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Trump Disarms Media With Special Gift FIFA Prez Gives Him As The Room Erupts!



President Donald Trump was off to a great start with his meeting with FIFA President Gianni Infantino. The FIFA president gave Trump a gift of red and yellow cards, the same ones that the referee would use during a soccer match. The cards are used to hand out penalties and right away Trump came up with something incredibly funny that could be done with the specially gifted cards.

He gave the media the red card. The red card means you’re outta there! That means you’ve done something bad enough to get ejected from the game. In this case, the game is the news, and if you get a red card, then you must be fake news! Obviously, everyone who was there knew it was a joke and it was because of the ongoing feud that Trump has with certain media networks.

However, there were definitely some outrageous replies when it comes to the people who didn’t get the joke or didn’t think it was funny. Those people just don’t have a sense of humor and it’s nice to see that someone at the top level of our country’s government can ease up a bit and make light of situations.

Sometimes we just need a good laugh and President Trump has some very subtle jokes and one-liners that he lets rip as if he was a comedian on stage. Giving the media a red card for their behavior (here’s looking at you, CNN) is just another way of Trump showing his lighter side and keeping people engaged, laughing, and having fun.

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Of course, if you dislike Trump, then you probably didn’t think this was funny nor do you have a sense of humor. Here it is in action. Maybe you’ll change your mind when you see it’s all for fun and games. Trump is a funny guy and that’s why millions love him!

The Daily Caller stated:

“FIFA president Gianni Infantino gifted President Donald Trump an official soccer yellow card and red card and joked that the president could use them on unruly reporters.

“In soccer, you know, we have refs,” Infantino told Trump in the Oval Office. “And they have cards. Yellow cards and red cards. Yellow is a warning, and when you want to kick out someone — ”

“Trump appeared delighted by the idea of kicking people out of the Oval Office and immediately grabbed the red card from Infantino. The president then pretended to throw the red card at the press as the rest of the crowd laughed.

“That’s very good,” Trump joked with a big smile. “I like that, I like that.”

“So this can be used for — I don’t know,” Infantino said, as U.S. Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro suggested with glee that Trump use it for his “next media session.'”

What is a red card used for in sports? It’s most popularly used in soccer, but what exactly is it? We know it’s not a good thing to get, that’s for sure. That’s why it’s very funny that President Trump handed the “fake news” mainstream media a card that would have kicked them out of a soccer match!

Let’s take a look at Wikipedia and see what the public editors think of it:

“A red card is used in several different sporting codes. Its meaning differs among sports, but it most commonly indicates a serious offense and often results in a player being permanently suspended from the game (commonly known as an ejection, dismissal, expulsion, removal, or sending-off, often with personal embarrassment). In many sports, the ejected player’s team cannot replace them and thus must continue the rest of the game with one fewer player, which may be a significant disadvantage.

“A red card is shown by a referee to signify that a player must be sent off.[1]:38 A player who has been sent off is required to leave the field of play immediately, must take no further part in the game and cannot be replaced by a substitute, forcing his team to play a man fewer. Only players, substitutes and substituted players may receive a red card. If a team’s goalkeeper receives a red card another player is required to assume goalkeeping duties, so teams usually substitute another goalkeeper for an outfield player if they still have substitutes available.

“Law 12 of the Laws of the Game lists the categories of misconduct for which a player may be sent off. These are:

    1. 1. Serious foul play
    1. 2. Violent conduct
    1. 3. Spitting at an opponent or any other person
    1. 4. Denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goalscoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball (this does not apply to a goalkeeper within their own penalty area)
    1. 5. Deliberate fouls that deny an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal[5]
    1. 6. Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
    1. 7. Receiving a second caution in the same match[1]:39

“Serious foul play is a foul committed using excessive force (i.e., “the player…is deliberately or attempting to injure his/her opponent”).[1]:117 Violent conduct is distinct from serious foul play in that it may be committed by any player, substitute, or substituted player against any person, e.g., teammates, match officials, or spectators.[1]:127

“Once a player has been sent off, they are not permitted to stay in the team’s technical area, and instead typically go to the locker room.[9]

“In most tournaments, a single direct red card (i.e. not one received as a result of two successive yellow ones) results in disqualification of the offending player for one or more subsequent matches, the exact number of matches varying by the offense committed and by jurisdiction. Should a team’s on-field players receive a total of five red cards, it will be unable to field the required minimum of seven players resulting in the game being abandoned. Such a situation would typically be adjudicated as a loss for the ill-disciplined team by the competition organizers.”


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Libs Heads Explode Over What Trump ‘Dared’ To Say To Hurricane Victim – LOVE IT!



Now I think we can all collectively say we have now heard everything from the left.

The left wing in this country is trying to take President Trump to task over a joke. Yes, folks, a harmless joke in a situation where it was much needed.

Left wing sites are now reporting that while President Trump was surveying the storm ravaged area in North Carolina he questioned a man if the boat that had been shipwrecked behind his house was his, according to a White House pool report.

“At least you got a nice boat out of the deal,” Trump stated when the man responded that the once luxurious boat was not his. Trump then continued to say that he thought the boat was “incredible” and detailed that under the law it might now belong to the owners of the home.

So otherwise he was trying to make like out of a dire situation in order to lift the spirits of the home’s owner. Something that is wonderful to do onto itself since that person had lost everything.

Here is more on this via The Political Voice:

President Trump reportedly told a victim of Hurricane Florence on Wednesday that he “got a nice boat out of the deal”about a large yacht that had crashed ashore during the harrowing storm.

While strolling an area in North Carolina devastated by the storm, Trump questioned a man if the boat that had been shipwrecked behind his house was his, according to a White House pool report.

“At least you got a nice boat out of the deal,” Trump stated when the man responded that the once luxurious boat was not his.

Trump continued to say that he thought the boat was “incredible” and detailed that under the law it might now belong to the owners of the home.

Trump made the remarks while in New Bern, N.C, a town that was struck by Florence when it made the first landfall late last week.

Trump earlier this Wednesday informed local officials and residents in the Carolinas that his administration will stand by recovery efforts “100 percent.”

“We will be there 100 percent, and all of the folks from the federal government that are around the table, they’re confirming it,” he said during a briefing at the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, N.C. “That’s why we started early, and we’ll be here late.”

Trump arrived in New Bern in the early afternoon Wednesday before heading to South Carolina to look over the areas of the state affected by the storm.

Here’s how Americans reacted:

Isn’t it about time we all take a deep breath and start to see that sometimes we just need a sense of humor in order to get by? Those of us on the right have a sense of humor, if not we wouldn’t have been able to survive 8 long years of the community organizer Barack Hussein Obama as our president. But the left just can’t seem to get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. So they try day after to do take out our president.

Here is a reminder from Business Insider of how a real American loving President should react under a crisis such as a hurricane:

“President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump announced on Wednesday a personal donation of $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The money will go to twelve organizations, including the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and the ASPCA.

Hurricane Harvey, which ripped through Houston and parts of the Texas coastline, covered much of the city in water, destroying homes and displacing thousands of residents.

The Trumps visited Texas during the immediate aftermath of the storm, where they met with officials and oversaw relief work conducted by both federal agencies and volunteer groups.

The White House notes that many of the organizations the Trumps donated to were recommended by members of the White House press corps.

Here’s where the money is going:
Red Cross — $300,000
Salvation Army — $300,000
Reach Out America — $100,000
Samaritan’s Purse — $100,000
ASPCA — $25,000
Catholic Charities — $25,000
Direct Relief — $25,000
Habitat for Humanity — $25,000
Houston Humane Society — $25,000
Operation Blessing — $25,000
Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies — $25,000
Team Rubicon — $25,0000

Trump landed in hot water during the 2016 campaign when reporters dug into his claims that he donated $1 million to the fundraiser he held for veterans in lieu of attending a Republican debate that year. Reporters had a hard time confirming how much money has actually been distributed to veterans groups.”

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Kavanaugh’s Accuser About To Cash In BIG TIME And Hasn’t Even Testified!




* By

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by DownTrend

Christine Blasey Ford has made some serious allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that she can neither back up or or is even willing to testify about. The democrats have used these unfounded unprovable allegations in a attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the high court, because they don’t have the votes to stop him. As if this story wasn’t already dumb enough, some rando has started a GoFundMe campaign and you just know liberals will pour money into this ridiculous thing.

Ford claims that Kavanaugh and a friend sexually assaulted her at a party in the 1980’s. She doesn’t know when this supposedly happened or where or how she even ended up at the party. They only witness to this alleged crime says it never happened and there are tons of inconsistencies with this vague story. She is also a registered democrat and liberal activist with a bone to pick with Kavanaugh’s family.

Ford was invited to testify before the the Senate Judiciary committee to tell her story, but she has declined. She also claims that she is now getting death threats and has had to go underground for the safety or her family.

That brings us to this silly GoFundMe campaign:

Due to death threats, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (who uses “Dr. Blasey” professionally) and her family have had to leave their residence and arrange for private security. Let’s create a fund to cover her security expenses, to do just a bit to make it easier for women in her position to come forward despite great risks. If we raise more than Dr. Blasey needs, extra funds will go to women’s organizations and/or into an account to cover similar costs incurred in comparable situations.

The person who started this campaign doesn’t even know Ford, but felt the need to do something:

I do not know Dr. Blasey personally but will contact her via her former high school, Holton Arms, to inform her of this fundraising appeal and to make arrangements to transfer funds to Dr. Blasey.

I am a professor of law at Georgetown University who has raised money formally and informally for other causes over the years. My reason for starting this fundraiser is to make concrete the power of collective action in providing security, and therefore support, for Dr. Blasey’s willingness to contribute to a thorough, fair vetting of a nominee for Supreme Court Justice.

Fair vetting? Ford made an outrageous accusation on the eve of Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote and then refused to testify on these things she can’t provide any evidence of. That’s completely unfair and any law professor could attest to that.

Oh wait, it turns out the person who started this bullshit GoFundMe campaign really is a law professor at Georgetown Law. Here’s her bio on Women’s Media Center:

Heidi Li Feldman is Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, with a courtesy appointment in the Philosophy Department at Georgetown University. She has written major articles on tort law and on legal ethics. Her scholarly expertise includes the U.S. civil justice system more generally. Currently, Dr. Feldman’s scholarship focuses on how and whether U.S. cities and states can protect civil rights and strengthen civil society. Read More

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