WANTED: Livestream Shooter Just Went MISSING In Action After Making $2.5K Bail – Cops Fear The Worst

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In today’s world, people put everything on social media to share with friends and family who are far away from what is happening in their daily life. Just logging on Facebook or Instagram you can see your best friends, new baby, just born or even share your new job promotion with a quick status update to hundreds of friends and followers. While those are perfectly acceptable ways to use social media, there are others out there who are using it for far more nefarious reasons such as committing crimes.

Over the last several years, criminals have been using social media platforms to post images of their criminal deeds, and now that Facebook has added their new Live Stream feature these miscreants are taking their acts to whole new level. For example, just in 2016 and 2017, there were numerous heinous crimes live streamed on Facebook that has shocked the public. The most notable offense that most people remember was the horrific torture of a disabled teen by a group of African-American’s who Live Streamed on Facebook their stomach-churning actions.

Following in those gruesome footsteps, another woman has committed an atrocious crime during a recent Facebook Live video this past weekend when she shot a man in the head and has now gone missing.

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On early Sunday morning instead of preparing for Easter services, Cassandra Damper and several friends were driving around in the Houston area when tragedy struck. The group of friends who were streaming a live video on Facebook was having a good time until Cassandra pulled out a g*n and threatened someone who made a negative comment about their live broadcast. The end result was an allegedly accidental s******g on live streaming.

According to the Houston police, Damper pulled the trigger and shot her friend Devyn Holmes who was sitting in the passenger seat. After Holmes was shot, you can see his body slump over, and blood begins to pour out of the gaping wound in his head and Damper jumping from the car along with fellow passenger, Cadillac Coleman.

Thankfully, an off-duty firefighter was nearby and was able to pull Holmes from the vehicle and perform CPR on him until the ambulance arrived. At first, Damper told the police that Holmes had shot himself, but the Facebook Live video which had already been shared numerous times told a different story. Damper was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence since she attempted to clean her hands before the police could perform a g*n residue test on her.

After being arrested, she was released on a $2,500 bond and ordered to wear an ankle monitor. Shortly after Damper’s release, the police announced that they filed additional charges against her, but she was nowhere to be found. The Cadillac Coleman s******g video takes an unexpected twist.


Here is more from Blue Lives Matter:

“An update posted online by the city of Houston on April 4 said Damper had been charged with aggravated assault – serious bodily injury.

“While playing with two pistols in the car, Damper discharged the weapon, striking the victim, who was sitting in the front seat. When officers arrived, they detained Damper and a witness for questioning. Their hands were bagged so they could be tested for gunshot residue,” according to the report filed by officers from Houston PD’s major assault unit.

“While detained, Damper attempted to destroy the evidence by wiping off any gunshot residue that may have been present. Damper was arrested at the scene for attempting to destroy evidence,” according to the report filed by Houston Police Officers J. Roberts and G. Black.

Investigators presented additional evidence, including the video, to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, and the additional charge was issued, the city’s update reported.

The video showed Damper and Holmes sitting in the front seat of the car, while Coleman sat in the back seat.

The footage briefly cut out, and a h*****n could clearly be seen resting on the center console after the video resumed.

“Lyin’ a** hoe,” Damper said, possibly to someone who had tuned into the live video stream.

She then reached over and picked up the h*****n, with her finger on the trigger.

“You see what we doin’ to lyin’ a** hoes?” she said, as she pointed the weapon at the camera. “We draw down.”

Simultaneously, Holmes reached over, covered the weapon’s slide, and momentarily appeared to try to take the g*n from Damper.

“Hey man,” he said to her. “You’re making me nervous.”

“We draw down on them hoes!” Damper yelled, as Holmes let go of the weapon.

“She ain’t got no clip, bud,” Coleman told Holmes, while Damper racked the slide, which had a loaded round in the chamber. She then raised the weapon towards Holmes.

In an instant, she pulled the trigger, and Holmes’ head fell to the side.

Damper gasped, and set the g*n back on the console while she and Coleman jumped out of the vehicle.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Damper or on this case was urged to contact the Houston PD’s Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.”

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