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Trump Drops Everything And Heads To Melania’s Side During Overwhelming Legal Drama



The current administration has been dealing with an excessive amount of drama and political controversy in the last few weeks. Especially in light of everything that has been going on in court as it pertains to Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, former Trump campaign officials and Trump employees. However, President Trump and First Lady Melania are taking some time away from it all to work with small children and local hospitals on their philanthropic and healthcare initiatives.

The Daily Mail reported,

“Donald Trump escaped his troubles in Washington during a visit to a children’s hospital in Ohio with Melania, as special counsel Robert Mueller’s net closes in. The president and first lady put on a united front Friday following the most challenging week of Trump’s presidency. The Trumps toured the neonatal intensive care unit of an Ohio children’s hospital that treats babies affected by the opioid epidemic. The opioid crisis, which claims the lives of tens of thousands of people a year, has been a key focus for Trump.

Melania and Trump, accompanied by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, visited the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus before attending a fundraiser and delivering the keynote address at the Ohio Republican Party’s state dinner. After touring the medical unit, Trump sat with slightly older children as they colored pictures of American flags and hearts with red, white and blue. He appeared to be concentrating intensely as he colored his flag, before telling the kids they were doing a ‘great job.’ Trump last visited Ohio on August 4 to rally for U.S. House candidate Troy Balderson, a GOP state senator. Balderson was certified Friday as the winner of a special election to fill the unexpired term of longtime Republican congressman Pat Tiberi, who retired in January.

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Trump’s trip to Ohio may be a welcome diversion from a difficult week as two of his closest aides, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former lawyer Michael Cohen were convicted of serious crimes. Manafort was found guilty of eight charges of bank and tax fraud, while Cohen admitted campaign finance violations over hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal during the 2016 election. His guilty plea also implicated Trump, while Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis, said that his client also had information about the Trump Foundation.

On Friday, the world learned Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg got an immunity deal in a move that does not bode well for Trump. Weisselberg, the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, is both a bookkeeper and a key executive running the organization who is familiar with major aspects of the organization. News of Weisselberg’s immunity deal comes a day after it was revealed American Media Inc. publisher David Pecker received immunity. Pecker’s firm paid McDougal $150,000 and promised magazine covers and work in exchange for the ‘life rights’ of her story about an affair with a married man. Although Cohen himself has no known cooperation agreement with prosecutors, he pleaded guilty to eight counts and said he was ‘directed’ by an individual (Trump) to violate campaign finance laws. Trump has taken to calling his longtime lawyer a ‘RAT,’ while praising convicted former campaign chair Paul Manafort for not ‘breaking’ under pressure. A Virginia jury convicted Manafort on eight counts this week.”

The Dispatch reported,

“According to the White House, nearly 200 babies were admitted to Nationwide Children’s last year for symptoms of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), the medical term for withdrawal symptoms suffered by newborns whose mothers exposed them to heroin or other opioids during pregnancy. “It’s an incredibly tragic situation,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a phone interview before the visit. “Nationwide is such a leader in developing some of the best treatments for NAS.” Azar said the visit was planned largely because of Melania Trump’s focus on the issue.

The First Lady has visited other such units and programs aimed at helping drug-dependent infants. Rates of neonatal abstinence syndrome have risen sharply in recent years, Azar said. In 2016, Ohio’s rate stood at about 155 per 10,000 live births, he said. The president and First Lady then visited the hospital’s Club House, a playroom with lots of child-size tables and chairs. Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and his wife, Jane Portman, joined the Trumps, along with Azar and senior counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway.”

President Trump has made innumerable cross-country visits over the past two years he has been in office. He has visited Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, Tennesse, Wisconsin, South Carolina, North Dakota, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Hawaii, Guam, Georgia, and California. The presidents most recent trip is not the only one he has made to a hospital. President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited the Broward Health North Hospital in Parkland, Florida after the high school shooting.

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Kavanaugh Accuser Unravelling – Hit With Stiff Ultimatum After Ignoring Senate’s Inquiries




* By

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by The Daily Caller:

Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins said she finds it odd that Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of high school-era sexual assault, will not respond to inquiries from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“That’s very puzzling to me. I have said from the beginning that these are very serious allegations and she deserves to be heard. She’s now being given an opportunity to come before the Senate Judiciary Committee and to answer questions and I really hope that she doesn’t pass up that opportunity,” Collins said to a group of reporters in the Dirksen Senate Office Building Tuesday morning.

This comes as Ford previously said she would be willing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Collins has been on the fence on her support for Kavanaugh, and mentioned to reporters Tuesday she would like to see the “two attorneys who are representing Judge Kavanaugh and Professor Ford do the questioning for the first round and then go to the committee for questions.”

“It’s not unheard of to have counsel do questioning,” she added. “[Ford] will be represented by counsel. And I think it’s important that we hear from both Professor Ford and Judge Kavanaugh under oath in a public hearing.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Democrats for bringing forward a 36-year-old accusation of misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, on the Senate floor Monday.

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Mueller Investigation Comes To Screeching Halt After Anti-Trump Dem Exposes His Fatal Mistake




* By

Bob Woodward, an investigative reporter who works for The Washington Post, has been in the business of ‘dirty little secrets’ so long that he was part of the team who cast a light on Richard Nixon during Watergate. In fact, once Fox News even called him a Watergate legend. Well, it has become quite obvious that now he has his sights set on President Trump and his administration. In fact, he makes it very clear where he stands when it comes to President Trump in his new “secret” book, ‘Fear’.

Yes, it was a secret because he told no one about it for the past 19 months he’s been writing it. He wanted to keep a ‘low profile’ while he researched what he planned to include in the book. There was a press release for ‘Fear’ that described the book as “an unprecedented look into the harrowing life inside Donald Trump’s White House and how the president makes decisions on major foreign and domestic policies”.

Woodward claims that he engaged in “hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand sources”. It is for this reason, we can tip a hat to the man’s work ethic despite the difference of opinion we have with him regarding President Trump and the administration. I am going to show you why right now.

Bob Woodward had an interview with Hugh Hewitt recently, in fact just a few days ago. In this interview what he revealed arguably gives President Trump supporters a very good reason to send a fat “IN YOUR FACE!” telegram to Democrats.

Check this out!

“So let’s set aside the Comey firing, which as a Constitutional law professor, no one will ever persuade me can be obstruction. And Rod Rosenstein has laid out reasons why even if those weren’t the president’s reasons. Set aside the Comey firing. Did you, Bob Woodward, hear anything in your research in your interviews that sounded like espionage or collusion?” Hugh Hewitt asked Woodward.

“I did not, and of course, I looked for it, looked for it hard,” Woodward answered. “And so you know, there we are. We’re going to see what Mueller has, and Dowd may be right. He has something that Dowd and the president don’t know about, a secret witness or somebody who has changed their testimony. As you know, that often happens, and that can break open or turn a case.”

“But you’ve seen no collusion?” Hewitt asked again to confirm.”

“I have not,” Woodward affirmed.”

Hewitt would once again ask Woodward about collusion at the conclusion of the interview.

“Very last question, Bob Woodward, I just want to confirm, at the end of two years of writing this book, this intensive effort, you saw no effort, you, personally, had no evidence of collusion or espionage by the president presented to you?” Hewitt asked.”

“That is correct,” Woodward said.”

Now if that isn’t satisfying to read, I don’t know what is. Not once, but twice Woodward clarified that he did not find ANY evidence of collusion during his research. This is coming from the same investigative reporter that was called at one time ‘a legend’ for his work. I mean, this is a man who is known for his extensive interviews with first witnesses, and research into documents, meeting notes, calendars, and even diaries. He is praised for how he constructs seamless narratives of events that he tells through the eyes of actual key participants.

Even the left knows this about him.

So, you can bet that him saying not once, but twice that he found zero evidence of collusion, is going be a real slap in the face for the left. Maybe if we listen very carefully we will be able to feel the tremor being caused by a nation full of ‘triggering’ liberals right this very second!

But I digress…

Despite this, there is still a lot of manipulative work he put into the book as well. For example, the petty stuff he made sure to include, was absolutely ridiculous.

Things such as:

“Fear: Trump In The White House also details President Trump’s explosive rants.”

“He is said to have called Attorney General Jeff Sessions “mentally retarded”, allegedly adding: “He’s this dumb Southerner. … He couldn’t even be a one-person country lawyer down in Alabama.”

I’d like to give a moment now to Trump, to clear things up on this.

There were also many schoolyard claims about White House Chief John Kelly such as the following:

“White House chief of staff John Kelly frequently lost his temper and referred to President Donald Trump as “unhinged” and an “idiot,” author Bob Woodward writes in his new book “Fear: Trump in the White House.”

We can clear that up to, since the book’s release Kelly has had something to say about this claim.

“Kelly, in a statement Tuesday, denied the claims as simply “not true.” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders also refuted the book’s claims.”

“Kelly said in his statement that “the idea I ever called the President an idiot is not true . . . . As I stated back in May and still firmly stand behind: ‘I spend more time with the President than anyone else, and we have an incredibly candid and strong relationship. He always knows where I stand, and he and I both know this story is total BS.'”

“I’m committed to the President, his agenda, and our country,” Kelly said. “This is another pathetic attempt to smear people close to President Trump and distract from the administration’s many successes.”

“Sanders said Tuesday that “This book is nothing more than fabricated stories, many by former disgruntled employees, told to make the president look bad.”

Needless to say, the book ‘Fear’ is just another ‘he said, she said’ work created with the purpose of adding fire to the left’s agenda and casting doubt upon the shoulders our President, but do you think it will have that effect at all? We want to know what you think!

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