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Trump Is Going ‘To Work On’ Erasing Michelle Obama’s Legacy With Great New Plan



Since day one of Trump’s presidency, he has been steadfastly undoing everything the Obama’s imposed on America during their long eight-year reign. It has taken tremendous effort and a stiff spine to continue doing so, but Trump is doing a fantastic job of dismantling the Obama legacy. And he’s done it on many fronts… economic, military, taxes, regulations, education, immigration and the list goes on and on and on. When Obama was in office, media outlets would wax poetic for hours on end over Obamacare or raising taxes. The glory of Marxism was reveled in by the left and Americans were crushed under its weight until President Trump arrived on the scene.

When Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) was queried about the media not covering Trump’s more human side on issues, he told a story about his daughter who asked the president when he would make public school lunches great again. President Trump told her he would have “to work on that” problem. And so he did. He studiously went about erasing Michelle Obama’s legacy issue by coming up with a great new plan with some help from Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC).

Students across the nation roundly complained about the awful lunches that former first lady Michelle Obama had mandated to be doled out in school cafeterias. Many just quit eating lunch altogether, which is not healthy for growing kids. I can’t say I blame them though… I wouldn’t have eaten those lunches either.

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On Wednesday, at Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C., Massie recounted his daughter meeting President Trump and then asking him about a particular campaign promise. She’s 14 years old and had the honor of meeting President Trump at the White House Christmas ball. She asked him, “Mr. President, could you make our school lunches great again?” Massie elaborated on the encounter by saying, “He looked at her — he was actually kind of terrified — here he had a 14-year-old girl pointing out that this — that he had talked about this on the campaign trail, and that it wasn’t done yet. I think that’s what he was worried about.”

“But he did something and he showed a side of himself that you never see in the news,” recalled Massie. “The president said, ‘You know what? I need to work on that, don’t I?’ And then he pointed to me, and he said, ‘But I’m going to have to work with your dad and those guys, because they’re more powerful than I am.’” Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a president besides Reagan who gave credit where it was due like Trump does. I’m impressed.


Michelle Obama’s program was called the ‘Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.’ It was anything but what the title said it was. It restricted the amount of fat that milk offered in public school cafeterias could contain, reduced the number of sodium foods that students were permitted to have and “pushed for expensive all-grain products to be used, forcing schools to spend more on the products kids won’t buy.” Do you know what happens when you take all the ‘fat’ out of your diet? Nasty side effects such as your skin cracking open for one thing, among others that are equally as unpleasant and painful. That’s not what I would call a ‘balanced diet’ and it’s certainly not how Obama’s daughters ate at their private school.

“Faced with students who won’t buy lunches low in salt and sugar and jacked up with bland-tasting grains, the nation’s 54,000 school cafeteria workers are urging Washington to junk health-focused rules pushed by former first lady Michelle Obama,” the Washington Examiner wrote. ABC News reported back in December that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new interim rule, which has been in effect since the beginning of July, “relaxes sodium limits and whole-grain requirements on school lunches and also allows flavored milk with 1 percent back into school cafeterias nationwide.” That’s at least something and makes the cost bearable and the food edible. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) “is leading the fight to repeal the former first lady’s ‘Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,’” states the Washington Examiner.’

From the Washington Examiner:

“”Overly prescriptive regulations have resulted in unintended consequences, including reduced student lunch participation, higher costs and food waste. Federal nutrition standards should be modified to help school menu planners manage these challenges and prepare nutritious meals that appeal to diverse student tastes,” a new policy paper from the association said.

“Salt’s a biggie, and the Department of Agriculture under former President Barack Obama was pressing for even lower amounts, which the association wants to shelve. It warned that “naturally occurring sodium present in meat, milk and other low-fat dairy foods will force schools to take nutritious choices off the menu, including many soups, entree salads and low-fat deli sandwiches.””

“The federal government involving itself in what is served in school lunches is the epitome of government overreach,” Meadows said. “Districts that have chosen to opt out have been able to provide more options to students and better-quality services. At the beginning of the year, I released a report of more than 300 regulations the Trump administration can undo, which included overly burdensome federal lunch program standards. It’s the perfect example of how government interference generally makes a small problem far worse.”

Now, school lunches are beginning to return to normal and who knows… under the watchful eye of President Trump, Mark Meadows and Thomas Massie, maybe they will be even better when this is over with. Meadows’ plan of repealing the ‘Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010’ is a great start to undoing the damage done by Michelle Obama and her progressive intentions.


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Judge Just Opened the FLOODGATES For Illegals To Sway Midterm Vote – Too Late Now!




* By

It’s appalling that this judge is allowed to do this? None of this should be allowed. Amazing how desperate a political party will get. Lie, cheat and steal is the only way for them.

When are these people going to serve time for illegal voting?

From The Gateway Pundit:

A New Hampshire activist judge on Monday put a temporary injunction on a Republican-backed law requiring new voters to show proof of residency when they register.

The judge says requiring proof of residency would lengthen lines and make it harder for students, disabled voters and others to cast their votes.

Stop The Facebook Purge of Triple Amputee War Hero’s Pages! He Gave 3 Limbs For our Rights And they Stole It All From Him! Help this Hero Take it To Congress –> Fight4FreeSpeech!

“Where the law threatens to disenfranchise an individual’s right to vote, the only viable remedy is to enjoin its enforcement,” Judge Kenneth C. Brown wrote in his decision.

The judge also said the registration form is too complicated for people to understand.

Reuters reported:

The temporary injunction against the Republican-backed law comes two weeks before U.S. Congressional elections that will determine whether opposition Democrats or U.S. President Donald Trump’s Republicans retain full control of the federal government’s legislative branch.

The measure, which passed largely along party lines and went into effect last year, required those seeking to register within 30 days of an election to present documents proving that they live in the area where they intend to vote. Without such proof, they must agree to either send it in within 10 days or the state will seek to verify their domicile.
The law does not require proof of address when voting.

The legislation is the subject of a lawsuit filed by League of Women Voters of New Hampshire and other groups, who said it would disenfranchise numerous groups including students, the disabled and homeless voters. The measure will be put on hold while the merits of the case are decided.

New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, a Democrat, welcomed the ruling.

“This law undermines our state’s reputation for holding free and fair elections, and it hurts our democracy,” she said in a statement.

The New Hampshire Associate Attorney General said through a spox that the state is reviewing the court order, according to Reuters.

New Hampshire has a long history of voter fraud and everyone who lives there knows this to be true.

In February of 2017, Project Veritas undercover journalists caught election officials in Nashua, New Hampshire welcoming out of state voters with open arms.
N.H. Election worker: “If you want to vote today, you might want to tell them that you’re staying with a friend and you’re here indefinitely which sounds like it’s true.”

P.V. Journalist: “Ok, got you. It’s not 100% true. But I understand.”

N.H. Election worker: “Right, but you’re here indefinitely and your address is at your friends house and then you would be able to vote.”

The Washington Times reported last year that vote fraud may have tipped New Hampshire against Trump since it was such a tight race:

More than 6,500 people registered to vote in New Hampshire on Nov. 8 using out-of-state driver’s licenses, and since then the vast majority have neither obtained an in-state license nor registered a motor vehicle.

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Many Americans Should Prepare For Arrest Before Midterms As Dems Make Way For Invaders




* By

This is nothing but an invasion and must be stopped now!

A man with dual-citizenship in Mexico and the United States was arrested as he took part in the migrant caravan. He helped organize one earlier this year, also.

If other American citizens are helping this caravan or future ones, they could also be arrested by Mexican authorities.

From Conservative Daily Post:

If it weren’t abundantly clear that the migrant caravan was really an organized invasion of the United States, the fact that an ‘immigrant activist’ who was involved in the last illegal incursion was arrested in Mexico for organizing the ‘movement’ should remove all doubt.

Stop The Facebook Purge of Triple Amputee War Hero’s Pages! He Gave 3 Limbs For our Rights And they Stole It All From Him! Help this Hero Take it To Congress –> Fight4FreeSpeech!

Irineo Mujica, who helped organize the last batch of invaders, was arrested Thursday in Ciudad Hidalgo, after the caravan illegally crossed into Mexico from Tecun Umam, Guatemala.

No one can deny that these invaders, mostly military age men, are criminal lawbreakers, but somehow, he’s being labeled a ‘humanitarian.’

Many people ask if it’s ‘humanitarian’ to march people across Central America, encourage them to break every country’s law, and watch as they are stirred into an ignorant frenzy, burning U.S. flags with swastikas on them?

Perhaps for liberals, that is the definition?

AZ Central slanted the fact that a man with dual citizenship was ‘roughly’ pulled into the van of Mexican authorities after plucked him from the migrant group.

Mujica was not involved in organizing the most recent caravan, claimed another instigator, Alex Mensing, a coordinator with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the group that organized the previous invasion.

“He was not involved in organizing the beginnings of the caravan,” Mensing claimed, saying that Mujica was helping organize ‘humanitarian assistance.’

The instigators claim the group wanted to “welcome a large wave of migrants,” mostly from Honduras, preparing to cross over into Mexico.

Of course, the ‘crossing’ was completely illegal, but that is not mentioned.

“They were having a peaceful march,” Mensing said.

Mexican federal police and immigration officers “broke up the group and went straight for Irineo,” Mensing said.

The article stated, “Mujica was jailed and has been charged with obstructing authorities, according to information distributed to media outlets on WhatsApp, a messaging app.

Mujica was released midday Saturday, Mensing said, and must post a 10,000 peso bond, equivalent to about $520.

He also forfeited his documents, and was ordered not to leave Tapachula until his case is resolved, Mensing said.”

The president has condemned the illegal invasion, and warned he would shut down the Southern border if Mexico cannot stop the incursion.

President Trump has also threatened to withhold billions of dollars in U.S. aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, unless action is taken.

Mexico sent aircraft filled with officers to intercept the illegal invasion force, but with so many liberals helping them, most people agree that this group, being used as pawns by the political left, will reach the border.

It will be up to President Trump to stop them from pouring into the country and American voters to usher in a Congress that will support him.

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