VIDEO: Gowdy tears into Strzok: ‘I don’t give a damn what you appreciate’

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Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy tore into FBI agent Peter Strzok in splendid fashion yesterday. It was one of the highlights of a grueling 12-hour testimony by the smirking Strzok who headed both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Russian collusion investigation. He seemed to have no trouble whatsoever arrogantly lying over a prolonged period, but Gowdy does not suffer corrupt fools well and went after him. Strzok was testifying in front of the House oversight and judiciary committees. Gowdy accused Strzok of “textbook bias” with his anti-Trump texts. That’s one way of putting it… I had a much more colorful way of saying it yesterday that I won’t repeat here.

Gowdy and Strzok hotly went after it yesterday. They faced off and Gowdy of course was the winner in the match. It wasn’t even a contest… Gowdy blew Strzok away with razor sharp truth. Strzok claimed he was removed from the Russia probe over an “appearance” issue and not because of “bias.” He then said he didn’t appreciate Gowdy saying otherwise. “I don’t give a damn what you appreciate, Agent Strzok,” Gowdy shot back. “I don’t appreciate having an FBI agent with an unprecedented level of animus working on two major investigations in 2016.” Slow clap… that’s exactly what Strzok deserved there.

Gowdy earlier pointed out that Strzok had former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “winning the White House” before he finished her investigation and, likewise, he had President Trump “impeached” before he began working on the probe of his campaign ties to Russia. Gowdy was citing derogatory and inflammatory comments Strzok made in text messages while working on the investigations. “Agent Strzok had Hillary Clinton winning the White House before he finished investigating her,” Gowdy stated. “Agent Strzok had Donald Trump impeached before he even started investigating him. That is bias. Agent Strzok may not see it but the rest of the country does, and it is not what we want, expect or deserve from any law enforcement officer much less the FBI.”

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Gowdy savaged Strzok over what his text messages entailed, as well has his hateful bias against President Trump. He laser focused on why Strzok was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling into the 2016 election. Strzok lied like a trooper and grinned while doing it. The Democrats applauded him… one of them said he deserved a Purple Heart for his testimony. That is a horrible insult to all those who have served and sacrificed in our military that actually earned a Purple Heart.

This was Strzok’s first time testifying on Capitol Hill since the release of a Justice Department inspector general report that heavily criticized his comments. He claims he has no bias and that his personal opinions did not taint his work. No one believes that. His lover, Lisa Page, is set to testify today behind closed doors now that she has heard what Strzok had to say.

From Fox News:

“Strzok says an infamous text message saying “we’ll stop” the election of Donald Trump was written in response to a series of events including Trump’s “disgusting” insult of the family of a fallen American soldier. Strzok appeared to refer to derogatory statements Trump made about the family of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who was k****d in Iraq in 2004.

“Following Gowdy’s questioning, Strzok responded strongly saying that he takes “great disagreement” to the allegations brought against him by the South Carolina legislator and that Strzok’s text messages represented his personal feelings and did not affect his work at the FBI.

““At no time, in any of these texts, did those personal beliefs ever enter into the realm of any action I took,” Strzok said. “And the suggestion that I, in some dark chamber in the FBI, would somehow cast aside all of these procedures, all of these safeguards, and somehow be able to do this is astounding to me.”

“Strzok added: “The proposition that that is going on or that it might occur in the FBI deeply corrodes what the FBI is in American society, the effectiveness of their mission and it is deeply destructive.””

The floor turned chaotic during Gowdy’s questioning yesterday with Democrats shouting over him and making a scene. They did that as well to Louie Gohmert, who said at one point, “The disgrace is what this man has done to our justice system!” Gohmert stated. “It won’t be recaptured any time soon because of the damages that you have done to the justices and I have talked to FBI around the country, you have embarrassed them, you have embarrassed yourself and I can’t help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk, how many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eyes and lie to her about Lisa Page?” Democrats erupted in the chamber shouting “shame” and “harassment.” One female Democratic member on the judiciary committee yelled into her microphone at Gohmert during the rant: “You need your medication.”

Jim Jordan also got into it with Strzok over his sources and lying, as did other Republicans who grilled the FBI agent. Republicans demanded answers and Democrats obstructed as did Strzok himself. At one point, it looked like Strzok would be held in contempt for not answering questions put to him. Sadly, that did not happen. There was yelling and insults were lobbed during the whole disgraceful sham of a hearing. Strzok refused to answer GOP questions about the early stages of the FBI investigation into Russian intervention because the probe is still ongoing and he said FBI counsel had instructed him not to.

There was no justice to be found yesterday. Only horrid, disrespectful and disgraceful grandstanding by Democrats. Jeff Sessions needs to do his job here and appoint a special counsel to investigate all of this. Not only does Gowdy not give a damn about what Strzok thinks, neither does America. We just want justice here and we are now demanding it.

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