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Trump Announces Hidden Evidence, Ends Mueller Investigation Once And For All



The Saturday release of the FBI’s heavily redacted FISA warrant application for Carter Page reveals almost as much as it conceals regarding the Obama administration, and none of it good. Fervent in their quest to make a case against what they viewed as the “enemy,” the Obama administration made a case to spy on a US citizen and the Trump campaign, reducing their fourth amendment rights to little more than words on paper.

The case was cobbled together by a series of facts, conjecture, and innuendo comprised of known information regarding Page’s previous business dealings in Russia, several articles from varying news media sources of varying reliability, and the infamous and highly salacious Clinton-funded “Steele Dossier.” The FBI went to significant lengths to justify the use of the unverified and unsourced dossier despite being unable to verify the claims it made.

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Of significant concern is the stark disconnect between the FBI and their multitude of accusations against Page and the fact that Page has not been charged with a single, solitary crime after nearly two years worth of investigation by both the Department of Justice and the FBI. Once issued by the court, the FISA warrant along with its subsequent renewals allowed the Obama administration the ability to spy on the Trump campaign using the extensive and far-reaching capabilities of the government to conduct a wide-ranging investigation.

The original October 2016 FISA application described Page in the blackest, most heinous terms possible with the sole intention of convincing a FISA judge to grant the warrant allowing them unfettered access. The application is full of flat out accusations of being a Russian spy directly recruited by the Kremlin itself are made against Page throughout claiming his sole intention was to “undermine and influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election in violation of U.S. criminal law.”

As a means to support their accusations, the FBI presented a variety of claims as fact using the unverified and unproven dossier as “evidence” to support their false claims. The FISA application makes such statements as – “The FBI learned that Page met with at least two Russian officials” – when in fact no investigation of any kind had taken place, nor was any warranted based on the unverified nature of the dossier.

Then there was the circular chain of evidence used. The FISA warrant application actually cites as “evidence” to gain the court’s approval for the warrant a letter written in September 2016 by former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid to former FBI Director James Comey citing information Reid received from former CIA Director John Brennan who in turn originally got that same information from the unverified Clinton dossier.

The application also proves FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok lied when he testified before Congress that he had nothing to do with the FISA application. The disgraced FBI agent actually used Carter Page’s September 2016 letter to Comey to defend himself against a Yahoo! News article written by Michael Isikoff and then using that very same September 2016 letter as a pretext to then open an investigation into Page. Isikoff used information directly obtained from Steele and in fact, does not quote Page at all. He never spoke to Page, yet this article was also used as “evidence” in the application.

In fact, aside from the Clinton-funded Steele dossier, the FISA warrant cites no other evidentiary source listed in the entirety of the documents other than Source #1. Source #1 is Christopher Steele, author of the unverified Steele dossier. There is no Source #2 or Source #3, etc. There is only Source #1.

The application reveals that the FBI never once indicated to the court that the main source of evidence supporting their request for surveillance was actually opposition research funded directly by Hillary Clinton’s election campaign and in fact was disproven and factless. A document that Steele himself actually stated was unverified. It merely says he was hired by a “business associate” and a “law firm,” and never directly identifies Hillary Clinton, her campaign, or Perkins Coie, DNC attorney, etc. by name at all.

Per the Washington Times, from an article dated April 25, 2017 –

“Christopher Steele, the former British spy who wrote the infamous anti-Donald Trump dossier, acknowledges that a sensational charge his sources made about a tech company CEO and Democratic Party hacking is unverified.

In a court filing, Mr. Steele also says his accusations against the president and his aides about a supposed Russian hacking conspiracy were never supposed to be made public, much less posted in full on a website for the world to see on Jan. 10.”

At one point the FBI even pretended they had no idea the so-called “Western intelligence source” referred to in a cited Yahoo! News article they liberally quoted in support of FISA warrant application was, in fact, the same Clinton funded and unproven Steele dossier. In fact, the FBI actually attempted to downplay the fact that Steele directly fed Isikoff information for his article, when in fact he did.

“Obviously the information that I got from Christopher Steele was information the FBI already had,” Isikoff said in a February podcast.

In addition, the FBI further compounded their deceit to the court going to extreme lengths to convince the FISA Judge that Steele a/k/a Source #1 was still a “reliable” source of information when they could not verify the unsubstantiated claims in his dossier, while also explaining just exactly why they believed his information was still considered trustworthy after directly terminating Steele’s contract with the FBI due to inappropriate leaks and disclosures he made to the media.

Directly from the application for the FISA warrant against Carter Page – “Not withstanding Source1’s reason for conducting the research into Candidate1’s ties to Russia, based on Source1’s previous reporting history with the FBI, whereby Source1 provided reliable information to the FBI, the FBI believes Source 1s reporting herein to be credible.”

The application also confirms a report from February that the FBI received a copy of the Steele dossier directly from the Obama State Department after Steele provided a copy to DoS official Jonathan Winer. Winer was ALSO approached by long-time known confidant of the Clintons – Sydney Blumenthal who was in possession of additional opposition research in the form of a second anti-Trump dossier. This dossier was written by another longtime friend of the Clintons – Cody Shearer.

Both dossiers then were taken to the State Department and from there went into the hands of the FBI. The FBI had previously received a copy early in August of 2016 directly from Steele himself. Since that time it has been revealed that there were multiple versions of the dossiers that made their way to the FBI via various avenues.  Though for reasons currently unknown the FBI chose to highlight the dossier that was provided to the State Department as a source of evidence. It is speculated that was done in an effort to enhance credibility.

The question on the lips of anyone paying attention now is to wonder just how many prior FISA warrants have been based on opposition research with the use of flimsy and uncorroborated evidence written by salacious gossip peddlers such as Fusion GPS while working in conjunction with the FBI in an effort to target American citizens merely because of their political affiliations. It has been done before using the IRS and clearly based on the evidence available it is not too far of a stretch.

The FBI’s use of unverified and unsubstantiated information paid for by a political opponent and provided by a foreign national that happens to also be a former part of foreign intelligence to support spying on an American citizen, combined with a 90 day extension being granted despite the fact that it was blatantly obvious by June 2017 that Page was not a Russian agent gives clear credence to President Donald Trump’s accusations that the entire Russia investigation was little more than a “witch hunt.”

President Trump took to social media with a series of tweets in response to the information available regarding Page’s FISA warrant applications, stating –

“So we now find out that it was indeed the unverified and Fake Dirty Dossier, that was paid for by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC, that was knowingly & falsely submitted to FISA and which was responsible for starting the totally conflicted and discredited Mueller Witch Hunt!”

In the second tweet he continued – “It was classified to cover up misconduct by the FBI and the Justice Department in misleading the Court by using this Dossier in a dishonest way to gain a warrant to target the Trump Team. This is a Clinton Campaign document. It was a fraud and a hoax designed to target Trump….”

And continuing in a third tweet – “….and the DOJ, FBI and Obama Gang need to be held to account. Source #1 was the major source. Avoided talking about it being the Clinton campaign behind it. Misled the Court to provide a pretext to SPY on the Trump Team. Not about Carter Page..was all about getting Trump…..”

Then President Trump summed it up in a fourth and final tweet, stating – …..”Carter Page wasn’t a spy, wasn’t an agent of the Russians – he would have cooperated with the FBI. It was a fraud and a hoax designed to target Trump.” Tom Fitton @JudicialWatch A disgrace to America. They should drop the discredited Mueller Witch Hunt now!”

Politico reports on President Trump’s intentions to declassify the redacted portions of the memo to quell naysayers –

“Asked during Monday’s White House press briefing if the president would meet the requests of House Republicans, who have urged him to declassify portions of the FISA court documents related to Page’s surveillance, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that Trump ‘has purposefully remained uninvolved in this process.’

‘He’s said repeatedly that he wants the Department of Justice to be fully transparent with these requests from Congress. And he’s going to continue at this point to remain uninvolved,’ she said. ‘However, he sees more and more every single day that this is proving further and further to be a total witch hunt. Particularly because it was based on a false and unverified and discredited dossier.’

The president has long complained about Mueller’s probe, repeatedly referring to it as a “witch hunt” and insisting that it amounts to little more than an excuse for Democrats embarrassed by Clinton’s 2016 presidential election loss.

He has threatened to potentially intervene with the Justice Department, and on Monday, Trump came closer to making good on that threat by writing in a later tweet that law enforcement officials ‘should drop the discredited Mueller Witch Hunt now!'”


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After Mexico Refuses To Stop Migrant Invader Mob, Trump Swings Presidential Hammer Of Justice




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Stop The Facebook Purge of Triple Amputee War Hero’s Pages! He Gave 3 Limbs For our Rights And they Stole It All From Him! Help this Hero Take it To Congress –> Fight4FreeSpeech!

This is a paid invasion army. It’s time to close the border immediately. I hope President Trump does so.

When you look at this illegal invasion.. you can clearly see most are men. Not women or children. Let’s hope they stop this in time.

From Zero Hedge:

Since President Trump threatened to close the Southern border due to Honduras’ unwillingness to comply with his requests for assistance in stopping a migrant caravan marching toward the US, the migrants have successfully crossed into Mexico and on Sunday regrouped after being temporarily delayed at the Mexican border by border guards who failed to force the migrants to turn back.

So, for the second time this year, it appears President Trump is ready to send more US troops to the border, as he said in a tweet Monday morning that he’d notified the border patrol and military that this is a “national emergency” while reiterating that the blame lay with Democrats for refusing to change our “pathetic” immigration laws.

The president also claimed that “unknown Middle Easterners” had become “mixed in” with the caravan.

And since Honduras and Guatemala did nothing to stop the migrants despite Trump’s requests for assistance, the president added that we would be cutting off aid: “We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them.”

The backlash to the migrants has intensified over the weekend, as the mile-long caravan has continued unimpeded toward the US’s southern border. Amusingly, liberals bullied the Associated Press on Sunday into correcting one of its headlines after the wire service described the caravan as an “army of migrants”.

“A ragged, growing army of migrants resumes march toward US,” read the original headline on the AP story. The AP later changed the headline to replace the word “army” with “caravan.”

Though the AP has used the word “army” to refer to large groups of people besides migrants – including nurses and political activists – many on the political left criticized the wire service for its original headline.

Meanwhile, videos have emerged of people handing out cash to the migrants, raising suspicions that the caravan has received outside funding for its assault on the southern border.

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Congress Officially Filing Impeachment Charges Against Anti-Trump Politician – Then Unthinkable Happens




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President Trump is the Deep State’s biggest enemy. While Trump may be quite alone in his quest to “drain the swamp,” he does have some allies on the Hill.

Members of the Freedom Caucus have been assisting Trump in his battle with Mueller & his band of Democrats in charge of the witch hunt that after two years has produced zero evidence of Russian collusion.

Stop The Facebook Purge of Triple Amputee War Hero’s Pages! He Gave 3 Limbs For our Rights And they Stole It All From Him! Help this Hero Take it To Congress –> Fight4FreeSpeech!

A few months ago, Freedom Caucus leaders Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan filed impeachment charges against Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The reason for the filing was because Rosenstein hadn’t handed over enough documents that had been asked for.

In July Vox reported:

“Hardline conservatives have backed down from a threat to imminently force a House vote on impeaching Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

On Wednesday night, Freedom Caucus leaders Reps. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) filed articles of impeachment against Rosenstein. The stated reason was mainly that Rosenstein allegedly wasn’t giving enough documents to Congress. But in context, the move — which wasn’t even certain to pass the House, let alone lead to Rosenstein’s removal from office — was clearly part of an effort by President Trump’s allies to attack the Justice Department and undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which Rosenstein supervises.

When Meadows filed the impeachment articles, only 11 of the 236 Republicans in the House were willing to sign on to them, making it unclear how much support his effort had. House Oversight Committee Chair Trey Gowdy, for instance, had said earlier that he wouldn’t back the effort (“Impeach him for what?” he asked). GOP leaders were also unenthusiastic about the controversial push, which would likely divide their party.

However, Meadows had the opportunity to use House rules to file a “privileged motion,” which would require a vote from the full House in the next two days — effectively forcing his colleagues to take a stand on impeaching Rosenstein even though there have been no hearings on the matter and little debate about it. Republicans facing tough races in November would not have been thrilled.

In the end, however, Meadows decided not to carry out that threat — for now, at least. He did not file a privileged motion for impeachment, and House Republicans announced Thursday morning that they would not vote on the matter before they leave for a month-long recess.

It is possible the effort could be revived in September when the House returns to Washington. But that would be closer to the midterms, meaning Republicans would be even less enthusiastic to take a divisive and controversial vote.

The current word is that Republican leaders agreed to hold a vote on whether Rosenstein is in contempt of Congress in the first week of September, if conservatives don’t get the documents they want by then. (That’s a weaker alternative to an impeachment vote, which at least had the potential to remove him from office.)

After conservatives had agreed to back down from the impeachment push, Speaker Paul Ryan announced publicly that he did not support impeaching Rosenstein. “I don’t think that this rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors,” he said.

Meanwhile, word leaked out that Jordan, who co-wrote the impeachment articles, will soon announce that he’s running to replace the retiring Ryan as speaker.”

Now, this could be seen as bad news in the fight against the Deep State, but there is a little hope.

Last month, leaked audio of Rep. Devin Nunes seemed to indicate that Rosenstein could be impeached at a later date. The timing was wrong for it.

USA Today reported:

“Leaked audio of Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., speaking at a Republican dinner fundraiser made public Thursday evening shows the congressman addressing why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein hasn’t been impeached and saying that Republicans could be the only force stopping President Donald Trump from being impeached.

The audio, obtained exclusively by MSNBC, is of Nunes talking at a dinner event in Spokane, Washington, on July 30. He is asked by an audience member about the effort to impeach Rosenstein, which was only publicly supported by a small group of Republicans.

Nunes, who heads the House Intelligence Committee, seems to explain the main reason Congress hasn’t taken up the issue is due to timing and the upcoming midterm elections.

“It’s a bit complicated,” he told the audience member. “We only have so many months left.”

“So if we actually vote to impeach, OK, what that does is that triggers the Senate then has to take it up,” he said, explaining that it could take away from other priorities of Congress.

He said everything would have to be dropped if impeachment was up for a vote. “So it’s not a matter that any of us like Rosenstein. It’s a matter of, it’s a matter of timing.”

“Do you want them to drop everything and not confirm the Supreme Court justice, the new Supreme Court justice?” he added.

Later, he talks about the midterms and the sincere need to keep a Republican majority in both the House and Senate, something Democrats are hoping to clinch. Nunes details one big reason Republicans are needed: to protect Trump.”

Here’s the audio of Nunes.

Let’s hope Republicans in the House follow through & do their part to drain the swamp & get rid of those who are biased against Trump.

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