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Trump Just Revealed Real Reason Melania Has ‘Been In Hiding’ And Can’t Travel – Nobody Knew!

MSM was wrong



The media never ceases to amaze us. They watch President Trump like a hawk. Everything he says, and does is recorded to the T. Remember when they threw a fit over him getting two scoops of ice cream? Yeah, that was big breaking news to CNN. First Lady Melania Trump has been a target of the media as well. They criticize everything from her fashion, to what shade of lipstick she uses for each occasion. It’s bad when you’re ridiculed for wearing pumps on the White House lawn as you’re headed to Marine One. Why would they do that? According to the “Fake News Media”, Melania Trump was headed to Texas after Hurricane Harvey wearing pumps, therefore, she was out of touch with the American people. She sure showed them when she got off Air Force one wearing tennis shoes. The media will accuse the first family of almost anything if it gets them ratings.

Recently, the First Lady had a minor surgery for a benign kidney condition. When the First Lady checked into the Walter Reed Medical Center for the treatment no one knew. It was done so secretly that the Fake News didn’t have a chance to accuse President Trump of abusing her. You know that’s exactly what they would have done.

CNN’s headlines would have accused the president of taking out his anger on the First Lady using her as a punching bag. Any excuse to label the president as a misogynist would suit them just fine. It’s sad that this is the reality of our current news media.

Melania Trump was released from the hospital on May 19th in excellent condition. However, she was asked to not fly anywhere for at least a month. This would make her miss the very important Singapore trip.  Not to our surprise, the media hurled accusations that the first families marriage was very rocky, and Mrs. Trump stayed back because she didn’t want to be seen with her husband. It was only a matter of time before the president in classic Trump fashion put the fake news media in their place.

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As he was leaving for the G7 Summit on Friday, President Donald Trump told reporters that first lady Melania Trump was doing well, but couldn’t accompany him for the trip as she had been advised to not fly for a month as she was still recovering from her recent operation.

Before boarding Marine One en route to Quebec for the summit, the president told reporters that the first lady wanted to accompany him for the summit but “can’t fly for one month.”

Source: President Trump Shares New Details on First Lady Melania’s Health by UpdateAmerica

Melania has been making headlines for her recent disappearance from the public for nearly a month. Her absence from public events had fuelled multiple speculations, including those regarding friction in their marriage or a medical issue.

The first lady had reportedly checked into the Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment on May 14. The White House had said that she was admitted for a benign kidney condition. She, however, did not leave the medical facility until May 19, according to reports.

Her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, later announced that the first lady will not be accompanying President Trump to the G7 meeting in Quebec, nor to the North Korea summit in Singapore. Melania Trump had joined President Trump for his G7 trip to Italy last year. The first lady had also joined spouses of other G7 leaders at public events in 2017.

When reporters asked the president why the first lady was not traveling with him, Trump replied with “the doctor say.”

The Republican said: “She had a big operation, that was close to a four-hour operation,” he also added that “she’s doing great.”

Melania Trump made her first public appearance after a 27-day absence from events on Wednesday as she accompanied President Trump for a briefing on hurricane preparedness at Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters in Washington, D.C Talking about the first lady during the event, Trump said: “She went through a little rough patch but she’s doing great,” he then turned to her and said: “The people of our country love you. Thank you, honey.”

Before her appearance at the FEMA headquarters, Melania had also made an appearance on Monday evening at a White House ceremony, which was held to honor Gold Star families, however, the reporters were not permitted to attend or cover the event, according to reports.

The first lady, however, shared a tweet about the event, which showed her in the pictures.

Grisham, while talking to ABC last Wednesday, had said that the first lady was “doing really well.” The spokesperson added that the first lady has been “involved in several internal meetings with staff … We’ve been going over initiatives and other long-term planning for events such as the congressional picnic and Fourth of July.” Via

Once again, the fake news media comes out with another loss to the Trump family. It’s fun to watch them squirm when they find out they’re wrong.


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Dem Lawmaker Wants To Make Criminals Out Of People By Making A New ‘Hate Crime’

There seems to be some Constitutional issues with this

Right Wing News



As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by DownTrend

Well, I guess this is one way to cut down on the number of black people in jail. A New York State lawmaker is proposing making it a hate crime to call the police on black people. If you think I’m making this up or overreacting to something, check out this headline from The Patch, which says the same:

Calling 911 On Black People May Be Hate Crime Under Proposed Law

And the article backs that headline up:

New Yorkers who call 911 on law-abiding people of color are committing hate crimes and should be prosecuted, according to a state senator who was recently reported to police for campaigning in his own district.

State Senator Jesse Hamilton, who represents Brownsville, Crown Heights and Flatbush, proposed new legislation a week after a self-described Trump fan called police to report him for speaking to constituents in public. It would criminalize 911 calls against people of color without evidence of malice.

“That’s gonna be a hate crime. This pattern of calling the police on black people going about their business and participating in the life of our country has to stop,” said Hamilton.

Try to guess the race and political party of this guy. If you said white and Republican you were way off.

The deal is, there have been a handful of incidents in which white or non-black people have called the police on black people for doing things that were determined not to be a crime. The natural knee-jerk reaction is to make a law for something that isn’t even remotely a problem.

The law however would be a huge problem. If people know they could get slapped with a hate crime charge, they would be reluctant to ever call the police on a black person no matter what kind of heinous crime they appear to be committing. The onus should not be on average citizens to determine the guilt of a person they think is committing a crime. The easiest solution is for 911 operators to weed out the silly calls and not send police when someone reports something that very clearly is not a crime.

I have more than a few questions about this proposed law: Would it still be okay to call the police on white people. I’m assuming yes. Could black people call the police on other black people? How do Asians and Hispanics figure into this law? Oh, and what about illegal aliens who have sanctuary in NY and are above the law? Can they call the police on black people?

There also seems to be some Constitutional issues with this proposed law because it specifically makes it a hate crime to call the police on black people. It would still be a dumb law if it included all people of all races, but making it race-specific like this is a clear violation of equal protection under the law.

The clarification the news gave on this proposed law doesn’t make it seem any less terrible:

Hamilton’s proposal would strengthen current legislation that outlaws false reports by designating racially-motivated 911 calls as hate crimes, especially in instances where the call results in police responding with the preconception that the person might cause a threat. Read More

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Man Found Contracts Showing Obama Was Paying Trump Spy – Obama Tried To Shut Him Up By Stripping Security Clearance

Obama-appointed officials cleaned house



A man named Adam Lovinger lost his security clearances after complaining about the questionable government contract that was awarded to Stefan Halper, who is being touted as an FBI informant whose job was to keep an eye on President Trump’s campaign. Who stripped the clearances, you might ask? It’s being reported that it was Obama-appointed officials who cleaned house and ripped Lovinger’s clearances away, presenting to us quite a concern that involves contracts and clashing forces within the government who either supported Obama then or support Trump now. Either way, it’s a mess.

Lovinger was reportedly complaining about Halper’s contracts back in 2016. He then lost his clearances on May 1, 2017. Lovinger’s lawyer, Sean M. Bigley, then complained to the Pentagon’s senior ethics official, mad that Lovinger’s “higher ups” were basically punishing him with the whole security clearance thing – punishing him for complaining about the deals that were given to Mr. Halper and apparently a “best friend” of Chelsea Clinton, as per the Washington Times.

The Washington Times called this out, as well as numerous other sites who wanted the public to be notified about what was going on behind closed doors. Since John Brennan just lost his security clearances, it was probably just another relative topic to bring up someone else who lost their clearances as well. However the big problem is why they lost their clearances and how it ties back to Obama’s administration, and perhaps even Hillary Clinton on a long stretch. Rather than point fingers at two particular names, it might just be the entire Democratic Party. However it goes, it’s up to the public to absorb the information and make their own decisions.

Anytime these news stories are breaking the headlines, it’s always important to take in all the information and figure out what’s going on. Then share the story with people who would enjoy it. If you’re up for a good bit of government drama, then this is right up your political alley!

Here’s a brief summary that details most of what happened:

“As it turns out, one of the two contractors Mr. Lovinger explicitly warned his ONA superiors about misusing in 2016 was none other than Mr. Halper,” Mr. Bigley wrote in his ethics complaint, which called the contracts “cronyism and corruption.”

Mr. Lovinger filed a whistleblower reprisal complaint in May with the Defense Department inspector general against James Baker, director of the Office of Net Assessment. The complaint also singles out Washington Headquarters Services, a Pentagon support agency that awarded the Halper contracts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In an internal October 2016 email to higher-ups, Mr. Lovinger wrote of “the moral hazard associated with the Washington Headquarters Services contracting with Stefan Halper,” the complaint said. It said Mr. Baker hired Mr. Halper to “conduct foreign relations,” a job that should be confined to government officials.

“It was a topic of conversation within the office,” Mr. Bigley told The Times. “What is Halper doing, and why is he being paid astronomically more than others similarly situated?”

The Office of Net Assessment conducts analyses of future threats and ways to defeat them.

“Nobody in the office seemed to know what Halper was doing for his money,” Mr. Bigley said. “Adam said Jim Baker, the director, kept Halper’s contracts very close to the vest. And nobody seemed to have any idea what he was doing at the time. He subcontracted out a good chunk of it to other academics. He would compile them all and then collect the balance as his fee as a middleman. That was very unusual.”

Mr. Bigley told The Times that the inspector general’s criminal investigative division has interviewed Mr. Lovinger about Office of Net Assessment contracting.

In all, Mr. Lovinger has four cases pending: whistleblower reprisal, criminal division, an ethics complaint and an appeal on his security clearance revocation.

A spokesman told The Times that the Pentagon would not comment on the case’s merits.

The spokesman said the Department of Defense Consolidated Adjudicaitons Facility reviewed Mr. Lovinger’s clearance.

It then “issued a statement of reasons stating why, under [federal guidelines] it would not be clearly consistent with the national interest to continue Mr. Lovinger’s security clearance, and he was provided with the opportunity to respond to the security concerns,” the spokesman said. “After considering all available information, the CAF issued an unfavorable clearance determination and Mr. Lovinger’s clearance was revoked.”

Mr. Bigley said the conflict is that the consolidated authority resides within the Washington Headquarters Services, which is the target of Mr. Lovinger’s complaint.

“The CAF’s entire ‘adjudication’ of this case was orchestrated by corrupt officials at WHS, which was demonstrated numerous times throughout the process,” he said.

To conservatives, Mr. Lovinger is a victim of the “deep state” — Obama loyalists out to harm the Trump administration.

Press reports identified Mr. Halper as a paid FBI confidential human source, whose mission was to make contacts with Trump campaign workers. The FBI was investigating any Trump ties to Moscow at a time when its intelligence officers were hacking Democratic Party computers.”

After lodging his complaints about the Office of Net Assessment’s outside research in general and Mr. Halper specifically, Mr. Lovinger sought an assignment to the Trump White House national security staff in January 2017. He was soon confronted with allegations from Mr. Baker that he failed to follow security rules. Mr. Lovinger denies any wrongdoing.

Mr. Baker was appointed chief of the Office of Net Assessment in 2015 by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, Mr. Obama’s appointee.

The Washington Headquarters Services, which revoked Mr. Lovinger’s clearance, is headed by Barbara Westgate, who was appointed in 2016.

Perhaps the most intriguing narrative in the Lovinger story is the appearance of Mr. Halper, a national security consultant in the U.S. and Britain who is tied to that country’s MI6 spy agency through his business partner.”

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