football field.

TMZ Sports also wrote:

Colin Kaepernick and Tom Brady … on the same team???

That seems to be the suggestion coming from Colin’s attorney, Mark Geragos — who’s teasing to TMZ Sports that two NFL teams could be interested in signing the QB.

“I would just say, ‘Stay tuned’ … that next week there may be some news.”

Our guy pushed to get more information — and Geragos started dropping hints about the 2 teams.

The first clue obviously points to the Oakland Raiders.

“I’ll say this … if Al Davis was still alive.”

The interesting part of that comment — Al’s son, Mark Davis, took over the Raiders when his father passed away … and Mark recently told us he thought it was a good idea for Nike to sign Kaep.

The other clue was a little more abstruse, but he suggests Patriots owner Robert Kraft could be interested in Colin.

There’s more to the clip … Geragos also says Colin and his girlfriend, Nessa, are NOT boycotting the NFL. They’re watching games (they’re fans) and they’re supporting players like Kenny Stills.

Geragos also clears up some misinformation about Colin’s deal with Nike — confirming what TMZ Sports already told you … he is FOR SURE getting his own shoe as part of his deal with the Swoosh.

It remains to be seen if what Geragos is saying has any merit. It’s hard to believe that any team would sign a player who hasn’t set foot on a football field in 3 years.

It would make more sense to sign Tebow and get a real athlete who is ready to play right now.

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