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WATCH: Mom Catches Man Spying on Daughter In Changing Room And Makes Him Pay Brutal Price



There are few things more fierce than a mother protecting her child. And that especially goes for a pedophile or pervert that gets caught by a mother in the act. It’s a dangerous world out there and many if not most parents stay with their children even when they go to the bathroom these days out in public and for good reason. You hear story after story of predators roaming in search of ways to exploit, abuse and assault children. It is a parent’s worst nightmare. A lot of parents won’t let anything stop them from going after one of these monsters once they are spotted. Case in point.

A mother caught an alleged pervert who was spying on her 12-year-old daughter in a clothing store in a changing room. She posted the video to Facebook and it has gone viral with over thirteen million views so far. She caught the guy looking under the edge of the stall at her daughter. Police have since arrested 36-year-old Jorge Leon-Alfaro. They busted him at the retail clothing store in question on Saturday night.

The store this occurred at was the Rue 21 outlet in Salt Lake City, Utah. The mother is Doris Stiles-Scown and she chased the guy into the parking lot where she, security officers and others detained him until the police could get there. “Certainly getting police on the way as fast as you can is the right thing to do,” said Detective Greg Wilking of the Salt Lake City Police Department. I’m surprised the mother didn’t physically attack the guy. It must have taken everything she had not to.

“We want to identify these individuals when stuff like this happens,” Wilking said. He then added that the police officers were able to arrest Leon-Alfaro on voyeurism charges. Wonder what else this guy has been up to. If he hasn’t done something worse it is only a matter of time until he does at this rate.

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“It’s very understandable [Stiles-Scown is] upset,” Wilking stated. He offered an admonishment about posting videos like this online: “The thing to remember about this is there is a criminal process to this and perhaps until waiting until the charges come is the better way to release something like that.” I don’t think the mother cares about what is the right sequence in handling this is.

The mother caught the whole thing on video and posted it to Facebook for the world to see. She uploaded it Saturday and I certainly understand what moved her to do that. She wanted to warn others parents about this guy. She captioned the video, which is full of expletives, “Sick f***.” “This right here is what a predator looks like,” Stiles-Scown says tearfully as she recounts how she chased the suspect down after reportedly catching him lurking near her daughter’s changing room.

“Not today buddy,” the mother tearfully declared. She’s making him pay a brutal price for his perversion. The suspect just stared at the ground throughout the entire video. He doesn’t dare make eye contact with Stiles-Scown, who is clearly upset, shaken and furious. At one point in the video, she demands that he look at the camera, but he refuses. He knows his mug is going to be everywhere after this and the hunter will now become the hunted if he does it again. I have no sympathy for this guy.

From Little Things:

“She went to fetch her a different pair of jeans while her daughter stayed in the dressing room to try on other clothes.

“By the time Doris returned, she says she was met with a horrifying sight.

“Doris came back to find a thirtysomething man allegedly lying on his back underneath her daughter’s stall, attempting to record her while she changed.

“The man tried to flee, but the outraged mother chased him to a parking lot two blocks away from the store. After calling the police, Doris took the opportunity to confront the man while waiting for authorities to arrive. Meanwhile, a group of men helped detain him; all he could do was sit on the concrete as Doris schooled him.

“Determined to teach the man a lesson he wouldn’t forget, Doris pulled out her phone and began recording for a live Facebook video. “This right here is what a predator looks like,” she said. “Not today, buddy. Not today. I’m going to make sure your face gets out, so that you’re not in any more stalls, looking under little girls dressing.’”

The mother made it very clear in no uncertain terms that she was holding herself in check. “You’re so lucky — so lucky — that I don’t hurt you right now, ’cause that’s what I want to do,” Stiles-Scown says. And I believe her because I know that just about every parent out there would feel that way. The mother at one point told the suspect that her daughter’s birthday was in two days and what he has done will taint and scar the child for the rest of her life.

Between the video and testimony, I hope this guy is brought to justice. It should also be a cautionary tale to all parents to be very watchful around your children at all times.

Sick fuck

Posted by Doris Stiles-Scown on Saturday, August 18, 2018


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Hurricane Looters Stealing $100K In Diamonds And Gold Blindsided With Insane Dose Of Karma



Forget Hurricane Florence, what we really need to be concerned about is the damage the looters cause after the storm passes. While people are desperately trying to pick up the pieces.

As the devastating storm was passing, during the height of the terrifying winds and rain, someone actually broke in and smashed through cases and stole more than $100,000 worth of jewelry at Snowden’s Jewelers in North Carolina.

The store owner, Chris Snowden, confirmed the looters took bridal sets, they took gold chains, and they took some watches. He then added that his store probably took a loss in excess of $100,000, plus what the actual storm damage caused.

“They busted up my cases, they busted up my front door, I walked in and the storm did a whole bunch of damage from roof leaks, but on top of that, all of the glass damage that we’re going have to replace. It’s just devastating.” Snowden said. He also said that he knew this was happening since right as the eye of the storm was passing through his store alarm went off and he got a call from the alarm company. But he couldn’t get to it because of the 100 miles per hour winds and the police weren’t available.

Here is more on this via Fox 8:

“Left helpless to stop the criminals taking advantage of his store in the middle of one of the worst natural disasters North Carolina has ever seen, Snowden could only wait as the tempest thrashed. What he found knocked the wind right out him.

“I showed up and my heart just sank, my front door was busted out, several of my showcases were busted and jewelry was taken from it, with everything that was going on, I just found it hard to believe that someone would take advantage of us in that type of a situation,” Snowden said.

The business owner alerted pawn shops who are keeping an eye out for the jewelry that was swiped from his store, but he still can’t figure out why someone would exploit an already desperate situation.

“My father and I started this business 28 years ago. We’ve worked day in and day out in the store every day of the week for the last 28 years,” he said. “You know there’s desperation going on and people are using the excuse of needing necessity, but this isn’t something that someone needs for survival.”

Through the prism of the shards of glass left by the thieves, Snowden is hopeful something will give and that someone will speak up.

Snowden is determined to reopen despite the thousands upon thousands of dollars that were pilfered in the middle of the storm. He says he is providing a $1,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

Apparently, this wasn’t an isolated case according to WITN:

“Police say they arrested three looters after setting up an online undercover sting operation.

“Jacksonville police say during the height of the hurricane, officers saw a broken out front window at The Athlete’s Foot on North Marine Boulevard. Because of the hurricane, police had to put their investigation on hold until they could contact the owners and find out if anything was taken.

“On Tuesday, police say the suspects were using the online app “Letgo” to sell the stolen goods to undercover officers.

“Jalen Martin, 18, Nahriek Dorsey, 23, and James Brooks, 18, were charged with felony breaking and entering, looting, larceny after breaking and entering, obtaining property by false pretenses, injury to real property, and curfew violation.

“Dozens of pairs of stolen shoes, along with dozens of clothing articles were recovered, police say, many with security devices and tags still attached.

“The three Jacksonville men were all given $70,000 secured bonds.”

Seriously though, what kind of people do this? It has to be the lowest form of scum on earth. They wait for a disaster like this to go steal things from their neighbors and local businesses? This here is why we need the Second Amendment and a law should be attached to it that in cases of emergency like this anyone caught looting their fellow man’s property has every right to protect their property by any means necessary. No questions asked.

If you want to act like a savage, you should be treated like one, don’t you agree?

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BREAKING NOW: 139 Arrested In Just TWO Hours – It’s About Time!



Isn’t it great to finally have a president who actually keeps the promises he made during the campaign?

The Daily Caller is reporting that Arizona Border Patrol agents are now confirming that on Sunday 193 illegal aliens were arrested in two separate instances and within two hours of each other.

A spokesperson for the agency confirmed that most of the illegals traveling as families were determined to be unaccompanied children. The first encounter of the morning had 102 illegal immigrants surrender to Border Patrol officials and 91 illegal immigrants were found an hour later in the same area.

Children as little as 1-years old were confirmed as being part of the group. And the adults of the group are said to have originally come from El Salvador and Honduras. The illegal aliens were processed for immigration violations.

Here is more on this via U.S Customs and Border Protection:

“Trend Continues as Agents Arrest 193 Aliens in Ajo Within 2 Hours
Release Date: September 19, 2018

“TUCSON, Ariz. – Ajo Station Border Patrol agents patrolling along the border several miles west of Arizona’s Port of Lukeville encountered two large groups of illegal aliens Sunday, consisting of a combined 193 adults and children.

“In the first incident, 102 people surrendered to Border Patrol agents. About an hour later, agents encountered another 91 illegal aliens in the same area. Both groups were comprised of adults and children, some as young as 1, from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Agents determined most of the people were traveling as families, but 11 children were unaccompanied.

“Agents evaluated the 193 illegal aliens and determined no further medical attention was needed. After transporting everyone to the Ajo Border Patrol Station, they were processed for immigration violations.

“Transnational criminal organizations exploit the vulnerability of foreign nationals with false promises of legal status and encourage dangerous border crossings, placing lives at risk.

“The Border Patrol’s mission is to protect U.S. borders between official ports of entry but agents are equally concerned with the safety of anyone they encounter. Tucson Sector Border Patrol officials continue to publicize warnings about the dangers of entering the U.S. illegally; especially during the summer months when temperatures can exceed 120 degrees.”

The arrest of over 190 illegal aliens in Arizona didn’t stop there. It was followed by another group of 170 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children and families who turned themselves into Texas Border Patrol agents on Tuesday.

Here is more on this via The Daily Caller:

“A group of 170 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children and families turned themselves into Border Patrol officials in Texas on Tuesday.

“The smuggled group sought the first agents they could find after midnight, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported Tuesday. The illegal immigrants are being processed by Border Patrol officials.

“As agents prepared the group for transport, the criminal organizations took advantage of the limited resources and simultaneously attempted to smuggle multiple other groups whom actively attempted to evade apprehension,” according to CBP.

“A combined total of over 16,000 unaccompanied youth and people traveling in family units were either detained along the southwest border or were deemed inadmissible at entry ports in August, according to CBP figures released Sept. 12. Family unit apprehensions were 38 percent higher than in July.

“Smugglers and traffickers understand our broken immigration laws better than most and know that if a family unit illegally enters the U.S. they are likely to be released into the interior,” Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesman Tyler Houlton said in a statement, The Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported. (RELATED: Illegal Immigration By Family Units Surges To Highest-Ever August Total)

“The 1997 Flores Settlement, a federal court order that laid the foundation for immigration detention, requires children accompanying families entering the U.S. illegally to be released within 20 days of apprehension, TheDCNF reported.

“CBP did not immediately respond to TheDCNF’s request for comment in time for press.”

The Border Patrol confirmed that nearly 27 percent of the people arrested are 16-year-old and around 37 percent are 17-year-old unaccompanied children for the fiscal year 2018 to date. 3 percent of the unaccompanied children have been at or below 3-years-old.

Those traveling in families, or what they claim are families, however, had younger children that were arrested. Over 50 percent of children at or below 7-years-old who came with their parents illegally were arrested as of April.

God Bless President Trump for having the guts to actually put a stop to this lawlessness and for protecting our nation’s sovereignty which has been ignored for decades. A nation with no borders isn’t a nation and we need to know who is coming here, no matter what the age.

Mexico understands this issue, and they prove it by having and strictly enforcing laws that make our laws look like they were written by Mickey Mouse. If you get caught there as an illegal alien, chances are you will be slapped with a jail sentence of two years. But somehow it’s us here in America who are the “nationalists!”

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