Nasty Lib Kids Pummel Trump Vets With Eggs, Almost Got Away With It Until Driver Hit The Gas! [WATCH]

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Trump supporting veterans were having some fun while proudly displaying American flags and Trump flags. It was just a nice sunny day when they were on the side of the road and people were joyfully honking horns if they supported. Some people didn’t care for the display, so they just drove by quietly and minded their own business. Those who were in support either yelled something friendly out of the window or honked their horn in a playful manner. It was a normal fun day for people having a miniature rally in support of America and President Trump.

One woman was recording the events of the day and showing the pride and patriotism that some people showed.

Even the people who didn’t care for the display of the flags were still respectful and were not rude. That’s when things turned for the worse. One vehicle drove by and did something that all the other cards didn’t do. This vehicle was filled with some younger ladies who had a nasty surprise for the Trump supporting American citizens. The ladies in the car allegedly threw frozen eggs at the people who were sporting the Trump and American flags. If that wasn’t bad enough, then the vehicle navigated the road back to the scene of the egging and threw more eggs.

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One lady who was recording the fun day for patriotic Americans was hit directly in the head with a frozen egg. The woman has a brain tumor & recently had brain surgery. She screamed out in pain and swore and screamed loudly in pain after she was hit.

The incident was caught on video and contains a brief moment of vulgar language.

Here is the video of the supportive people getting attacked with frozen eggs.

Flag waving Roseville corner of Douglas and Eureka edit: WARNING there is bad LANGUAGE in the video! we got attacked by teens throwing frozen eggs at us, I was hit hard on the left side of my head. I have a goose egg and it hurts. Two others were hit with eggs too. These teen girls are such idiots that they drove by us twice and we got the license plate, we reported it to the police and I am pressing charges. Sorry for my language when I was hit with the egg, it hurt!

Posted by Beth Henderson on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

After they were egged by the mischievous youth, there was someone who was quick-thinking who got in their vehicle and chased them down. They went after the car from which the suspected “eggers” came from. They caught up with them in a parking lot or other location and confronted them. They asked them if they wanted their eggs back. The passengers in the car acted like they didn’t know what anyone was talking about, which is often what people do when they’re caught “egg-handed” in an abusive attack on fellow Americans.

Here is the video in which the eggers were caught up with and confronted.

A man catches up to the car and it appears to be an SUV full of young adult females, perhaps late teens such as 18. The man asks them if they would like to have their eggs back and the girls appear to be very defensive about it. The man captures their license plate and he continued talking to them about the situation. Not much happened after that, but many believe that the man may have called the police to report the assault with the frozen eggs. It is unknown if the eggs were hard boiled or not.

It is believed that the people involved might be students at the Oakmont High School in California. The information to the school, as per Google, is listed as:

Address: 1710 Cirby Way, Roseville, CA 95661
Principal: Rob Hasty
Phone: (916) 782-3781

The website to the school is listed here.

Call & email the principal & ask what is going to be done to the students since this happened during school hours.

Also, call the Roseville Police Department and tell them you want these criminals arrested.

The number to the station is: (916) 774-5000.

UPDATE: One of the women who attended the rally sent us a message that the girl who was hit in the head is now being harassed by those on the left. It seems she was getting hate mail all night.

“Now the girl that got hit in the head is getting hate mail. She has a brain tumor and had a good majority of it removed but not all of it. So, her getting hit in the head is a very big deal. Apparently she has been getting hate messages all night.”

The person who sent that message is pictured below.

And another hateful remark.

Here’s more from the woman at the rally:

“I just got a phone call from the supervising officer that first showed up and talk to us while he was sitting in his SUV. He has told me that they found the girls and two were adults and two were juveniles. He says our evidence is lacking because even though it shows little bits and pieces of the vehicle that there’s no hard proof evidence that this for sure were the exact same girls. He says though that one of the girls did admitted to it, so they have a confession. The other ones aren’t saying anything. He says as far as the two older ones (yes they are legal adults 18+ years old) there’s not much they could do to them and as far as the juveniles (2 are younger than 18) there’s a little more that they can do. Charges will be pressed. It has to go through the court system. We most likely will be called as witnesses/ victims. But the supervising officer asked that we stop “harassing” officer Lawley. @Jeffrey Perry I fully appreciate everything that you did yesterday in the video that you got. I think it’s in their hands now and we just need to let them take care of it. He assured me that charges are being pressed and due process will happen. He even mentioned that they got traffic cam footage of it.”

This incident sparks a conversation that can be used to teach a lesson that helps everyone in society become better people. If the girls didn’t like what they saw, then they should have simply kept driving and ignored it. By attacking the people whom they disagree with, they then turn into the one who does wrong. When people attack each other for having a different opinion or supporting a different cause, then that’s where they automatically become the person in the wrong.

This same thing correlates with social media. People who attack others for a different opinion or liking something different are automatically in the wrong. Anytime you see a social media post and report it because you don’t like it, then you’re in the wrong. People don’t have to report or attack everything they see. People can simply ignore things and not pay much attention to them. People who attack each other or report social media posts because they dislike something are acting irresponsibly and should not do that.

If we see something we don’t like, then we should openly discuss it. We can disagree, agree, and report on it. However, if we really don’t like something, then we can keep scrolling.

There is no need to attack people with physical violence or reporting them on social media simply because you disagree with them.

What’s your opinion on this incident with the eggs? Do you ever see people who report everything on social media because they “disagree” with it? Is that how we should behave as adults? Share your comments and this article with your friends on Facebook. Have a good chat about it!


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