BREAKING: MAJOR TERROR ATTACK! Developing Now – Complete Chaos

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A horrible attack on pedestrians has just occurred when a driver plowed a van through a crowd near a busy intersection in Toronto. The driver had allegedly driven onto the curb/sidewalk and ran into at least ten pedestrians before fleeing the scene in the attack van.

The vehicle sped off after running into the crowd, but luckily people spotted it shortly after. The van was found several blocks away and the driver was arrested by authorities and taken into the custody of the law.

The suspect has been taken in for questioning and more details will be released as they are discovered.

The injuries have not been disclosed just yet.

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The driver is reported, by a witness, to be a middle-Eastern man.

BBC has reported more details on the alleged terror attack using a van as a weapon: “Up to 10 pedestrians have been struck by a van that witnesses said mounted the kerb in Toronto, say police.

The vehicle fled the scene after the incident at a busy intersection in the north of Canadian city, police say.

The van was located several blocks away, and the driver was taken into custody, according to local media.

It is unclear exactly how many people have been hurt or the extent of their injuries. Police have asked the public to avoid the area.

Nearby subway services have been halted.

The incident happened at Yonge Street and Finch Avenue at 13:30 local time (17:30 GMT) on Monday.

Pictures apparently taken at the scene show police armed with rifles and paramedics treating injured people.

One orange bag, which appears to contain a body, is seen being loaded on to an ambulance.

“Reports were that a white van mounted the curb, drove down the sidewalk at southbound Yonge, south of Finch, and struck eight to 10 people possibly, the numbers aren’t confirmed yet,” Toronto police spokesperson Gary Long told Canadian broadcaster Global News.

Toronto police spokeswoman Jenifferjit Sidhu told CBC News that the vehicle was stopped by police.

No description was given of the driver, including name, age, gender, or possible motive.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters: “Obviously we’re just learning of the situation in Toronto.

“Our hearts go out to anyone affected. We’re obviously going to have more to learn and more to say in the coming hours.”

There were no g**s fired or knives used in this attack, however, the weapon was much larger and was able to take out numerous victims in a brief few seconds.

CNN reported that the driver went for up to a mile: “Stephen Powell, district chief for Toronto Fire, told CNN that the vehicle that struck pedestrians in Toronto today “covered between a half-mile and a mile.”

Earlier, the Toronto Fire Service earlier tweeted about the crash, calling it “horrific.”

Pedestrians were frightened and shouting for the driver to stop the vehicle, but the man kept going, striking more people with the white van as he cruised directly into innocent victims.

The terror attack left numerous people injured on the pavement and authorities and bystanders rushed to help them as the other members of law enforcement tracked down the vehicle and detained the driver.

Updates will be made once authorities have released the information on their investigation of the driver. This is a true tragedy that has injured numerous people and may have taken their lives.

The driver was pointing a g*n towards the police when they attemtped to detain him. The police were able to detain the suspect without firing a weapon. Here is video of the alleged terrorist.

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