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WATCH: President Trump Delivers A BRUTAL Knockout To NATO: “Pay Your Fair Share!”



I have always been a firm believer in NATO. The North Atlantic Trade Organization was really needed after World War II to help European nations recover and get back on their feet. Europe was devastated after the war… they were flattened. NATO was formed in large part to protect the European nations from Russia. Since then, the United States has carried most of the burden of funding NATO and has been treated very badly by most of the countries involved. I was fascinated by President Trump’s dress-down of the leaders of these countries and I think he was absolutely right to say what he did today.

President Trump has demanded that the NATO alliance countries pay their fair share. He asked that by 2020, they pony up two percent of their GDP. That’s hardly their fair share, but it’s a start. Trump has managed to get more out of these leaders than any president before him. It sounds like a lot of money, but comparatively speaking, it’s not. He even told them they should bump it up to four percent, which they will never do. Only five countries have done two percent and they are not the big boys in all this. We helped them recover, but it’s been 70 years. Enough is enough and we should no longer be shouldering the lion’s share of the cost here.

Trump nailed Germany at this meeting. They are doing exactly what Ronald Reagan said they would do. We have troops and bases in Germany to protect them from the Russians, but they are buying their gas from them now. They have made themselves economically captive to their enemy. It’s insane. Trump delivered a brutal knockout to Germany and NATO by hitting them with this and a demand to pay their fair share of the costs. Trump came prepared and as a leader, he far outshone those around him at that table. The head of the EU told Trump to tread lightly because he has few allies left. Well, then why should we protect and fund those who are not our allies?

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Barack Obama groveled before these people. It was humiliating. John Kerry came out today and said that Trump set things back hundreds of years with our allies. No, he didn’t. He took a step in leveling the playing field and removing us from being the jester at the EU court. Something Kerry has personal experience with. When Trump called these so-called leaders out, they looked like they were about to have an accident. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t understand why John Kelly looked like he wanted to hide somewhere. You can bet that Pompeo didn’t. And wherever Bolton was, he would not hide either. I believe he’s in Russia right now, laying the groundwork for Trump’s summit with Putin.

Let me tell you something… you do not remain a world power by caving to your allies or diplomatically cowering in a corner. Trump was magnificent in taking a stand for America and all I heard from the media was back stabbing while he was doing it. Shame on them… especially Shepard Smith of Fox News. His behavior on air was simply disgraceful.

We are protecting Germany, France and the rest of NATO. They in turn go to Russia for their energy needs. When Russia cuts off the gas during the winter and Germany is freezing to death, they will come to NATO and demand something be done. Since we have agreed that if one country is attacked, we all respond, that puts America in an untenable position. They are giving billions of dollars to Russia who is using that money to plot a world war and attack freedom around the globe. How is that not a betrayal of NATO and the allied resistance? Why should we protect them against Russia when they willingly put their heads on their comrade’s chopping block?

Over the years I have grown increasingly weary of the snobs in Europe and their idiocy. They fling open their borders and allow their people to be terrorized by migrants and roving gangs. They spend far more than they make and then want to be bailed out. They make pacts with those who want to rule over them and then are surprised when war comes knocking at their door. It defies logic. This is not fair to Americans or to the United States in general. I’m into fairness these days. Call me a nationalist if you will, but I no longer have the tolerance I used to have for European Marxists.

Europe needs to pay their fair share and a lot quicker than they are proposing. I don’t want NATO disbanded, but it has to be made a fair deal where we each pay our fair share. And although I believe our presence is needed militarily in certain countries, many of our boys and girls should come home where they are needed as well. The southern border comes to mind. Currently, the amount we pay is so out of kilter, it’s laughable. We get almost nothing for it, just like at the UN. We should leave the UN and NATO needs a reality adjustment. Europe is making out like a bandit over this and Russia is laughing themselves silly, watching the U.S. being taken advantage of and seeing the NATO alliance cat-fighting among its membership.

If Germany and others want to get their gas from Russia and China, fine. But we should not pay for their defense if they do. All of us should have skin in the game. America doesn’t get to call the shots even though we pay most of the bill here. That needs to change one way or the other. As Steven Crowder put it, “If they don’t want us “interfering” with their defense and national policies, then we shouldn’t interfere by paying for their defense.” Trump cut right through the bull crap on this one. It’s simple and he laid it out. It was magnificent.


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‘Ridiculously Unfair To The United States’: Trump Puts His Foot Down, Gives European Allies HUGE Ultimatum




* By

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by: Sara Palin

President Trump has one international policy position absolutely clear: the United States will no longer tolerate being abused by bad deals and agreements.

After a weekend with international partners and European allies, Trump took to Twitter on Monday morning to echo his policy position once more.

“Just returned from France where much was accomplished in my meetings with World Leaders,” the U.S. president said before scolding allied countries. “Never easy bringing up the fact that the U.S. must be treated fairly, which it hasn’t, on both Military and Trade.”

Trump highlighted that the U.S. pays a considerable amount to European allies only to then have to have a trade deficit with them as well, a double cost that the U.S. is shouldering.

No more, Trump said.

“We pay for LARGE portions of other countries military protection, hundreds of billions of dollars, for the great privilege of losing hundreds of billions of dollars with these same countries on trade. I told them that this situation cannot continue – It is, and always has been, ridiculously unfair to the United States. Massive amounts of money spent on protecting other countries, and we get nothing but Trade Deficits and Losses.”

Trump then offered an ultimatum to these countries: pay up for the world’s best military or finance their own.

“It is time that these very rich countries either pay the United States for its great military protection, or protect themselves…and Trade must be made FREE and FAIR!” he said.


Over the weekend, President Trump was in France where he celebrated the 100th year conclusion of World War One with French President Emanuel Macron.

Politico reports that the weekend was not exactly the friendliest of exchanges as Macron and others took subtle jabs at President Trump and his “America First” ideology. Macron specifically jabbed Trump in his commemorating speech:

He seemed most at ease late Sunday afternoon, on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, as he visited the Suresnes American Cemetery and memorial just outside Paris, where the stage and star power were his alone.

There, standing before rows upon rows of simple white crosses with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance, he commemorated Americans killed in “The Great War” and paid tribute to the way the U.S. fought alongside European nations.

“Earlier this year, President Macron presented an oak sapling from Belleau Wood as a gift to our nation — an enduring reminder of our friendship sealed in battle,” Trump told the audience, referring to the French president’s state visit in April. “We fought well together. You could not fight better than we fought together.”


From Macron to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the message seemed clear: Trump is taking the U.S. in a more isolated direction, while former allies band together to reject him.

Before roughly 70 world leaders, Macron, for instance, criticized the nationalist movement that Trump has embraced and made a cornerstone of his two-year-old presidency.

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism,” Macron said earlier Sunday at a ceremony in Paris. “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying, ‘Our interest first, who cares about the others?’”

Note: The author of this article has included commentary that expresses an opinion and analysis of the facts.

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JAW-DROPPING: Under Trump, Illegal Immigrant Arrests Up 4,000 PERCENT




* By

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by: Sara Palin

When the American people elected President Trump, they sent a clear signal to Washington D.C. that it was time for a change. A change from the swamp, from fake news, from slow-moving bureaucracy, from a shrinking military, and a complete switch from the Obama administration’s handling of illegal immigration.

Illegal entry into the United States is no longer the open door that it was under the former administration as Trump is actually enforcing the immigration laws already on the books.

That means the arrest of those who sneak illegally into the country, something the Obama administration struggled to achieve.

The Daily Caller reports the Trump administration has so far made tremendous progress — a near-4000 percent boom — when it came to arresting illegal immigrants on federally controlled lands along the U.S.-Mexico border. Check it out:

Federal agents apprehended nearly 4,000 percent more illegal immigrants on federally controlled lands along the U.S.-Mexico border in the last six months compared to the same time during 2016, according to the Interior Department.

Interior law enforcement officials apprehended and turned over 4,010 individuals to U.S. Border Patrol agents from May to October, the department revealed Friday in a press release. That’s approximately 4,000 percent higher than the 126 illegal aliens turned over to border agents from May to October 2016.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke revealed the colossal figure in a statement where he lauded his department’s immigration efforts. He said:

“First off, I applaud all our law enforcement for their tireless work keeping the American people safe and securing the border. President Trump made a promise to the American people that his administration will do everything we can to secure the southern border and protect our people, and that is exactly what Interior’s law enforcement professionals are doing. The fact that we were able to increase arrests by almost 4,000 percent is undeniable proof that there’s a big problem. Under the previous administration, Interior’s borderlands were basically an open door for illegal activity; and, what few law enforcement officers were down there were left unprotected and without the resources and backup needed to keep communities and themselves safe.”

“The first six months of the border surge proved that there is a huge problem with illegal crossings on Interior lands and that a prolonged and more robust operation is needed until the wall is completed. We will increase our presence on the border in targeted regions and provide additional assistance to teams deploying in response to the oncoming caravan.”

Here’s more, per the Department of the Interior:

In May of 2018, Secretary Zinke directed a Border Support Surge initiative, which coordinated law enforcement officers from the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Border Patrol to execute high level operations to patrol and protect the border with Mexico. The team saw immediate results.

During the first six months of the border surge, Interior law enforcement officers tallied:

  • 4,010 apprehensions have been made and turned over to the custody of the U.S. Border Patrol
  • 224 turn-backs (Were coming into the US, but turned around when they saw law enforcement)
  • 469 apprehended on non-federal lands
  • 2,356 pounds of drugs seized
  • Several vehicles, firearms, and other items confiscated
  • The 4,000 percent increase compares the first six months of the surge (2018) to the same six months of the last year of the Obama Administration (2016), and assesses the same geographic areas.

From May 2016 until October 2016, Interior law enforcement apprehended and turned over 126 illegal aliens to the U.S. Border Patrol. During the same time period in 2018, Interior apprehended and turned over 4,010 illegal aliens to the U.S. Border Patrol.

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