Every Former Trump Aide Hit With Nasty Punishment From D.C. Dems For Having Worked With Trump

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Many of the former employees who served under the Trump administration are reportedly having difficulty finding work. One might think that serving as an aide for the President of the United States would be a great addition to a resume, but it seems to be potentially the reason that many former Trump aides are having trouble getting hired in their search for work. Even though unemployment rates have been doing well, it seems that isn’t the case for the Trump aides.

Reports from BuzzFeed and Truth Exam suggest that one recruiter stated that companies were worried about what would happen if they hired someone who was formerly working for President Trump. People supposedly worried about the backlash from being associated or hiring someone who supported Trump. It seems as though many companies may not want to associate with the President in fear of public backlash. The backlash would only come from those who dislike the President and it could harm businesses, even though the former aides should not have anything blamed on them.

The concept of “reputational risk” comes into play, even though the former aides were likely very good candidates for the jobs that they applied for and working for the President is a job that comes with a lot of respect.

Truth Exam reported more on the topic of the controversy: “One recruiter reportedly told the news outlet that companies “are all worried about public backlash,” adding that the concern is “more real with these guys than I’ve seen with anyone else.” The top concern from the private sector appears to be the “reputational risk” associated with hires who have worked for the current president. Those occupying senior level positions are having difficulty finding employment once they leave the administration, but the struggle is, allegedly, even more difficult for middle and low-level aides.

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One Washington consultant shared with Buzzfeed his concerns about the “legal risk” of hiring former Trump employees.”There’s a certain level of uncertainness around the toxicity. Generally, there aren’t a ton of jobs waiting for those people.”

Many Trump hires were brand new to government work, such as former Communications Director Hope Hicks, who left her post earlier this year. Companies seemed especially wary of employees who worked with the president during his campaign and those potentially implicated in Special Counsel Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

Three separate sources told Buzzfeed that private companies (whether working in public relations or consulting sectors) appear eager to distance themselves from the anti-immigrant, anti-trade views espoused by the president and his administration.

This is bad news for employees of an administration known for quick turnover, surprise dismissals, and an executive whose television catchphrase was once, “You’re fired.”

Buzzfeed touched on the issue last month when it ran a similar story about Trump staffers trying to leave the White House. Employees hearing about recent firing were reluctant to abandon their posts for fear they would not be able to find jobs outside the administration.

“I’ve talked to several people in the last week trying to find a way out, but they can’t get out because no one is really hiring people with Trump White House experience,” a source told Buzzfeed. “Not a fun time to say the least.”

Trump’s former employees should have had an easy time finding a job since they worked for the President. It is likely very hard to get a job working in/for the White House and the President, so that job would normally come to be a very reputable addition to someone’s resume. Unfortunately, people have turned their back on those who worked for Trump and are scared to hire them.

This is not a good look for the public. Just because someone worked for a President they don’t like, most likely doing office-type duties, then one should not be biased and hold that against them.

The intolerance of the employers is very visible and they should not be afraid to hire people who are skilled and a good fit for the job. Working for the President should be an honorable job, not a job that people look down upon. It’s shameful that people would be intolerant and hold that job against people.

These are skilled workers looking to make a move in their career and jobs should not be afraid of them. If they can do the job, then what makes their previous job make them so unemployable?

Why are consumers that hateful if they’re not going to spend money or time with a business? Should customers treat a business like that if they find out that an employee voted or worked for Trump?

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