Waffle House Hero Doesn’t Want Attention Like Hogg, Gives Incredible Gift To Victims Families Instead

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It was a crazy night when a man wearing only a coat, and nothing underneath, stormed into a Waffle House and opened fired on customers after he already shot people right outside. The s*****r was ripping bullets into the crowd of customers and seemed to have emptied his clip. That’s when he was reloading and a man made a heroic attempt to save the rest of the people from being pointlessly murdered by a person who seemed to go mad.

His name is James Shaw Jr. and he’s a 29-year-old hero who made the crucial move that saved the rest of the people from being torn apart by bullets fired by a madman. He noticed that the “naked s*****r” was reloading and jumped the guy, wrestling the g*n from the s*****r and sending him running into the night. The s*****r was on the run for a while, but cops finally caught up with the man and arrested him.

The hero, Shaw, then surprised everyone again after what he did. A man named Yashar Ali has started a GoFundMe page and it appears plans to donate all of the money for the victims who faced the horror of the s******g. The funding for Shaw has raised almost $75,000.

In a more surprising effort, Shaw began his own GoFundMe page and has raised even more money which he plans to give away. He’s raised over $101,000 himself and plans to give it all away to those suffering or who lost a family member during the horrible event.

Here is a full press conference with Shaw, followed by more news coverage.

Mother Jones reported more about the young hero: “James Shaw Jr., the 29-year-old being hailed as a hero after wrestling a rifle away from a g****n who opened fire inside a Nashville Waffle House Sunday, has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for the s******g victims and their families.

Shaw’s effort has so far raised nearly $25,000—far surpassing his original goal of $15,000. Dozens of donors who contributed to the page left messages expressing their gratitude for Shaw’s actions, which law enforcement officials say likely saved numerous lives.

“Heartbroken for those who lost their lives to more g*n violence, but so proud of James Shaw Jr.,” Laurie George, a donor, wrote on the page Monday. “A fine, brave young man.”

Shaw has repeatedly declined to call himself a hero, instead describing his decision to attack the suspected g****n and grab his A***5 rifle as an ordinary act.

“I’m not a hero,” Shaw said at a Sunday news conference. “I’m just a regular person. I think anybody could have did what I did if they’re pushed. You have to either react or fall. I chose to react because I didn’t see any other way to live.”

“I hope we can bring violence in all facets—not just g*n violence, but all facets of violence—to an end,” he said in a another interview.

The early Sunday morning s******g k****d four people and injured four others. The suspected g****n remains at large.”

Many people on social media have praised Shaw for his heroic actions and his pledge to help those who were affected. He is making waves as a true hero doing everything he can to be even more helpful. He is showing what it takes to be a real hero who does right after experiencing a tragedy.

Critics have chastised David Hogg and his sister for releasing a book, capitalizing on the tragedy of their classmates who were shot at and injured or k****d.

The teens from Parkland have consistently made fools of themselves in their post-s******g activities. Between calling for g*n confiscations to releasing books where they claim the proceeds will help, but there’s no guarantee that anything will be used properly by the often incorrect teens who constantly spout about double standards and fight to have their rights taken away.

Shaw is a true hero and everything he’s doing is amazing.

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