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Trump Just Used Three Words In 9/11 Speech That Obama Would NEVER Dare Say In Public



As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by The Daily Caller

President Trump called out “radical Islamic terrorism” during his speech commemorating the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

Trump spoke at a memorial service in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on the anniversary of the Flight 93 crash 17 years ago. Flight 93 was hijacked by terrorists who were planning on ramming the plane into a target in Washington, D.C. on the morning of September 11 — potentially the U.S. Capitol or White House.

Upon hearing that they were apart of the greater terror plot gripping the country, Flight 93 passengers heroically rushed the cockpit of the plane and attacked the terrorists. The rushing of the cockpit led to the crashing of the plane and the loss of 44 lives.

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During his speech at the memorial where the plane crashed, Trump said, “A piece of America’s heart is buried on these grounds, but in its place has grown a new resolve to live our lives with the same grace and courage as the heroes of Flight 93. This field is now a monument to American defiance. This memorial is now a message to the world. America will never, ever submit to tyranny.”

The audience, gathered in dreary weather, cheered the speech.

“Since September 11, nearly five-and-a-half million young Americans have enlisted in the United States armed forces,” Trump continued. “Nearly 7,000 service members have died facing down the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.”

The use of the term “radical Islamic terrorism” was impactful in the speech. Trump did not use the term in his speech during last year’s 9/11 remembrance ceremony. The term “radical Islamic terrorism” was all but banned from the White House during the Obama administration. President W. Bush, the only other president in the post-9/11 era, used the term sparingly.

Trump continued, saying, “Today, we also think of the more than 200,000 service members now serving overseas and we think of every citizen who protects our nation at home, including our state, local and federal law enforcement. These are great Americans. These are great heroes. We honor and thank them all.


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Michelle Spills Devastating Secret About Barack And DESTROYS His ‘Perfect’ Image




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Michelle Obama just spilled the worst kept, devastating secret about her relationship with Barack. Evidently, there have been times when she questioned whether she should stay with him. There goes Obama’s ‘perfect’ image.

Michelle supposedly divulged this while on a publicity blitz for her upcoming memoir, “Becoming.” Frankly, most Americans aren’t surprised by this news in the least. Their marriage never seemed to be a close one with both of them taking separate vacations and only cuddling for photo-ops. The Hill has more on Michelle’s candid and pointedly timed remarks:

They’ve been married more than two decades, but Michelle Obama is revealing that at times she’s questioned whether she wanted to stay with former President Obama.

“Because we’re role models, it’s important for us to be honest and say, if you’re in a marriage and there are times you want to leave, that’s normal — because I felt that way,” Obama says in an interview with People published Monday, while recalling the couple’s visits with a marriage counselor.

The former first lady is on a publicity blitz ahead of the Tuesday release of her memoir, “Becoming.”

“My mother would talk about leaving my father in the spring when she’d do spring cleaning,” Obama tells People for the magazine’s Nov. 26 issue.

“There were definitely times when I wished things were different,” Obama, 54, said of her life with her husband, “but I don’t think I ever thought, ‘I’m just checking out of this.’”

The couple — who met while working at a Chicago law firm — tied the knot in 1992.

Obama revealed while promoting her book last week that she and the 57-year-old ex-commander in chief have been to marriage counseling before to “talk out our differences.”

“I know too many young couples who struggle and think somehow, there’s something wrong with them,” Obama said in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts. “I want them to know that Michelle and Barack Obama — who have a phenomenal marriage and who love each other — we work on our marriage and we get help with our marriage when we need it.”

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Invader Caravan Was Warned And Didn’t Listen – Jumps Border And Pays HUGE Price!




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The first caravan has reached the US southern border near Tijuana, Mexico. People on the Mexican side were seen climbing the fence there. They sat on top of it and some even dared to jump onto US soil. They then ran back to Mexico as Border Patrol agents descended on them. Agents were patrolling in trucks, 4-wheelers, a helicopter and on horses.

Agents placed razor wire on the top and bottom of the fence to stop illegal aliens from scaling it. The migrants were warned but didn’t listen. Now anyone attempting to jump the border and the wall stands to get seriously injured. Border Patrol agents and the military are dead serious about stopping these invaders. Fox 5 San Diego has more on this:

SAN DIEGO — People on the Mexican side of the border could be seen climbing the fence near Border Field State Park Tuesday afternoon after part of the Central American migrant caravan arrived in Tijuana.

Several people scaled the fence and sat on top of it. A few jumped or crawled to openings in the fence onto U.S. soil but quickly ran back as Border Patrol agents approached.

Several border agents were seen patrolling the area in trucks, 4-wheelers, a helicopter and on horses.

The U.S. Border Patrol sent a news release stating it believes some of the people at the fence are from the caravan that’s been traveling through Mexico from Honduras.

One man who happened to be on the north side of border while visiting the area described being entertained by the gathering.

“I was very surprised by how many people are here and how many different officials are here,” Greg Boldner told FOX 5. “It’s not normal to have this many resources tied up — all these vehicles. (I) saw an armored car coming down the road. It just seemed more than just an average day.”

Video from the San Diego Union-Tribune shows the perspective from the Mexico side of the fence:

This video shows the view from the U.S. side:

Increased activity at the U.S.-Mexico border after part of the Central American migrant caravan arrived in Tijuana. Border Patrol has not confirmed whether this group is part of the caravan.STORY:

Posted by FOX 5 San Diego on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Border officials added razor wire to the top and bottom of the fence at the Border State Park that divides San Diego from Tijuana, Mexico overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning, according to Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman. She released a few photos showing the newly added protective measure.

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