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OPINION: Trump Supporters Just ‘Punked’ Barack Obama On His Birthday In The Perfect Way



Michelle Obama did that cheese-ball fake news thing where she expressed her love for Barack Obama on social media for his birthday. You know, that generic “just doing it because that’s what people do now and social media is stupid” thing where you feel obligated to saying “happy birthday” on someone’s birthday. Of course, picking up the phone and calling them is like so far out of the question now that some people forget they even have phones.

Michelle kept it casual and corny, sounding like a dollar store birthday card, but some of the Trump supporters punked Barack with a funnier message. This was good stuff and that’s what we should use social media for. Give the guy credit, he made it all the way to the White House. You cannot ever take that away from Barack Obama, but that doesn’t mean he did a good job. OK, to be fair, there was probably some things he did well at, like making sure his suit always looked nice, but I think he milked the job and that’s just my opinion. He lacked the great American balls it takes to turn a country around and make us the strongest country on the planet. It’s a shock he’s not skinny-dipping with Justin Trudeau right now and having some birthday drinks after dark.

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Here’s Michelle’s message. If my wife wrote this to me, I’d divorce her. He’s barely in the picture, the view sucks, and it almost felt like she hired an assistant to go “write something for my husband” kinda thing. Generic and just there to please the masses. You know what would happen if she didn’t post something, the media would say she’s getting a divorce and her big head would be on the front page of every website and magazine.

“Happy birthday @BarackObama! The view is always better with you.” View of what? A remote desert where poor people can’t afford to travel to? That sure looks like a boatload of white privilege! I don’t have money for a trip right now, but I’m glad Michelle Obama rubs it in everyone’s face that they’re still taking taxpayer trips thanks to their lifetime salary.

Don’t forget Al Sharpton and his birthday wishes. When one of the biggest scumbags on the planet wishes you happy birthday, then you know you messed up. This guy preys on black people getting shot when they don’t follow the law and he makes money running his barely literate mouth. He claims to be a civil rights kinda guy, but he’s mostly a scam artist. Prove me wrong.

Here’s creepy Joe Biden giving his pal an interracial hug. They had matching sandwiches too. How cute. It’s funny when a bunch of old lemons party in a little cafe. Joe 2020 sounds funny, right? It is because Trump would beat him in a physical fight (he has pro wrestling experience and it’s still real to me, dammit), and then he’d crush Joe and send him packing to a factory filled with child labor, probably sewing soccer balls as Biden gives that edge of the lip smile where you know he just wants to hug everyone in the most awkward way possible.

Then there’s this idiot who must not realize this whole anti-illegal immigrant thing goes back many years, at least to what? 1996? Bill Clinton and his immigration strategies? This cage thing is nothing new. What do people think, that illegal immigrant kids just NOW started breaking into America? No way, they’ve been doing it since the day a border was created. This isn’t anything new and when the kids are apprehended, then they have to be placed somewhere because there are no parents around to claim them. This is the safest place for them because otherwise, they’d be out on the streets. Also, Barack bows to dictators and apologizes to everyone. He made America look like a bunch of beta males. This dude’s Tweet is a major epic fail. He has almost 400,000 followers and can’t even put together a functional website, let alone acknowledge that even Democrats spoke out against illegal immigration. He’s a dolt with a giant forehead filled with nothingburgers.

This is why it’s better that someone like Jesse Kelly, a veteran of the Marine Corps, sent Obama a much better birthday wish. But it wasn’t just him, a few other people sent Barack and the rest of the planet a few reminders. Let’s face it – Obama wasn’t really a good president. He was a very classy guy who dressed nicely and spoke eloquently, but he basically sucked as a president and ruined healthcare while pitting irritable liberals against police instead of standing up for them. His wife sucks too. She ruined school lunches. The two most important things – food and health – and they ruined it. My healthcare got screwed over by this guy, so you can see why there’s a jagged little pill I’m not trying to swallow whenever people talk this guy up like he’s the third black Jesus. Meanwhile, poor kids were throwing out food in public schools because Michelle’s food was so bad that they would rather starve than eat that dreck.

Here are a few better birthday cards, sent digitally, of course, thanks to Twitter. I can go on all day with the ridiculous ones, but it only took two right-wing people to crush the entire birthday, or as Trump-haters called it – #ObamaDay. This is troll level 9000 and it’s not even their final form. Well played, folks.

Happy birthday, Obama. I hope you have a lovely party with your family in Kenya.

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Trump Sent Unapologetic Message To Entire World That Could Erase Obama From History [OPINION]




* By

We are truly living in historic times in Israel’s history. We are watching history unfold before our eyes, one that is cause for great celebration around the world.

Not only has President Donald Trump chosen to withdraw from the disastrous Obama Iran nuclear deal, but we are on the eve of the momentous opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem – a move that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and a move greatly appreciated by the people of Israel and most Jews in the world.

Although most presidents we have seen during our lifetimes have promised to do what’s right and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel President Donald Trump did and today our new embassy in the Capital City of Jerusalem is now officially opened for business.

With this move, along with last week’s move of withdrawing the U.S. from the debacle that was the Iran Nuclear deal which Obama put together during his weak presidency, President Trump has shown the world that America is back. And we aren’t about to take a secondary role ever again.

With Obama’s Iran deal he destroyed 70 years of bipartisan U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. His delusional deal abandoned Israel and Egypt and alienated the Sunni Muslims in the moderate Arab states. By making sure they all would have to deal with a nuclear Iran.

Iran is the leading state sponsor of terror and exports dangerous missiles while it supports terrorist proxies and militias like Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Taliban all over the world. The idea that Iran ever sought a peaceful nuclear energy program is absurd and 100% illogical. And even worse, when Obama decided to ignore the slaughter of Christians and the so-called red line in Syria which he himself drafted, he opened the door for Russia to become a dominant regional player in the Middle East. How’s that for Russian Collusion?

Here is more on this month’s events via Fox News:

“We are at a truly historic moment in Israel’s history, one that is cause for great celebration. Not only has President Donald Trump chosen to withdraw from the disastrous Obama Iran nuclear deal, but we are on the eve of the momentous opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem – a move that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and a move greatly appreciated by the people of Israel.

President Trump’s pullout from the Iran deal, although expected, became a virtual certainty when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proved through Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad that Iran had been lying to the world as it continued to enrich uranium and develop nuclear weapons. Iranian documents uncovered by that same intel agency are proof positive that Iran lied. Iran? Lie? Shock.

On Tuesday, the day of the withdrawal, bomb shelters opened up in the Golan Heights and the Israeli army was on high alert as Israel braced for imminent attack.

In Israel, as we proceeded from Haifa to the Golan Heights, there were no sirens. School buses and taxis continued to run. In Tiberias at night, we heard the undeniable sound of rockets. At breakfast, we found out that that indeed there had been an Iranian rocket offensive toward Israel from inside Syria. Israel responded with strategic precision, targeting Iranian munitions storage warehouses, logistics headquarters and intel systems within its proxy Syria. Israel does what Israel needs to do.

He not only sends a message to Iran but to Russia as well, that the U.S. is back as a dominant regional player after the Obama years. He recognizes the reality that everyone else in the west willingly blinds themselves to – and that is that Jerusalem is the one and only capital of Israel.

On Saturday, Iranians marched against the United States, protesting President Trump’s decision to withdraw from their nuclear deal. Maybe they should consider protesting that the $150 billion Obama gave them in cash wasn’t used to benefit them, but instead to support both Iran’s nuclear development as well as its military budget which has grown by almost 40 percent.

Obama’s Iran deal destroyed 70 years of bipartisan U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. His delusional deal abandoned Israel and Egypt, the largest Arab country, and alienated the Sunni Muslims in the moderate Arab states, guaranteeing they would face a nuclear Iran.

Iran, the leading state sponsor of terror, exports dangerous missiles and supports terrorist proxies and militias like Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Taliban. The idea that it seeks a peaceful nuclear energy program is absurd to anyone with even half a brain. And as Obama turned his back on the slaughter of Christians and ignored his own red line in the Syria sand, he allowed Russia through this vacuum to become a dominant regional player in the Middle East.

Donald Trump’s withdrawal from that deal was the United States standing shoulder to shoulder with our ally Israel against the rest of the world. It sent a huge signal to Iran and Shia Muslims that we stood with the more moderate Sunnis. And although Great Britain and France had joined the United States earlier in taking out a Syrian weapons facility, they chose this time to stand with Iran against Israel and the United States.

Trump has reassured the world that his word is worth more than former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama, all of whom made the promise to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. His word is worth more than any treaty and stronger than any UN resolution. He promised and he delivered.

He not only sends a message to Iran but to Russia as well, that the U.S. is back as a dominant regional player after the Obama years. He recognizes the reality that everyone else in the west willingly blinds themselves to – and that is that Jerusalem is the one and only capital of Israel. Trump is simply putting his imprimatur on what has been history in the last 2500 years: that Jerusalem has only been the capital of one people’s country or kingdom, and that people is the Jews. And that country is and was Israel.

The empires that tried to destroy Israel and its capitol Jerusalem are long gone, yet the Jews still speak the same language and practice the same religion, which is the foundation of our own Judeo-Christian nation. Donald Trump sent Iranians who are the descendants of Persia a message to reflect on their own history, and that it was the king of Persia who, 1000 years before Mohammad was even born, said that Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish people’s country.

There will be no Ottoman empires or Shia nations that will destroy Jerusalem any longer. Donald Trump recognized history. He, like King Cyrus before him, fulfilled the biblical prophecy of the gods worshipped by Jews, Christians and, yes, Muslims, that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state and that the Jewish people deserve a righteous, free and sovereign Israel.”

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Conservative ‘View’ Host Has Had It – Sets Record Straight About Trump To Mouthy Costars [WATCH]




* By

The liberal ladies on “The View” have run their mouths for long enough, trashing President Donald Trump about anything and everything. The catty hosts don’t typically operate on facts but have just met their match with their new co-host who is a proud conservative.

Former Fox News anchor, Abby Huntsman, hasn’t been on the show long, but she’s already had enough of their trash talk and lies, particularly with one disturbing claim about Trump.

Huntsman didn’t hold back when she set the record straight once and for all about our president, blindsiding her costars with the perfect response.

Entertainment reporter Perez Hilton is about as much of a fan of Trumps as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on “The View,” which is to say that he detests the president and probably can’t provide a logical reason for it. So, when he caught wind of what just went down on the show between the women and their new co-host who is their political counterpart, he reported on Abby’s defense of the president in a distasteful and very angry manner.

Perez Hilton wrote:

After ray of sunshine Sara Haines left, she was replaced by another conservative voice to stir things up, Abby Huntsman from Fox & Friends.

She brought that same kind of rational thinking to her first big dust-up on The View Thursday, over Donald Trump making the ludicrous claim that the nearly 3,000-person death count following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was MADE UP TO HURT HIM POLITICALLY.

Cohost Sunny Hostin made the very understandable declaration that Trump doesn’t care about the Puerto Rican people.

Considering how he basically told them they had to fend for themselves and let hundreds die through inaction, a pretty understandable sentiment.

That’s when Abby jumped in and said: “I don’t think that’s fair, and I don’t think it’s fair, like yesterday, to compare him to a dictator. That’s comparing him to a Hitler-“

NO. We gon’ stop you right there. Not sure how someone got to this table with such remedial debate skills, but that argument is total B.S.

If we said “Our cat acts just like a dog” you couldn’t then say we compared our dog to Lassie and start asking if the cat ever pulled Timmy out of a well.

Saying Trump acts like a dictator in general is NOT the same statement as saying he acts like very specific dictator Adolf Hitler. Got it, Abby?

Well, actually, Perez…a lot of big liberals and major left-leaning media outlets compare Trump to Hitler and defend why they believe it’s accurate. The Washington Post wrote a piece headlined, “It’s not wrong to compare Trump’s America to the Holocaust. Here’s why,” hateful progressive filmmaker Michael Moore compares the president to Hitler in his his new documentary, and these are just the start of this common and very wrong comparison.

“How ironic is it that our progressive, leftist, Democratic-leaning media would compare President Donald Trump wanting to secure our borders to Nazis who didn’t recognize the borders of any nation on Earth. These talking heads have no shame,” David Baker for the Las Vegas Journal-Review wrote.

But I digress. Let’s get back to what else politically sanctimonious Perez Hilton had to say on the matter. Brace yourself, it only gets more nauseating in his attack on Abby’s assertion.

Now let’s actually talk the point about comparing Trump to a dictator. Is it fair? Well…

  1. Trump attacks the free press any time they’re negative to him and embraces outlets that are only positive, a classic stick-and-carrot intimidation technique to make ALL the stories about him good.
  2. Trump tells blatant, easily disprovable lies (like the one you’re covering RIGHT NOW), creating his own reality in which he is a beloved, idealized leader who is always successful.
  3. Trump vilifies The Other, in this case whipping up fear of immigrants by pushing stories of MS-13, etc — leading his base to mistrust other races and nationalities, a classic path toward nationalism.
  4. Trump expects the justice system to serve his needs, attacking the DOJ, FBI, and intelligence apparatus for following through with investigations of anyone on his team and simultaneously demanding investigations into his political enemies.

Gurl, if that doesn’t sound comparable to a dictator to you, maybe open a history book. Or read about the current exploits of the authoritarians Trump likes to praise so much, like Kim Jong-Un or Vladimir Putin.

But we’ll let Abby finish that thought…

“That’s comparing him to a Hitler, someone that gassed their own people, that starved their own people, someone that orders for thousands of their own people to die. Do you think President Trump was in the Oval Office saying ‘How can we make it worse for Puerto Ricans? How can we make it so more people die?’”

Obviously no one thinks he said that. But NOT CARING about someone’s well-being, which is what Sunny accused him of, is not the same as actively trying to hurt them.

This is just too much to take. Liberals seem to have a tendency of contradicting themselves and Perez’s interpretation of Abby’s retort feels like that has happened once again.

Watch the heated exchange below and decide for yourself if Abby was in the right:

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