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Student Steals MAGA Hat Then Assaults Teacher, Realizes Big Mistake Too Late (Video)



Over the last year and a half, I have watched Trump supporters get targeted, harassed and at times physically assaulted. Many times it is for something as simple as wearing a shirt or a hat that enrages the attacker. I find that kind of behavior inexplicable and inexcusable. It doesn’t help that a number of the incidents have happened at schools. That should just never be the case ever.

Students are learning bad behavior by example it would seem. According to KOVR-TV, the incident occurred Monday at Union Mine High School in El Dorado, California. A high school senior was arrested yesterday after she flipped out over a “Make America Great Again” hat. She went into a profanity-laced tirade against a fellow classmate over that hat. Union Mine High School student, Jo-Ann Butler, 17, was suspended for one week and faces two counts of battery: one against her classmate for grabbing his MAGA hat and the other against her English teacher, whom she slapped as he escorted her out of the classroom. All of that was caught on a cell phone according to CBS Sacramento.

“That’s a racist and hateful symbol,” Butler indignantly stated, adding she took out her anger at the student to “wake people up in some type of way because it’s not cool the environment our classroom is in.” Well, it’s certainly not cool what she did about it. I am sure that charges will be placed and not dropped over this. She slapped a teacher for Pete’s sake and realized what a big mistake that was just a little too late. Who does that? Points to the teacher for not smacking her back. That took self-restraint I’m sure.

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The school district’s policy allows students to wear political gear. El Dorado Sheriff’s Sgt. Anthony Prencipe stated that Butler started “verbally berating” her classmate for wearing the pro-President Trump hat. I guess that preceded snatching the hat off the kid’s head. Then she threw it on the ground. No word if she stomped on it. The teacher then asked Butler to leave the classroom. Instead, she came back in yelling and arguing again with the hat’s owner. Prencipe says the teacher stepped in to hold back the angry student, who then slapped him on the arm. Can you imagine what would have happened if she had slapped his face?

From Breitbart News:

“In a comment to the press, Butler’s father, Chris, said that he while he disagreed with Jo-Ann’s method, he agreed with her anti-Trump message. “I don’t agree with grabbing someone’s hat and verbally talking to them in that way,” Chris Butler said in a brief comment. “But as far as the issue being brought up, maybe this is something that needs to be brought up.”

“In a statement, the El Dorado Union High School District reaffirmed their commitment to allowing students to express themselves by wearing political symbols. They also announced that they will work with the local sheriff’s office to complete the investigation into Butler’s conduct. “…student and staff safety is our highest priority and the UMHS administration will continue to cooperate with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office as the incident is being investigated.”

“A similar incident occurred at UC Riverside in late 2017. Student Edith Macias avoided jail time after she pled guilty to one count of petty theft over her decision to steal a “Make America Great Again” hat from one of her peers at UC Riverside.”

This kid has been very thoroughly brainwashed by leftists. If it’s her parents, and I bet it is, shame on them. A school resource officer arrested Butler, who was transported to the El Dorado County Juvenile Hall. Besides her arrest, Jo-Ann Butler has been suspended from school for a week as was stated previously – that’s not nearly long enough if you ask me for this kind of behavior. The El Dorado County District Attorney is expected to formally charge Butler later this week. Good.

The Blaze has a short list of these types of incidents that I’ll leave you with today… this has turned into a violent and despicable trend:

“MAGA hat-targeting seems to be all the rage since President Donald Trump took office.

“For example, in 2017, several teens wearing MAGA gear to historically black Howard University were harassed and threatened, and one of their hats were taken, too.

“In December, members of a College Republicans club were reportedly kicked out of a local coffee shop for donning MAGA hats.

“In November, a student at the University of California, Riverside, was caught on video delivering a profane, 10-minute tirade after taking off another student’s MAGA hat.

“In April, a male international tourist of New York City was mugged at knifepoint. The suspects reportedly made off with the man’s hat.

“In May, a black man was reportedly targeted by Cheesecake Factory employees who mocked and intimidated him for wearing a MAGA hat in the eatery.

“In July, a Texas public school teacher was investigated after he reportedly took a teen’s MAGA hat off and threw a drink in the teen’s face.

“Uber drivers have even gotten into the fray: in July, one of the company’s drivers reportedly refused to transport congressional interns who were wearing their MAGA hats.”


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PRICELESS! Parkland Activist And ‘March For Our Lives’ Co-Founder QUITS, Now Regrets Everything



It was about time the anti-Second Amendment Parkland student activists started to wake up and grew out of the temper tantrum they have been throwing since that horrible, but totally avoidable day, Valentines Day 2018 shooting.

Chicks On The Right is now reporting that one of the victim/activists Cameron Kasky may be in fact be starting to wake up. As it turns out, the young co-founder of March for Our Lives movement and is now starting to admit that he, and others, did make mistakes in the process.

Kasky told Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson and Marie Harf that he left the organization and he regrets mistakes he made.

Here is some of what he said to Fox News Radio:

“On going after Senator Rubio at the town hall: I’m very regretful of a lot of the mistakes that I’ve made along the way. One of the things I never really did was watch myself. If I was on a screen I kind of tried to run away from it. I’m not entirely sure why. But, looking back on that it’s like you said, you touched off on this very well in the intro, I’m not going to kick myself for it because I’m 17. Despite the fact that I thought I did at the time, I don’t know everything. But, I look back on that and I say, you know what, there were people who had just been buried and when you’re looking at somebody that you find might in some way have been complicit in this murderer obtaining the weapon it’s hard not to say something like that. But, I went into that wanting less conversation and more to embarrass Rubio and that was my biggest flaw. (3:00)

On if he would redo his question to Rubio: Certainly, and I even name dropped the murder, which at the time I never really thought about, but looking back it ticks me off so much when people do that because then you’re getting that person’s name out there and making them a celebrity. I mean that’s one of the worst things you see come out of these horrific mass murders is name recognition. These people are very often crying out for some sort of attention and power and entitlement and then you’re making them a household name. I feel in some ways responsible for that. (5:13)

On his plans going forward: This summer when March For Our Lives went on the summer tour that we embarked on I met that person in Texas whose got that semi-automatic weapon because that’s how they like to protect their family. I met the 50 some odd percent of woman who are pro-life, even though I thought it was preposterous that a woman could be pro-life and not pro-choice at the time. I learned that a lot of our issues politically come from a lack of understanding of other perspectives and also the fact that so often young conservatives and young liberals will go into debate, like I said earlier, trying to beat the other one as oppose to come to an agreement…I’m working on some efforts to encourage bipartisanship or at least discussion that is productive and help a lot of people avoid the mistakes that I made. (6:33)

On his current relationship with March for Our Lives: I left the March. I’m off the board. I left the organization and if I thought that my friends and the people I worked with couldn’t do it without me I would not have done that, but alas all of our efforts looking forward looked like they didn’t really need my involvement and while I could have helped it wasn’t crucial. You know what I thought in some of the platforms that I have for only the worst reasons is something I really believe in, because I’m a Spider man fan, and I can tell you with great platform comes great responsibility. I thought it was my responsibility to take all the things I was kicking myself for and to encourage others to avoid it. (8:12)

On his new podcast “Cameron Knows Nothing”: My whole message is I was dropped up as an expert. The whole message was these kids are the real experts. Look, I have some very intelligent friends. Some friends who can intellectually run circles around me, but I’m not the expert in pretty much anything. (9:30)”

What most stands out about what this student said is that he admitted regretting how he attacked Senator Marco Rubio from Florida during the infamous staged CNN town hall where Sheriff Israel took the opportunity to deflect from the fact that his own department failed the students by instead blaming politicians, the NRA and our gun laws. He later went on to add that he is planning to talk to Senator Rubio next month.

Although people are questioning what happened to make him change his tune I don’t think it should be much of a mystery. He is a young student, just like all the rest, and he went through a traumatic experience.

An experience that should have never happened and would have never happened if only the sheriff department would have done their job and seen the shooter was a problem when they were called out to his house 39 times. One of those times he even called the police on himself because he thought he would snap and go on a shooting spree at the school.

Whatever happened to change Kasky’s mind, we need to welcome it and hope the rest start seeing the light through all the hate and propaganda they are spewing.

Here’s the time Kasky asked Senator Rubio if he would stop taking NRA money.

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HUGE Message To Kavanaugh Accuser Flying High In The Sky Over Her House



As of today, it is being reported that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. The details and arrangements are still vague but Judge Kavanaugh is eager to clear his name. I’m eager to see this whole circus end so we can get on with the confirmation process.

Pilot David Siever flew a plane on September 20th over the psychology professor’s house with a giant banner attached that read, “Thank you, Christine, We have your back.” That was a huge message of support for Ford. It would seem there are a lot of women who are supporting her in all of this even though, in my opinion, her credibility is comparable to swiss cheese.

UltraViolet, a women’s rights group paid for the flight and the banner. The plane flew over gathered protesters who were marching to Ford’s home as a show of support for her after she accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. There were approximately three dozen women in the protest group and a few men as well.

This same group had already written a “Dear Christine” letter that many of them signed this week in support of the Palo Alto professor. The group linked arms as they marched in front of her home and chanted, “Protect Christine! Protect Christine.” The rally was cobbled together at the last moment and protesters were mostly comprised of Palo Alto mothers and neighbors showing solidarity for Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford has also been celebrated and supported in the #MeToo movement. She is also allegedly the victim of harassment and death threats. However, her local supporters are all in for her. “We believe Christine,” they chanted. “Her story is our story!”

This particular rally was yet another effort to support Ford after she came forward in an article in the Washington Post to share her identity and her allegations against Kavanaugh.

But what these people don’t address is the fact that she can’t recall the year it happened, where it happened, when it happened, who hosted the party, who was there, who brought her or who took her home. Frankly, I’m not buying it.

Ford is claiming that sometime in the early 1980s, Kavanaugh was “stumbling drunk” when he and a friend forced her into a bedroom at a high school party, then groped her, tried to strip off her clothes and put his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. One of his friends, Mark Judge, interrupted the assault, she alleges, giving her the chance to flee.

Kavanaugh is denying all of this and says it never happened. So is Mark Judge. Originally, Ford was insisting that before she would testify an FBI investigation had to be done. She changed that and then insisted that Kavanaugh testify first, not be in the room when she testifies, that no attorneys be present and that Mark Judge be subpoenaed to testify.

The Senate Judiciary Committee balked and said that they do not subpoena witnesses. They also pointed out that Kavanaugh should testify after Ford so he can answer charges against him and face his accuser. He also has a right to counsel in all this. Ford has still not said exactly what terms she agrees to for testifying next week.

A candlelight vigil on a Palo Alto street corner is planned for Sunday night. Letters of support are being stuffed into her mailboxes at home and at her office, and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay Ford’s legal bills.

Ford’s actual testimony next week is still very much in doubt:

“Fox News was told that Debra Katz, one of the lawyers representing Ford, requested that a hearing be set for Thursday — a request the Republicans on the committee had initially rejected, offering Wednesday instead.

“Grassley did not immediately respond to the letter, but a senior White House official told Fox News that it represented a request to continue negotiations about the terms on which she testifies without any firm commitment.

“It’s a clever way to push off the vote Monday without committing to appear Wednesday,” the official said.

“Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who sits on the committee, tweeted that “we are no closer to hearing from Dr. Ford than we were when her lawyers said Dr. Ford was willing to testify during their media tour 6 days ago.'”

I am highly suspicious of this eleventh-hour victim coming forward with an unsubstantiated claim from 36 years ago against Kavanaugh. It seems she has a number of supporters but I would say there are far more out there that have a problem with her story. I guess we will know more when and if she testifies.

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