Trump Just Sent Hillary Scathing Message During State Visit About Where ‘Great Leaders’ Go To Relax

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Since President Trump won the election back in 2016, liberal political pundits have been on the attack. For well over a year, the American people have been forced to listen to the left spout alleged allegations of Russian collusion that they claim caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election. Of course, that allegation then spurred an unending investigation into Trump and his team to undermine his presidency, but that is not all. To add more unneeded theatrics to the three-ringed circus, Hillary Clinton has continued to tout that she was the better candidate and more qualified to be president then Trump.

Evidently, that was not the case as the majority of the American people came out in droves to support Trump over Clinton feeling that he was by far the better choice.

Now, the feud between the two has been kicked up another notch as Trump just sent a scathing message to Hillary Clinton during his state visit about where “great leaders” go to relax, knowing that the two-timed presidential failure has never been there before.

Earlier this week, President Trump visited Mar-a-Lago to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo to discuss trade and North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. While the two influential world leaders were answering the media’s questions, Trump took the opportunity to state that world leaders would prefer to meet there, knowing full well Hillary has never been invited.

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Here is more from Sun-Sentinal:

“The president kicked off two days of talks Tuesday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Palm Beach.

Trump says he’ll be “sneaking out” for a round of golf Wednesday morning with Abe. The two leaders are expected to discuss trade and North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

“Many of the world’s great leaders request to come to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach,” Trump said. “They like it. I like it. We’re comfortable.”

One world leader who likely won’t be visiting Mar-a-Lago is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump said five sites are being considered for a meeting, but he shook his head and said “no” when asked if any of the locations are in the United States.

The summit could happen in early June “assuming things go well,” and the two nations are already talking at “very high levels,” Trump said.

Trump has made 17 visits to Mar-a-Lago since taking office, hitting the links at his nearby golf club when most of the country is dealing with frigid temperatures. The president says his estate is also an ideal site for diplomacy because world leaders “specifically request” to meet there.

Trump hosted Abe at Mar-a-Lago in February 2017. Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Trump last April in Palm Beach.

The use of Mar-a-Lago for diplomacy hasn’t been without controversy. Last year, Trump came under fire from Democratic leaders when a social media post showed the president and Abe discussing a North Korean missile launch in a crowded dining room at his club.

The two leaders and their wives dined Tuesday night at Mar-a-Lago.

As the two couples strolled at sunset along the lawn in front of the resort toward an outdoor dining area, Trump said: “We’re getting a lot of things done. A lot of great things between our two countries.”

At the dining table, Trump sat next to Abe with the first lady to his right. The prime minister’s wife sat to Abe’s left.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Trump said he has given “his blessing” to South Korea to officially end the Korean War. Fighting between the North and South Korea ended in 1953 with an armistice — not a formal peace treaty.

It is pretty certain that Hillary Clinton received this message loud and clear from President Trump, which will have the left screaming. However, while that may have some leftists pitching a fit there are others on the liberal side who are complaining about the trip to Mar-a-Lago altogether.

The left-leaning publication Truth Examiner had made the accusation that when Trump stated that world leaders enjoyed the stay there, that it was a “commercial for the resort,” and that was not the only complaint.

“Every time Trump visits the resort, it costs the American taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. And because the Secret Service has to rent rooms there, he makes a profit on every visit.

This isn’t the first time someone in the administration used the office of the presidency as a commercial. Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway was slapped on the wrist for advertising Ivanka Trump’s clothing brand. It’s surprising that it took this long for Donald Trump to do the same with his properties.”

It is evident that the left still cannot get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election and will do whatever they can to pick Trump apart. However, President Trump is not new to this game and is always ready to put these sore losers back in their place.


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