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Swing State Polls Turns Abruptly — Kavanaugh Wave Confirmed



I’m not a big fan of polls because frankly, I don’t trust them anymore. But after the whole Kavanaugh confirmation mess, it is interesting to see how they are turning these days. I think it is safe to say the Kavanaugh Wave has been confirmed.

The vicious persecution of Justice Brett Kavanaugh by the left has dropped a nuke on the midterms it would seem. It has just turned the tables in two key swing states and the Democrats aren’t going to like this one little bit.

Dems did everything they could to derail Kavanaugh… they defamed and smeared him both professionally and personally. They brought bogus witnesses forward with the credibility of Swiss cheese. They pontificated and bloviated from the Senate floor… they railed and ranted until they turned blue and none of it stopped Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice because no one believes them anymore. No one with any sense anyway.

The left sent in allegedly paid protesters to disrupt the hearings. They also took advantage of women who clearly are not well and have issues of their own in an effort to crush Kavanaugh and to hurt President Trump. It didn’t work and now we are about to see the results of this flawed political assassination attempt in the midterm elections.

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Republicans are outraged by all of this and from what I understand some Democrats are as well. You see this clearly in the Senate race in Texas between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke.

From The Right Scoop:

“The New York Times in conjunction with Siena College is doing what it calls a “Live Poll” where they show the poll results in real time as they make phone calls around the state of Texas.

“At the time of this post, the Times says “We’ve made 30,012 calls, and 526 people have spoken to us so far.”

“Now that’s important because some were reporting the poll yesterday with just 200 phone calls answered and the Times specifically said the results wouldn’t be dependable until at least 250 calls had been answered. So we’re well beyond their threshold at this point.

“Here’s what the poll shows:

“That’s awesome. Cruz has almost a 10 point lead on O’Rourke. Of course, as you can see, they also put the margin of error at ±4.6%, which is kinda high.”

Cruz’s lead is widening and that is terrific news. Honestly, he should be 30 points ahead of someone like Beto O’Rourke. We cannot let Texas go blue… that would allow the Dems to seize almost all political control in this country with no end in sight. That’s how vital Ted Cruz’s Senate seat race is.

Here is how the NYT is weighting the poll results:

“Here, we’re weighting by age, primary vote, gender, likelihood of voting, race, and region, mainly using data from voting records files compiled by L2, a nonpartisan voter file vendor.”

They evidently weighted the polls by “likelihood of voting.” That’s the way it should be done. Even the NYT can’t hide the red wave anymore.

And there is more good news out of Arizona.

From The Daily Wire:

“A new poll shows Arizona GOP senatorial candidate Martha McSally widening her lead against her Democratic opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, in the race to replace Senator Jeff Flake. The ABC15/OH Predictive Insights poll found McSally leading Sinema 47%-41%.

“As ABC15 reported, chief pollster Mike Noble said McSally was benefiting from the uniting of Republicans following the hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s growing support, and the entrance in the race of Green Party candidate Angela Green, who siphoned off some of Sinema’s support.

“Nobel stated, “What we saw all year was Republicans were less united compared to Democrats, who were more united or fully united. So whether they disliked Trump or had issues with the establishment, now what we’ve seen is [the] Kavanaugh confirmation process has really brought all those Republicans home and has solidified the Republican base, hence why you’re seeing all the favorable numbers toward McSally.”

“The poll showed that Sinema’s support has plunged since the beginning of August when it stood at 48%. At the same time, McSally’s support started climbing in a steady pace. They crossed in the ABC15 poll around the end of August, with McSally starting to lead Sinema after McSally won the GOP primary and became the official GOP candidate.”

I can’t tell you how relieved I am over Arizona and Sinema plunging in the polls there. In my opinion, she’s a stone-cold Marxist. McSally looks to win that race now which is great news for all of America, not just Arizona. Kavanaugh was the turning point.

Did the Dems really think defaming a good man like Brett Kavanaugh would have no consequences? That there would be no political blowback? This was all orchestrated to hurt President Trump and it has done exactly the opposite. The uncorroborated allegations did not stick to Kavanaugh and he is now a Supreme Court Justice.

At this rate, Trump will likely be reelected in 2020 in a landslide. Good times.


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House Majority Leader: Soros, Bloomberg & Tom Steyer Are Trying To Buy The Election




* By

House Majority Leader, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), says that George Soros, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, and billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer are trying to buy our government via the upcoming midterm elections. The power-trio have spent tens of millions so far, including millions to stop Kavanaugh from a Soros-funded group.

Breitbart reported:

“House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) warned in an interview with Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo that far-left billionaires George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer are pouring millions into Democratic committees this election cycle in a bid to “buy our government.”

A partial transcript is as follows:

BARTIROMO: Here we are, 23 days away from the midterms. Let’s start there. I know that you’ve been traveling the country trying to support your colleagues across the country in different races, as well as raising an enormous amount of money for your colleagues in the Republican Party. Give us a sentiment in terms of where you see the midterms headed.

MCCARTHY: I see the midterms have actually changed in the last month. The intensity level — there was an advantage on the Democratic side that has narrowed, viewing what the Democrats have done to Kavanaugh. I see the intensity level shifting.

There is a real concern that I have, though, because Michael Bloomberg, if you watch — who recently re-registered as Democrat — he is trying to buy the Democrat nomination to run against President Trump. He has put in $80 million to try to win the House.

The president was just there in Kentucky because that’s one of the first races you’re going to want to watch. Andy Barr against Amy McGrath. Amy McGrath, in her own words, this is how she describes herself — the most liberal Democrat in Kentucky. I see this is going to be a battle because of the financial resources the Democrats have against us. But, the number of our candidates are doing very well and have gotten a bump in the last couple of weeks.

BARTIROMO: It’s interesting when you look at that because, for the longest time, the Democrats tried to say they were the party of the American worker. Yet, when you look at the donations from individuals to the Republican Party, you are beating the Democrats in that regard, but they’ve got a handful of big, deep-pocketed donors like a Michael Bloomberg, like a Tom Steyer.

MCCARTHY: Just think the three individuals who are funding the Democratic Party, George Soros, you’ve got Michael Bloomberg, it’s not just $80 million into the House, he put another $20 million to try to win the Senate, then Tom Steyer, more than a $120 million he’s spent trying to win. His win goal is to try to impeach President Trump. He brags that his impeachment list is bigger than the NRA list. Those three individuals are trying to buy our government in this process. It’s very disturbing.”

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Democrat Candidates Told to Lie About Party’s Support for Sanctuary Cities and Open Borders




* By

You don’t ever need to tell democrats to lie. They are pathological liars which is one of the top requirements for being a dem.

This is why it is so IMPORTANT to vote all republican in November. We can’t let the democrats win. Don’t stay home. Don’t the fake news try and get you to not vote. If you truly love this country..You will vote.

Bring on the Red wave!

From The Gateway Pundit:

The New York Times obtained a four-page memorandum from John Podesta’s Center for American Progress think tank. The memo tells Democrat candidates across the country to lie about their support for sanctuary policies to protect violent illegal aliens and to lie about the party’s open borders policies.

Democrats do not support a border wall and deportation of violent illegals. They don’t want the American public to know this.

One thousand Hondurans are marching through Mexico to the US border right in time for the November election. They’re marching through Mexico.

The New York Times reported:

The strategy, in play in a growing number of races, may be working. As a tight battle for control of Congress enters its closing weeks, Democrats have found that in politically competitive states, particularly ones that Mr. Trump carried in 2016, the attacks can easily turn crucial voting blocs against Democrats.

“Sanctuary attacks pack a punch,” says a four-page memorandum, prepared by the liberal Center for American Progress and the centrist think tank Third Way, that has been shared at about a dozen briefings for Democrats in recent weeks. The New York Times obtained a copy of the memo, whose findings are based on interviews and surveys conducted over the summer.

Many of the Republican attacks use misleading language and employ overblown claims about the dangers of immigrants. But the fear-based appeal demonstrates how Mr. Trump has overcome months of negative headlines about his hard-edge immigration policies to make the issue a potentially profitable one as Republicans try to preserve their slim Senate majority and defy projections that they will lose the House.

Democrats, the strategists who prepared the memo advised, could neutralize the attacks if they responded head-on. But they should spend “as little time as possible” talking about immigration itself, and instead pivot to more fruitful issues for Democrats like health care and taxation.

Via John Binder at Breitbart:

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