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Supreme Court Victory – Trump’s Former Opponent Delivers Him A Resounding Win



It’s a good day when Donald Trump’s former opponent in the 2016 election decides to support the president in a major decision. It was Senator Rand Paul who stated that he will officially support Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This was decided, apparently, during a meeting that Rand Paul had with Brett last week.

Trump’s position as the president puts him in the middle of the Democrats and Republicans as any decision he makes is fair grounds for being supported or not. Some Republicans have chosen not to support the president, such as John McCain. Even though Trump ran on the side of the GOP, he still found himself to be a target of many who were supposed to be on his side. Rand Paul was considered a swing vote in just about anything Trump attempted. Paul’s support of Kavanaugh is what makes it a win for Trump.

Each time the president makes a decision, it’s as though he’s being watched with a hawk’s eyes and then pounced upon at every little mistake. Each president makes mistakes, big or small, but it sometimes seems like Trump’s mistakes are exaggerated by mainstream media. That’s just my opinion on it, not to be mixed or perceived as a fact.

Rand Paul supporting Trump’s decision on Kavanaugh is a good thing for Trump. It shows that some people are not afraid to support their president. It’s also good that it took some time for Paul to come along. That means Rand Paul may have been weighing his options and thinking about his decision instead of automatically accepting or supporting the decision. It’s better for people to put some thought into their own actions before making a supportive announcement of any type. Rand Paul might face some opposition, but that seems to be fair game in the political world these days. After all, isn’t facing opposition in politics all part of a days work?

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Fox News stated on Paul’s decision: “I believe he will carefully adhere to the Constitution and will take his job to protect individual liberty seriously,” Paul said in a statement.

The Kentucky senator was one of the few Republicans considered a possible swing vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, also are being closely watched.

But with Paul voicing clear support — and Collins and Murkowski signaling potential support in recent weeks — Kavanaugh’s prospects appear to be improving as GOP leaders aim to engineer a swift confirmation by the fall.

In another sign of congressional outreach, Kavanaugh is having his first meeting Monday with a Democratic senator since becoming Trump’s high court nominee.

He plans to sit down with Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, one of a handful of Democratic senators who could cross the aisle to vote for Kavanaugh as most Democrats line up against him.

Paul, meanwhile, has taken issue with Kavanaugh’s record supporting the warrantless collection of telephone metadata.

“I have expressed my concern over Judge Kavanaugh’s record on warrantless bulk collection of data and how that might apply to very important privacy cases before the Supreme Court,” he said Monday.

But he said his vote is not a “single-issue” decision and voiced confidence in Kavanaugh’s record on other issues.

“My conversation with Judge Kavanaugh reinforces my belief that he will evaluate cases before the Supreme Court from a textual and originalist point of view,” Paul said.

“On issues such as property rights and reining in the administrative state, Judge Kavanaugh has a strong record and showed a deep commitment during our meeting. … Finally, his strong defenses of the First and Second Amendments in landmark cases show someone who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and will fight with backbone. Judge Kavanaugh will have my support and my vote to confirm him to the Supreme Court.”

Republicans, with a 51-49 majority, have little wiggle room on the Kavanaugh vote. And with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., out battling brain cancer, GOP leaders cannot spare a single vote unless they attract Democratic support.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.”


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Dem Candidate Goes Off On Profanity-Laced Tirade Inside Synagogue – Doesn’t End Well




* By

To a certain political party..nothing is sacred…

But then again they aren’t exactly friendly to Jewish folks; unless they’re pandering for votes and then they shelve them for 3 1/2 years until needed again.

From The Daily Wire:

A Democratic congressional candidate in Pennsylvania, debating in a synagogue with his GOP opponent before an audience, used language you don’t often hear in a religious setting, telling his opponent to “f*** off.”

Scott Wallace, running against GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, shocked the audience at Congregation Tifereth Israel in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, as the two candidates stood on the platform normally used for reading the Torah.

Stop The Facebook Purge of Triple Amputee War Hero’s Pages! He Gave 3 Limbs For our Rights And they Stole It All From Him! Help this Hero Take it To Congress –> Fight4FreeSpeech!

Fitzpatrick told WBCB, “Ironically, there was a later question about the need for civility in politics. Well, a good start is to not use vulgarities in the sanctuary of a synagogue in the middle of a congressional debate.”

WBCB reported, “In addition to Fitzpatrick, people in the synagogue and the moderator took exception with Wallace’s obscenity.”

Fitzpatrick continued, “You’ll have to ask Scott Wallace what his motivations were. My sense is he was frustrated because I was cross examining him on the ad he’s running, which is a false ad based on my position on pre-existing conditions. I was asking him a series of questions on what bill he was referring to, had he read it, and he came out with this expletive.”

Wallace’s TV ads state that Fitzpatrick wants to remove healthcare from people with pre-existing conditions; the Washington Post’s Fact Checker wrote that the ads are highly inaccurate:

The DCCC really crosses the line here. Fitzpatrick bucked his party to vote against one of the president’s top priorities, the repeal of Obamacare, specifically because he was concerned about the impact on people with preexisting conditions. His reward? Being attacked for selling his constituents out on the issue because of his minor procedural votes, when just about every member of Congress sticks to party lines.

The vote that really counted on preexisting conditions was the tough one — on the proposed law itself. You would think the Democrats would at least applaud him for his courage, but apparently that’s not how the game is played these days. The DCCC earns Four Pinocchios.

On Monday Scott Wallace issued an explanatory statement regarding his profane outburst:

I was exasperated by yet another attempt from Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick to hide from his votes to take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions. I apologize for any offense that might have been taken, I am passionate about protecting people from insurance company abuses, and I’m sorry that in this instance, my frustration got the best of me.

In 2016, Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent, ran for the open U.S. House of Representatives seat of his brother, Mike, who had served four terms but promised to honor his pledge to limit himself to four terms. He was embedded with U.S. Special Forces as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Fitzpatrick sponsored the International Narcotics Trafficking Emergency Response by Detecting Incoming Contraband with Technology (INTERDICT) Act, which was signed into law by President Trump; the law directs $15 million to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to expand screening for fentanyl and opioids at the U.S. border.

Because of redistricting, Fitzpatrick is running against Wallace for Congress in Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District.

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Obama Tries To Take Credit For Trump’s Economic Miracles, Gets Brutal Reminder Of What’s Up




* By

Stop The Facebook Purge of Triple Amputee War Hero’s Pages! He Gave 3 Limbs For our Rights And they Stole It All From Him! Help this Hero Take it To Congress –> Fight4FreeSpeech!

He’s at it again!

Obama can’t get over the fact that Trump is a businessman & a major focus of his is the economy. Obama wasn’t laser-focused on jobs when he was elected, he wanted “social change” and government-run healthcare.

If Obama had put half the effort Trump has into the economy, we would’ve rebounded from the recession overnight. He wasn’t in to that, though. As a result, we had the slowest economic recovery ever. That sucked for a lot of people who wanted to work. It was great if you wanted to be on food stamps, though!

The Washington Times reported:

“Former President Barack Obama took credit Monday for what he called the “economic miracles” happening under President Trump.

In a speech to Nevada Democrats, Mr. Obama derided Mr. Trump, without naming him, as merely being handed off a booming economy by the previous president and contrasted that with his own inheritance on the economy.

“By the time I left office wages were rising … poverty was falling and that’s what I handed off to the next guy,” he said before chuckling. “So when you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now. Remember who started it. Remember who started it! C’mon!”

The Democratic rally then interrupted his address with a standing ovation.

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin was less impressed, throwing another of Mr. Obama’s lines back at him in reaction to that clip.

“You didn’t build that @BarackObama. Sit. Down,” she wrote on Twitter.

Another conservative on Twitter noted that when he was in office, Obama administration officials had implied that the growth rates America is seeing in 2018 were a thing of the past.

“But I thought 1-2% GDP was the new normal and we’d never see huge growth again?!? Who could’ve known,” wrote “BackFeminism.”

Mr. Obama drew an unfavorable comparison with former President George W. Bush, his own predecessor, and invited his audience to see a pattern.

“When I walked into office 10 years ago, we were in the middle of the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. That was the last time that the other party was in charge of things,” he said. “I just hope people kinda notice that every time there’s a pattern — that every time, they run things into ground and we have to come back and clean things up.”

He credited his own administration’s actions — including tax increases and Obamacare — for starting the current economic boom.

“Because of the work we did … we got the economy rolling again. We started the longest streak of job creation on record … we brought housing back,” he said, noting to his audience that Nevada was one of the states worst-hit by the subprime-mortgage crisis that precipitated the 2008-09 recession.

“We cut our deficits by more than half partly by making sure the wealthiest Americans — folks like me — paid their fair share of taxes,” he maintained.

Mr. Obama was in Nevada to drum up support for Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen, who is in a tight race against incumbent Republican Sen. Dean Heller, and energize voters in the swing state who delivered big for Democrats in 2016 but stayed home during the midterm elections in 2014.

Mr. Obama, who won the state in 2008 and 2012, railed against the GOP tax law, efforts to repeal his Affordable Care Act, Mr. Trump’s attacks on the media, political pressure he’s put on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the separation of immigrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

He also criticized Mr. Heller, saying, “the current senator, he doesn’t seem to be willing to stand up to this. He just goes along, even when you get a sense he knows it’s not right.”

Ms. Rosen, a first-term congresswoman, is seen as one of Democrats’ best opportunities to flip control of a Senate seat, though the party faces slim chances of taking control of the Senate.

She narrowly won election to her Las Vegas-area district in 2014 and is taking on a politician who not only has already won a statewide election but has never lost an election despite serving nearly three decades in public offices.

Democrats are also in a close battle for the governor’s office, which will oversee state and federal redistricting occurring after the 2020 census.

The rally at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas arena included performances from hip–hop group Salt–N–Pepa and Columbian reggaeton star J Balvin and a speech from actress America Ferrera.

The GOP on Monday responded with criticism of Mr. Obama’s record in Nevada.

Keelie Broom, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, said “Nevada saw some of its darkest days as a result of relentless government overreach advanced by the Obama administration.”

“We’ve made incredible strides thanks to President Trump and our GOP–led Congress, and it’s insulting for Barack Obama to come out here and try to rally support for candidates … who will work to systematically dismantle the policies generating all of this progress.”

The event followed visits over the weekend by former Vice President Joe Biden, who rallied with Democrats outside a union hall in Las Vegas, and a rally in the rural town of Elko by Mr. Trump.

The former president has generally kept a low profile since leaving office and has been selective about campaigning for Democrats in this year’s midterm elections.”

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