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WATCH: President Trump Delivers A BRUTAL Knockout To NATO: “Pay Your Fair Share!”



I have always been a firm believer in NATO. The North Atlantic Trade Organization was really needed after World War II to help European nations recover and get back on their feet. Europe was devastated after the war… they were flattened. NATO was formed in large part to protect the European nations from Russia. Since then, the United States has carried most of the burden of funding NATO and has been treated very badly by most of the countries involved. I was fascinated by President Trump’s dress-down of the leaders of these countries and I think he was absolutely right to say what he did today.

President Trump has demanded that the NATO alliance countries pay their fair share. He asked that by 2020, they pony up two percent of their GDP. That’s hardly their fair share, but it’s a start. Trump has managed to get more out of these leaders than any president before him. It sounds like a lot of money, but comparatively speaking, it’s not. He even told them they should bump it up to four percent, which they will never do. Only five countries have done two percent and they are not the big boys in all this. We helped them recover, but it’s been 70 years. Enough is enough and we should no longer be shouldering the lion’s share of the cost here.

Trump nailed Germany at this meeting. They are doing exactly what Ronald Reagan said they would do. We have troops and bases in Germany to protect them from the Russians, but they are buying their gas from them now. They have made themselves economically captive to their enemy. It’s insane. Trump delivered a brutal knockout to Germany and NATO by hitting them with this and a demand to pay their fair share of the costs. Trump came prepared and as a leader, he far outshone those around him at that table. The head of the EU told Trump to tread lightly because he has few allies left. Well, then why should we protect and fund those who are not our allies?

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Barack Obama groveled before these people. It was humiliating. John Kerry came out today and said that Trump set things back hundreds of years with our allies. No, he didn’t. He took a step in leveling the playing field and removing us from being the jester at the EU court. Something Kerry has personal experience with. When Trump called these so-called leaders out, they looked like they were about to have an accident. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t understand why John Kelly looked like he wanted to hide somewhere. You can bet that Pompeo didn’t. And wherever Bolton was, he would not hide either. I believe he’s in Russia right now, laying the groundwork for Trump’s summit with Putin.

Let me tell you something… you do not remain a world power by caving to your allies or diplomatically cowering in a corner. Trump was magnificent in taking a stand for America and all I heard from the media was back stabbing while he was doing it. Shame on them… especially Shepard Smith of Fox News. His behavior on air was simply disgraceful.

We are protecting Germany, France and the rest of NATO. They in turn go to Russia for their energy needs. When Russia cuts off the gas during the winter and Germany is freezing to death, they will come to NATO and demand something be done. Since we have agreed that if one country is attacked, we all respond, that puts America in an untenable position. They are giving billions of dollars to Russia who is using that money to plot a world war and attack freedom around the globe. How is that not a betrayal of NATO and the allied resistance? Why should we protect them against Russia when they willingly put their heads on their comrade’s chopping block?

Over the years I have grown increasingly weary of the snobs in Europe and their idiocy. They fling open their borders and allow their people to be terrorized by migrants and roving gangs. They spend far more than they make and then want to be bailed out. They make pacts with those who want to rule over them and then are surprised when war comes knocking at their door. It defies logic. This is not fair to Americans or to the United States in general. I’m into fairness these days. Call me a nationalist if you will, but I no longer have the tolerance I used to have for European Marxists.

Europe needs to pay their fair share and a lot quicker than they are proposing. I don’t want NATO disbanded, but it has to be made a fair deal where we each pay our fair share. And although I believe our presence is needed militarily in certain countries, many of our boys and girls should come home where they are needed as well. The southern border comes to mind. Currently, the amount we pay is so out of kilter, it’s laughable. We get almost nothing for it, just like at the UN. We should leave the UN and NATO needs a reality adjustment. Europe is making out like a bandit over this and Russia is laughing themselves silly, watching the U.S. being taken advantage of and seeing the NATO alliance cat-fighting among its membership.

If Germany and others want to get their gas from Russia and China, fine. But we should not pay for their defense if they do. All of us should have skin in the game. America doesn’t get to call the shots even though we pay most of the bill here. That needs to change one way or the other. As Steven Crowder put it, “If they don’t want us “interfering” with their defense and national policies, then we shouldn’t interfere by paying for their defense.” Trump cut right through the bull crap on this one. It’s simple and he laid it out. It was magnificent.


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Obama Just Received Terrible News About His Presidential Library – Trump Gets Last Laugh!



A former president who has had never run anything or had a real job in his life until he became president can’t be expected to be able to coordinate a presidential library. And that’s exactly what happened in the case of former President Barack Hussein Obama.

Chicks On The Right has reported on multiple occasions that the building for the Obama Presidential Library has been snared with issues from the start. And the newest issue will make you livid.

Here is more via The Daily Wire:

“The Chicago Park District has put a halt to preparations being made for the Obama Presidential Library until after a federal court reviews a lawsuit filed by Chicago residents, and federal agencies assess the transfer of historic public land to a private entity.

“But in the meantime, permits and agreements filed by Chicago city officials, and with the Chicago Department of Transportation, reveal a sweetheart rent deal that any Chicago renter (or landlord) would certainly envy: the Obama Foundation will pay a mere $10 for a 99-year lease on what is supposed to be a public park.

“The Chicago Park District had begun felling trees on land destined to become part of the Obama Library complex, but those preparations ground to a halt Monday after the Chicago Department of Transportation refused to grant a permit that would have allowed the Park District to move utility lines running through the site. CDOT delayed a decision on the matter until after the federal lawsuit and federal assessments have been resolved.

“Hearings on the lawsuit, which claims the Obama Library received unprecedented and potentially illegal assistance from the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago, start Thursday. Plaintiffs claim that the Library is being granted part of historic Jackson Park — a huge public green space designed by Frederick Olmsted (the same man who designed New York City’s Central Park) and dedicated for the people of Chicago’s recreational use. They also say that plans to move two major arteries that currently run across Jackson Park will harm economic growth and isolate residents of Chicago’s south side.

“Construction also halted on a new athletic field — a project the city claims has no connection to the Obama Library complex. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the city might have misled residents: the Obama Foundation appears to have granted more than $2 million to the city for the new athletic field because the old one will need to be demolished to make room for Obama’s massive complex.

“The permitting and construction process became even stranger on Wednesday, when the Sun-Times reported that the City Council was working on a bill that would grant the Obama Library a century-long lease on what is, essentially, public land, for a mere $10, even though the Foundation can afford much more — and Chicago is desperately in need of the money.

“One of the ordinances includes the agreements between the foundation and the city, which includes the foundation paying the city $10 for the 99-year pact; the other ordinance clears the legal way to plow under Cornell Drive from 59th Street to Hayes Drive to be reconfigured as green space on the Obama campus,” the Sun-Times says. That’s down from the $1-per-year rental fee proposed earlier in the process.

“In return, the Obama Foundation must pledge to cover the $350 million in expected construction costs for the Library, protecting Chicago taxpayers (the Foundation has already received nearly $220 million in construction grants from the State of Illinois).

“One of the Library’s top critics called the deal infuriating.

“The idea of leasing invaluable, irreplaceable public parkland to a private entity for $10 for 99 years is astounding in this era when public lands and natural resources are under attack in so many places,” the head of Jackson Park Watch told local media. “Besides, Chicago’s finances are extremely precarious. Yes, this is symbolic, but symbolism is significant.”

“Other Chicago museums are located on public property, but those museums have agreements with the city of Chicago in perpetuity.

“The City Council is expected to read and vote on the rental agreement Thursday.”

$10 for a 99-year lease? Where can us common folk get a hold of an awesome deal like this?

This hasn’t been the first big issue the library construction has had. A couple of months back a federal judge let groups, who were suing the Obama Foundation over its plans for a presidential center on Chicago’s South Side, actually begin demanding information from the city of Chicago to determine how the site was selected for the project instead of other private properties which had been declined previously.

In that hearing, the District Court Judge John Robert Blakey agreed to let the plaintiffs proceed. This is being led by Protect Our Parks who want to obtain information from the city of Chicago and Obama officials on how it selected the site. The Barack Obama Presidential Center is being proposed on federal land that was deemed by the government in 2012 to be inappropriate for construction.

Is anything out of Chicago which concerns Barack Hussein Obama not questionable in nature? No other president in recent memory has had so many issues constructing their respective libraries. Maybe that’s because those libraries aren’t of questionable origin representing an individual of questionable origin and character.

Whatever the reason, let’s all be glad the Obama nightmare is over and instead of messing up the country, he is now busy messing up his own library plans.

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Little Boy Surprises Trump With Question After Hurricane – Watch How Trump Responds




* By

President Donald Trump arrived in New Bern, North Carolina after the Hurricane Florence hit to be hands on in helping displaced victims. Soon after he landed, he went right to work handing out aid and talking to people on a personal level. As one of the most relatable presidents America has ever had, he made an excellent effort to let everyone there know that they mattered to him and were not forgotten in their struggle.

While the leftist media has nitpicked every word he has said there and step he takes, they are “conveniently” ignoring on incredible moment. While at the aid distribution center meeting with families and offering his support, a little boy walked up to him alone and surprised the president with his question.

Trump stopped what he was doing and gave his full attention to this child who just survived a terrifying nightmare in this natural disaster. His response to the boy’s question was something this child will never forget and the country needs to see.

America The Awesome reports on the moving moment between the boy and the President of the United States:

After Hurricane Florence tore through the coastline, the Carolinas suffered great loss and are now struggling with massive flooding and property damage.

As the president handed out food to those in need while standing at a volunteer station, he also made a little boy’s day better in an adorable moment that stood out among the rest. The boy, named Tucker, approached the president with a simple question.

“Can I have a hug?” the little boy asked.

Trump them stretched out his arms and gave the little boy a hug. The other volunteer workers expressed their delight by giving him a round of applause.

After watching the president embracing Tucker, an elderly women said “I think I’m gonna cry,”.

President Trump’s kindness and support didn’t stop there. It’s clear from the footage and photos that he genuinely cares and isn’t just there to do what he “has to” as president. The boy feeling comfortable enough to ask Trump for a hug, speaks volumes of the kind of approachable and caring president we have — which he proved in his response by hugging the boy.

On the contrary, when former President Barack Obama visited New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he too hugged a victim in a photo that went viral, however for a much different reason than Trump’s hug of this little boy.

According to PhillyMag, who interviewed the victim, Donna Vanzant, who was famously hugged by Obama while he was surveying the damage, the President at the time also promised her “immediate” assistance. Vanzant definitely needed that help as she said she suffered $500,000 in losses.

Vanzant told PhillyMag what has happened since Obama’s promise:

“After his visit, I sent an email to President Obama. Many days later, I got a response back. It was disturbing.”

“It had nothing to do with what I was asking him. It was a form letter. It thanked me for supporting the troops. He made a promise to rebuild on national television, and I can’t even get this money. It’s heartbreaking, really. I did reach out to Senator Whelan, and I got a response that they were forwarding my email to the person that Governor Christie put in charge of Sandy relief. But from President Obama, I got a form letter.”

“When you get a hug from the President of the United States, you feel like there’s something there. A promise was made. I have two grown kids. One is a U.S. Navy diver. The other one lives at the marina with his wife and new baby, and they lost everything. But I raised my kids to know that your word is your word. You promise something, you keep it, and that was a broken promise. I’ve never been a person to expect free handouts, but the President gave me hope. But now, I just don’t know.”

From this suffering victim’s experience with the former president’s failed promise, it’s no wonder that the mainstream media isn’t interested in showing Trump’s genuine interaction with this child, for fear of the comparison. However, it’s an important comparison to be made since Trump is often accused of doing things for “Photo ops” yet he doesn’t make promises he can’t or doesn’t intend on keeping – which he’s proved throughout his presidency.

It was Obama who had the photo op, capitalizing on this woman’s worst moment to make him look like a good person and leader, but never followed through after getting the accolades from the viral image.

Knowing the inevitable attacks on his handling of this disaster are coming, Trump made a very direct statement in North Carolina:

“Right now, everybody is saying what a great job we are doing with Hurricane Florence – and they are 100% correct,” Trump tweeted. “But don’t be fooled, at some point in the near future the Democrats will start ranting… that FEMA, our Military, and our First Responders, who are all unbelievable, are a disaster and not doing a good job. This will be a total lie, but that’s what they do, and everybody knows it!”

Trump is the man for the job and hasn’t disappointed anyone but liberals who hoped he met their low expectations of him.

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