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Tom Arnold Just Unleashed Hell On Trump’s Family, Promised It’ll Get Worse – Does For Him Instead!



Generic B-list actor Tom Arnold is going after President Donald Trump and his family in a hateful binge on social media. The guy whose IMDB page contains a long list of things people don’t really care about appears to be organizing, or hoping for, a protest in front of the White House and to get a grip on the members of the family. Based on looking at his Twitter account, it seems like he’s trying everything from calling Trump a child abuser to wanting words with Melania. The ex-Roseanne star and former husband to Roseanne Barr’s attempts to gain relevance are immediately pointed out by numerous people on social media. Arnold’s actions are that of a desperate actor trying to find himself some twinkle of a spotlight in which people will pay attention to him.

He’s throwing his efforts towards the Hollywood and anti-Trump crowd. Maybe he thinks if he acts like he hates Trump, then he’ll gain some fans. He only has just over 221,000 followers on Twitter, which doesn’t seem like much for a guy who’s seriously weathered face always looks like he’s struggling to push out a bit of his angry constipation. We don’t know if he suffers from constipation or not, but his facial pictures on Twitter surely suggest it. Of course, that’s nothing more than opinion not to be confused with facts. Only Tom knows if he’s struggling to release himself in the bathroom and we hope he keeps that information to himself. He’s almost 60, so maybe he should calm down a bit instead of raging all day on the Internet.

Meanwhile, his attempts to regain relevancy that he lost after Roseanne and he split up might be falling flat with people who are more responsible. Contrarily, anyone less than civilized might be considering joining the anger fueled efforts of B-List man-boy Tom Arnold. Their efforts, if going into action, might be met swiftly by the Secret Service – a force one should probably not reckon with.

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Roseanne’s “ex-husband is planning on stalking and harassing Trump Jr’s and Jared Kushner’s children. Hey @TwitterSafety is organizing child-stalking allowed on your platform? Oh, I forgot. You allow rape threats, so of course you would allow stalking children.

Arnold tweeted: “Dude, we can protest at The White House too. Also Melania takes him to school. We want to have a word with her. If we see babies tomorrow we’re going to Kushners kids school. Don Jr’s kids are already working at Hooters so we’ll protest there for lunch.”

Only two days ago, Arnold warned that “It ain’t’ over until the children are safe and the Trump Administration is not.” He also called our President and Attorney General Sessions “white trash” for daring to enforce the laws that haven’t been enforced for almost two decades.

Executive Order my ass. Donald Trump & Jeff Sessions are lying white trash child abusing monsters. It ain’t over until the children are safe & the Trump Administration is not.”

Is this the type of guy that Roseanne married back in the day? If so, is this the reason they split up? Can you imagine coming home to this guy every night and he’s just angry and trying to organize protests around people’s homes just because he doesn’t like them? Can you imagine someone calling other people child abusers when it’s not true?

The Secret Service should visit Tom Arnold because he seems to have come extremely unhinged and he truly does seem dangerous. What happens if someone acts on Arnold’s words and does something violent because of this nonsense that Tom’s talking about?

Don’t be shocked if Tom Arnold gets investigated or arrested for what he’s doing.

People like this are why we need police.


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Details Of The Death Threats Mrs. Kavanaugh Is Getting Will Churn Your Stomach




* By

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by The Daily Caller:

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh has received a battery of death threats in recent days, after allegations appeared in the press that the judge sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford in 1982.

The vivid missives are just one iteration of the inflamed rhetoric surrounding Kavanaugh’s nomination to the high court, following Ford’s accusations. The Ford family has similarly been threatened.

“May you, your husband and your kids burn in hell,” one message to Mrs. Kavanaugh read.

Another told Mrs. Kavanaugh to put a bullet in her husband’s skull.

The Wall Street Journal obtained the emails on Thursday, which were delivered as federal law enforcement is tracking an uptick in threats against Judge Kavanaugh and his family. The messages were sent to Mrs. Kavanaugh’s work email address. The U.S. Marshals Service is pursuing the matter.

The Kavanaugh family has drawn intense media attention since Ford’s accusations were publicized Sunday in The Washington Post. Mrs. Kavanaugh delivered cupcakes to a gaggle of reporters stationed outside their home on Tuesday.

Mrs. Kavanaugh is no stranger to political conflict. She was an assistant to former President George W. Bush when he was governor of Texas and later served as his personal secretary in the White House. She is currently a town manager in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Ford herself has also been subject to vile threats. She and her family have been forced from their home in California and remain concerned for their safety, according to her attorneys.

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Republicans Quietly Set All-Time Record While Democrats Collapse Overnight



While the American Left is busy trying to pull the rug from under hard-working Americans by pushing an anti-Trump narrative that’s about as believable as the conspiracy that the earth is flat, the GOP was doing a bit of magic of its own.

It’s now being reported that the Republican National Committee has smashed all fundraising records by raising $213 million so far for the fall midterm elections. And what’s even better is the fact the 99% of the money comes from small donations.

Here is more via CNN:

“The Republican National Committee has raised more than $200 million this election cycle, according to an RNC official, the fastest the committee has reached the milestone in a midterm period.

The fundraising achievement, which was expected after the committee came within $900,000 of $200 million last month, is significant for a party that is trying to buck historical norms in 2018. The political party in power traditionally gets rejected at the ballot box two years after they take power, a fact that President Donald Trump has mentioned numerous times in public and private as Republicans prepare for November.

The RNC raised $13.9 million in the month of June — the most it has raised in that month in a non-presidential year — bringing its total fundraising haul to $213 million for the 2017-2018 cycle.

The committee has $50.7 million in the bank and no debt.

The RNC’s numbers will officially be released on Friday when the committee files with the Federal Election Commission.

The RNC haul far eclipses the more than $101 million the Democratic National Committee has raised this cycle, giving the committee upwards of five times the amount of cash-on-hand as the Democrats.

“What I see when I travel the country is that Americans continue to be enthusiastic about President Trump and the Republican agenda,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “That enthusiasm has allowed for me to grow our war chest and invest it into what has become the biggest ground game in our Party’s history.”

Despite the excitement McDaniel says she has experienced traveling the country, polling has consistently shown Democrats, motivated by anti-Trump fervor, are more excited to vote in 2018 and see the election as a referendum on the President. That excitement, though, has not turned into a fundraising boon for the DNC.

The DNC raised $67 million in 2017, half of the $132.5 million the RNC raised that year. And, to date, the committee has raised $101 million this cycle, according to a DNC official, a number that pales in comparison to the RNC haul.

The fundraising woes have left the Democrats without much in the bank. According to its last FEC report, the RNC had $47 million in cash on hand, five times as much as the $9 million the Democrats have.

Party Chair Tom Perez, who was tasked with rebuilding a beleaguered DNC after Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016, has tried to focus on fundraising while also investing their smaller war chest in more strategic ways than previous chairs.

“For me, the north star is not can we match them dollar for dollar,” Perez told CNN of the RNC. “It is can we raise the money we need to execute our game plane.”

The DNC under Perez, for example, has spent no money on television ads, something his predecessors did do.

McDaniel, who became RNC chair in December 2016, has led the committee’s effort to raise massive sums during the 2018 midterms.

With an eye on investing $250 million into the party’s midterm efforts, McDaniel has spent a bulk of her time traveling from state-to-state to raise money for the party.”

Western Journalism is reporting that this is, in fact, the fasted the GOP has ever surpassed the $200 million mark during a midterm election year. Which would point to the fact that people are happy with President Donald Trump and his agenda.

Chairwoman of the GOP Ronna McDaniel has said she is traveling the nation and that she sees the fact that people are happy with the Republican agenda wherever she goes. And that’s what is causing this influx of funds at such a high rate of speed. McDaniel has held over 88 fundraisers and is on the phone with donors for six hours a day.

Now what’s even better is that according to the fundraiser numbers that will be released today the Republican party broke the record for the most amount of money raised in June during a non-presidential election year: $13.9 million. And what’s perhaps even a better gauge is that the GOP also has $50.7 million in the bank and zero debt. This alone places them well ahead of the Democrat National Committee, which has raised $101 million and has $9 million on hand. That’s 5 times less than the money the RNC has to spend in the upcoming midterms. This is not a new problem for the DNC, in 2017 they were only able to raise $67 million compared to the $132.5 million raised by the RNC. Pretty pathetic if you consider the DNC owns all of Hollywood.

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